Meet ‘N Greet


Last night, we went to our neighborhoods Discovery Center (the sales center where they hold events, etc. It will eventually be a library!) for a YMCA meet and greet.


You may remember me talking about our new YMCA from this post.


I got to find out a little more information about what is to come and I am super excited! Sadly, the Y won’t be open until about September, so we all know that means October. Sad smile I was hoping to escape the summer heat, guess that won’t be happening! Anyway, We are getting a YMCA, a market and café, a pool, and an amphitheater  on the lake and a village green to hold things like a farmer’s Market and neighborhood events. FUN! There are more commercial/retail places coming later as well. I am hoping this will bring even more residents into our new little community. I am so stoked about being able to walk to the gym, I have never been able to do anything like that before! Oh, they also are making a boardwalk around the lake that will tie into the existing nature trail (which Bobby and I ran on last night.) Fun! Oh, and the cardio equipment will look out over the lake, and there will be places to sit outside the café on the lake. Good times! I THINK they are putting a dry cleaning drop off and post office in the market as well, but I could be wrong on that.

We got all of the information and can’t wait to join. Since most of the members will be residents, they want our input on the types of classes they will hold, and the kind of equipment that gets put in! I don’t think they realize that this may have been a mistake to tell us heh. Bobby and I are going to make a list. Him focusing on the weights/machines he thinks it should have and I am going to send info on what classes I think would be good and beneficial to the community. They are going to have a slab pouring party and all the residents are going to get to sign on names on the slab. FFFUUNN!

What is also cool is we will be able to also use the other YMCA in the area which is much much bigger and has things like an indoor pool and more classes. The best part is since we are residents, we get an awesome monthly rate. Sign me up!


So does everyone have exciting weekend plans? Ours include unpacking the house some more (there are certain things only Bobby can do or lift!) and hopefully relaxing. We haven’t really had a lazy Saturday since we moved in. Last weekend we had the 5k and I had the bridal shower, so I am looking forward to having nowhere to go!

QOTD: Do you have any exciting weekend plans? Share!