Mommy’s Future Running Partner

Gone for a RUN sent me a cute baby shirt and hat for Emma Kate  before she was born. They are still a little big on her, but I thought it was time for her to try them on so I could tell you about them!

The shirt is super soft and of a really nice material and it washes well. It’s a little bit on the boxy side for my long, lean baby, and the sleeves are a little long but I’m sure it will fit her better soon.

Gone for a RUN has a huge line of baby shirts and gear with adorable sayings on them. (Thing socks, hats, onesies, bibs).

FullSizeRender (4)

Speaking of hats, the hat they sent me is adorable and stretchy and great for chilly stroller runs. All of the items they sell are at a great price point, too!

IMG_2142 (2)

I can’t wait to start bringing Emma Kate to races and putting her into more cute running related clothing! Speaking of bringing EK out to races, the weather here has been great and Emma Kate rode in the stroller for a walk the “right” way for the first time the other day!

IMG_2212 (2)

I can’t wait until I can run with her sitting up like this! It’s going to be fun!

QOTD: Does you baby own any running related gear/clothing? Do you plan to buy them some when you have kids?