Back to School with Kohl’s

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I received the included Carter’s clothes as compensation.

Believe it or not, back to school time is upon us. This means new school supplies, new teachers, new memories, and new clothes. Emma Kate is currently growing like a weed, so the clothes she wore last year are getting too small (and are also getting very worn out, she plays hard!) so it was time for some back to school shopping.

Kohl’s has an amazing Carter’s collection at great prices. I couldn’t believe the amount of things I was able to get for Emma Kate for under $200,  two pair of shoes included! Not to mention, between 8/4-8/20, there is a 40-50% off sale on Carter’s playwear.

As Emma Kate has gotten older, she has also gotten more opinionated. Gone are the days of me dressing her in whatever I want, she wants some say in her outfits! With my help, we chose some fun things for back to school. I think you will see a trend here of graphic tees, tunics, and pink. I love the current styles and that I have a trendy kid. I asked her to pick out her three favorite outfits for a photoshoot to showcase the line of back to school clothes at Kohl’s, and this is what we got.

Since it’s warm most of the year in Florida, I did a lot of short sleeve tops, with just a few pants. I love how light and airy this palm tree top is, and the stretchy pink shorts are perfect for mobility in play.

Next we went with something a little more dressed up which would be an adorable first day of school outfit. I love these long tunics in more neutral colors. You can pair any color or pattern of pants or leggings with them to make even more outfits.

When it gets cool we can even put a long sleeve shirt underneath and still wear the tunic. I love versatile clothes!

This little girl loves a fun skirt or dress, so I was excited to find these pants with an attached skirt and an adorable “Daddy’s Girl” shirt that went with it. I chose these grey shoes because again, she can pair them with any color outfit!

In addition to these three outfits, I was able to get so much more. I couldn’t believe I was able to get an entire wardrobe and shoes for so little!

Don’t forget, you can shop Carter’s at Kohl’s August 4th-20th and get 40-50% off their playwear selection. Also, you can get $10 off $50 spent  – Sales Dates are: 8/4 – 8/20 (Promo code: BTS10) Happy shopping!

QOTD: Do you love or loathe back to school shopping?

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Back to School for Families

Guest post!

As I sit here leisurely drinking my coffee (out of a Disney mug of course) and nibbling on my yogurt, granola and fruit parfait, I look ahead at what is coming up. The 2013 Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare!!! Well, yes, that is coming up but I am looking ahead at Back to School….


What does Back to School mean? Is it when moms and dads all over are taking back their homes? Is it when the house remains clean for more than 2 seconds? For me, it means that here in my house, we make some changes to our daily routine. As you may recall, I homeschool my two girls. I have a freshman entering high school and a soon to be 5th grader. They now do online school which does take a lot off of my shoulders in preparation of curriculum, but I am their “Learning Coach” as their online school calls me and I need to be there to help out in any way I can. I still need to make sure they understand their formulas, their verbs, their Spanish or French words, etc…

Our summer has been pretty laid back. I let the girls stay up late, sleep in. They had a lot of time with their friends at the mall and the movies. My oldest has been going on group outings with boys and girls. (Boys too? YIKES!!!!) There has been church camp, church weekly bbq’s for my oldest, sleepovers, art classes, dance classes, etc. My youngest even had a trip to LA for a Dance Intensive and then we spent a day in Disneyland together to end our long trip. I know I need to start getting them on a bedtime routine to be ready for morning school time but I can’t help but want to let them be kids and just continue with their fun summer.


Another change is for me. I need to change when I get my run or workout in. 6 days a week is my fitness routine and I love it. It’s been great this summer as I could get up, get a run in, workout and start my day. I didn’t have to worry about making sure the girls were up and on their lap tops for their morning homeroom class or one of their many other online classes. So, now I need to make that change. Do I wake up earlier than normal to run or workout? That is generally what I have done in the past so it is nothing new but still….I have enjoyed my laid back summer too.

As your summer is coming to an end and your kids are going back to school, what is something that will change in your house?