Life Interupted

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share a little more about the Bible study I am participating in, “What Happens When Women Say yes to God.”.

We are in week four of the study, and I am having a great time with my first ever online Bible study. What a cool concept and thanks to technology, it is all possible. Amazing!


Anyway, today I want to talk a little about interruptions. In the book, Lysa talks about how at one point in her life things seemed to all be going wrong, but how this “interruption” ended up being a blessing for her and her family later on. This story actually really hit home for me because it dealt with exactly the same thing I went through!

In the book, Lysa talks about her husband being an avid runner who blew out his knee and had to have major surgery. Not understanding why God allowed this to happen, they later realized not only was God protecting her husband from a potentially dangerous situation, but they also learned a lot during that time that led to so many great blessings in their lives they may have missed had this not happened.

Well my friends, if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know nearly two years ago I suffered from a stress fracture in my foot right in the middle of racing season. I was devastated, and was in a walking boot for many weeks and didn’t run for 9 or ten weeks. At the time, I thought my world was crashing down, but looking back I learned a lot during that time:

1.) I am stronger than I think. When I was going through that trial, I thought there was no way I would get through it, but step by step and day by day, I did!

2.) New activities: Since I couldn’t run, I was forced to do new things, mainly take up weight lifting. I now love lifting and do it 3-4 times a week to complement my running. I believe this has made me a better athlete in the long run.

3.) Encouraging others: Since my injury, I have had the opportunity to encourage others going through the same thing I went though.

4.) Wait…somewhat patiently:  My close friends and family will all nod their heads in unison with this one: I am NOT very patient. When I realize I want something or to do something, I do everything I can to make it happen, NOW! I have had to learn that some things take time, and that God’s timing is best. I STILL struggle with this to this day, but being able to look back and see how things turned out ok in the end has helped me to trust more.

All this out of a stress fracture? Yes! I’m sure there is more, too. Maybe even things I am not aware of yet. My point is, try to look at every “interruption” as a learning experience, a growth opportunity, and a chance to react correctly to the trials we face. Remember, you are stronger than you think!

stronger than you think1

QOTD: What is a life interruption that turned out for your good? How so?

Discerning Gods Voice

Sometimes, I am not sure if something I am hearing in my head is from God or not. I don’t want to take the next step and it be a wrong one, and it can be quiet difficult to drown out the voices of the world sometimes.


In Lysa TerKeurst’s book “What Happens when Women Say Yes to God”, she gives five things to ask yourself to make sure what you are hearing is form God:

1. Does what I’m hearing line up with Scripture?
God will never tell us to do something that is in contrast with what the Bible says.

2. Is what I’m hearing consistent with God’s character?
God will not say things that are inconsistent with who He is. Remember God doesn’t change!

3. Is what I’m hearing confirmed through messages at church or my quiet times?
When I feel God is trying to tell me something about something specific, I see it everywhere! Friends, church, my devotion, etc.

4. Is what I’m hearing beyond me?
We can be called to do things that are impossible in our own strength. Sometimes this can be super scary, but there is a good chance it is God!

5. Is what I’m hearing pleasing to God?
If what you think you are hearing would sadden God or make you feel uneasy or wrong, it’s not from Him.

These five questions are a huge help in discerning God’s voice. I love that the first one has to do with scripture. If you cannot answer “yes” to question one, there there is zero need to go through the other questions, you have your answer right there.

I think the one that I see most prevalent in my life is number 3. Whenever I am not sure about something or think maybe God is trying to tell me something, it seems to crop up over and over again in messages, sermons, through Christian friends, etc. Every time I hear said “same thing” it is like that extra nudge of reassurance that it is the right thing. Sometimes this pattern can go on for months at a time, until I get whatever it is I am supposed to “get”. (I can be a slow learner and quite stubborn sometimes with spiritual things!)

Thanks Lysa for an awesome guide to help us discern God’s voice!

QOTD: Which of these five questions helps you most or do you see the most in your life?