2015 in Review

Whew! 2015 was quite a big year for our little family. It definitely looked different than most of 2014 since we have little Emma Kate now, but there was still plenty of adventure and fun!

In January I ran my first post baby half marathon, my favorite hometown race: Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans. It wasn’t pretty, but it gave me confidence that I could run long distances again, even right at four months post baby!

rock n roll NOLA

February brought a Walt Disney World vacation, and running the Princess half marathon with my partner in crime, Jen. We had a blast with our costumes, and it was great to be back in my favorite place after a year absence.

IMG_3119 (2)

March was also a milestone month. I hopped a plane to California to run the LA marathon with ASICS. It was an AMAZING once in a lifetime experience that was filled with fun, sweat, tears, and jaw dropping introductions. I felt so so blessed walking around all weekend. The race was very hot and so, so hard, but I felt extremely accomplished after and learned I can do hard things.

IMG_3612 (2)

IMG_3678 (2)

April brought Emma Kate’s first Easter, and our annual Easter race: The Crescent City Classic 10k. It was a rainy gloomy, cold day, but I love running in New Orleans and seeing blogger friends, so it made it worthwhile!

FullSizeRender (21)

IMG_4164 (2)

May brought me back to Walt Disney World for the final Expedition Everest Challenge. I am so glad I got to participate in this race once before it went away!

unnamed (7)

May was also special because it was my first Mother’s Day, and we dedicated baby Emma Kate at church.

unnamed (46)

June was pretty low key, except for when Bobby threw me a surprise 30th birthday party.


July brought Bobby’s annual conference in Destin Florida, and my parents tagged along to keep me company while Bobby was at his sessions.

IMG_6290 (2)

In August, Bobby and I made a purchase, a BIG purchase. We bought the local Orange Leaf frozen yogurt shop! This involved a lot of stress and a trip to Oklahoma for training, but things are going smoothly now.


In September, Emma Kate turned ONE! We had a fun Minnie Mouse themed party at our house.



In October, my mom decided she wanted to go to Walt Disney World for her 60th birthday, so that’s exactly what we did! I surprised her by booking club level at the Polynesian for a few days, and also with a cake and a fireworks cruise. We had a blast!


PhotoPass_Visiting_Walt_Disney_World_Resort_7499432442 (2)

I also had the privilege of speaking at the Refresh Summit in Nashville at the end of October. I was sick the whole time but am still so glad I got to go share with the lovely women who attended. I was also asked to be an ASICS ambassador in October, such a great opportunity!

unnamed (47)

November brought cooler weather, tubes in EK’s ears, and Thanksgiving. My parents and sister came into town, and we also got to see some of Bobby’s family. Poor Emma Kate was sick that weekend, and ended up getting a mild case of hand foot and mouth.


December of course brought the busyness of Christmas, and it went by in the blink of an eye. We went to my parents house for a few days, and it was great to just have a low key holiday.


There are a lot of other things that happened in 2015, but this post is getting really long, so I will stop with what I have. There were a lot of uncertainties in 2015, and I can happily say a lot of them have resolved, but we still have some things up in the air I really can’t share right now. It’s so much fun to look back on the year and see the accumulation of all of the things that went on. It makes me smile. I hope you do as well when you look back on your 2015!

As always, thanks for hanging around and sticking with me here at THLG. I appreciate you all. Cheers to 2016!


QOTD: What was your favorite thing you did in 2015?

2015 Goal Check In

I have decided in 2016 that I want to go back to monthly goals. It’s something I did for a long time here on THLG, and I just sort of got away from it with pregnancy + a newborn, and it’s high time to get going again. I really enjoy having mini goals instead of year long goals, although those are fun to look back on as well, just not as easy to keep! I tend to make goals at the beginning of a new year and not look at them again until December. Whoops! So mini goals are good “check ups” to go along with bigger ones.

Last year, I had five “big goals” that I shared on my blog, so I wanted to do a quick checkup on those before diving into 2016 goals next week.

1.) Read my Bible every day: C+ I do a great job of this on the three days Emma Kate goes to daycare, but the other days are so crazy, which is a TERRIBLE excuse. I may need to start switching to night time reading instead of in the morning to ensure this gets done. This is not something I want to just throw my hands up and say “oh well” to doing.


2.) PR in any race distance: A I ran the Los Angeles marathon 5 months after having Emma Kate. While my PR was only by about 15 minutes and I had been training for about a 45 minute PR, I will still take it! (It was around 90 degrees outside and no one was prepared for it, so everyone was super slow!) Heck I am proud of myself for even running that race!

IMG_3714 (2)

3.) Foam roll and stretch: B+ At the boot camp class I went to 3 x’s a week they really made us warm up well and stretch after, but I don’t stretch well after running on my own.

4.) Find a good work/life balance: B+ When I wrote these goals, Emma Kate was just starting mother’s day out twice a week for five hours a day which did not leave me enough time to do all of my blog work so I was really stressed out. Since then, Emma Kate has been going to a daycare she loves three full days a week so I try to get as much done on those days as I can so we can play the other two days. Not to mention since then we also bought a frozen yogurt shop, but I think we have gotten into a good rhythm as far as a work/life balance with that.


5.) Eat more healthy foods: C+ I really do want to focus more on this one in 2016! When I get really busy I tend to just throw unhealthy/quick things together for meals, or grab Chick-Fil-A on the way home. I need to PLAN better to make this one happen.

photo (33)

Cookies anyone?

Stay tuned next week to see my 2016 goals!

QOTD: Did you set any goals for yourself in 2015? Did you reach them?

Half Year Wrap Up

WOW, we are already halfway through 2015! Did you blink? It’s July my friends. JULY. I dug back through the depths of my archives and found my post about my 2015 goals and gave myself a good chuckle. Some areas I am doing great in, and some not so great. Let’s take a look at what I wrote back in January:

1.) Read my Bible every day: B+ On the days Emma Kate is at daycare and on the weekends, I do very well with this. But on the days I am home with her all day, I will admit it doesn’t always happen especially because she wakes up at unpredictable times in the morning. It’s kind of hard to focus when your nine month old is trying to eat your hair. I need to remember to read in the evenings on those days, or just you know…get off of Facebook and Instagram for a few minutes…


I have been reading Jesus Calling along with my Bible in the mornings. Love it!

2.) PR in any race distance: A- DONE! I PR’ed at the LA marathon back in March. So why the A-? Because the only other marathons I have run were Disney marathons where I stopped to take photos along the way, so being that I ran this one straight through with no character stops, I figured a PR would happen. However, I have to give myself a little credit. When I was asked by ASICS to do the race, I was only up to about 5 miles and had less than 3 months to train post baby, so it was definitely still a challenge!

IMG_3678 (2)

3.) Foam roll and stretch: C+ I ended up at the physical therapist due to my hip and knee issues form running and not strength training after pregnancy (smart move Heather), but after some diligent work and lots of squats and lunges, I haven’t really had too much of an issue. Granted I am running really low mileage right now and will need to be careful as I ramp it up in the fall. I am happy to report I ran the LA marathon pain free!

4.) Find a good work/life balance: A- Bobby and I did a lot of talking about this at the beginning of the year after he saw that what we were doing just wasn’t working. I was working late into the night and all weekend and it was wearing me out. We decided when Mother’s Day Out ended at church in May to put Emma Kate in daycare part time, and it has been a lifesaver. I am able to get the majority of my work done on the days she is at daycare, so when she is home we can play and I can focus on her and just work during her naps. I love that her daycare has a webcam so I can check on her during the day. It makes me slightly less productive but oh well. Smile

unnamed (12)

5.) Eat more healthy foods: B+ I am doing MUCH better at this, but it has been a very recent development. When I was marathon training, I was hungry all the time so just ate whatever. At the beginning of May I realized this wasn’t helping me lose the last of my baby weight, so I got serious about my eating habits. I have been drinking a lot of homemade smoothies and even eating a few salads (!!!).I am not buying junk food to have a home except for the rare occasion, and am trying to be MINDFUL of what I snack on mindlessly. (Think: am I really hungry? maybe thirsty? DRINK MORE WATER!)

So, now that we are stepping foot into the second half of 2015, I have a better idea of what I want to continue to do well at, and what I need to improve upon. Things change so quickly around here that sometimes it can be hard for me to keep up, but I’m doing my best! I have also run 300 miles the first half of the year, would love to run another 300 by Christmas!

QOTD: How are you doing with your 2015 goals? Want to share one?

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