All Lit Up


Good morning! Catching up from the weekend?

Saturday, I posted about Friday night and the new frozen yogurt place in town.

Sunday I posted about Saturday, when I went with Bobby to his cheer competition, and I posted the video of him partner stunting/throwing baskets etc. Be sure to check it out, he’s good!

It’s dreary and rainy here. A cold front is coming through and it’s windy! It was like this all day yesterday too, but we still had a great day! We did a lot of cleaning and football watching. We also took the girls out in the golf cart and let them run around out by the lake. They LOVE running on the flat grassy area, chasing birds and smelling all the new smells.


Birds?! Where? I am getting bored with these squeaky toys you make me play with.

I also finally had a chance to get up the remainder of our outside Christmas lights. I think the house came out nicely, except for the one strand of red in the trees that is halfway lit. I hate how easily lights go out! Oh well!



aannddd all lit up!




You can see the Christmas tree through the left window.


I had a “vision” of how I wanted the garland/lights and I think I did a good job of making it a reality. The only thing missing is some lights on the front bushes and garland/lights around the door, but I didn’t want to have to buy any, so maybe I will hit up some after Christmas sales.


It’s day 7 in the boot, and while I hardly notice it anymore, it is still SO frustrating to be so immobile. I miss running, and dancing around the living room to Christmas music, and being able to wear two shoes at once. December 20th needs to hurry up and get here! I am doing ab work and arm work as much as I can without a gym, but my abs get sore so I can’t do it every day. I am trying to be mindful of my eating, and so far I am doing ok but I also haven’t done any holiday baking yet…oh boy.

QOTD: DO you decorate outside for Christmas? Do you go around and look at lights?

*Don’t forget! Send me a picture of your outside Christmas lights (or Christmas tree or both!) and I will post on the blog!



Good morning! It’s a good day to be an LSU Tiger! The first half may not have been pretty, but we did it, and are SEC champions! Next stop, BCS championship game. I almost had a heart attack during half time, but they didn’t let me down in the second half. I proudly sported my LSU shirt today at Bobby’s cheer competition. Oh yes, you read that right. I hobbled around with my boot at a cheerleading competition. Lots of little girls and lots of makeup and hair bows!

Not only does Bobby coach tumbling and partner stunting, but he competes on their open squad (coed any age) and they performed today at a competition in town for fun as an exhibition team. They did really really well for hardly ever practicing. Ha! Bobby can do a lot cooler of stunts than some of the ones he did here, but this is just a taste of his capability. He’s really really good!

Bobby is 2nd guy from the right (I zoom in on him in the beginning and several times during the competition while he is doing stunts)

For those that don’t know, Bobby was supposed to play football in college, but after football season his senior year of high school he had to have major stomach surgery and was told he couldn’t play anymore (being hit in the stomach would not be good.) He had some friends who did cheer and we ended up being a natural, and he competed for 5 years in college and coached (and still currently does) for many many years. He’s not the best tumbler, but he is great at partner stunting.

He even got a trophy. Weeeeee!


Sadly, I don’t have a flexible bone in my body, and was taller than the girls he puts up when I was in 5th grade so sadly for my future offspring, cheering is probably NOT in their future. Hopefully they will be all over volleyball and basketball though. Smile


QOTD: Did you play sports in high school or college? Which ones?

**Send me a picture of your outdoor Christmas lights and I will post it closer to Christmas!

Fro Yo, it’s Cold, Yo!


BBbbbrrrr! I am sitting by the fire as I type, and baby, it’s cold outside! Last night was equally cold as we ventured out for dinner. We saw a huge sign at the intersection stating that the new Frozen Yogurt spot I have been drooling over for a couple months, Local Culture, was finally open! Despite the frigid night temps, I told Bobby to save room, we were going for dessert!


The décor is funky and hip. I was sad for just a minute when I remembered this location used to house my oh so missed Frosting cupcake store that sold the to die for wedding cake cupcake, but my sadness quickly disappeared when I did some taste testing!


Bobby had a major taste testing #fail and got fro yo all over the place. Way to go Bobby. Please don’t claim that your broken nose caused this. Oh, I forgot to mention. Bobby got his nose broken coaching tumbling Thursday night. He was spotting a girl doing a back handspring and she wacked him in the face.

He may kill me for this but it’s TOTALLY worth it. And no, he isn’t crying, his eyes just would not stop watering!


Poor thing. His nose is huge. Well, it’s big anyway, but bigger than USUAL I mean. Just kidding! sort of. Ok so back to fro yo. I ended up getting a mix of cookies n cream and cheesecake with oreo and heath bar pieces on top.


Bobby copy catted me and got the same kind but with fruit toppings. I really hate a copy cat. Make your own decisions, dude! :o)


There were plenty of places to sit, but only one other couple inside. Oh, I forgot, the temps were dipping into the 40’s. Maybe that had something to do with it? I think I am still trying to thaw out!


It really hit the spot, and we will be coming back! The watermelon and pomegranate were both really good when I sampled them!


After all I ate tonight I am going to have to do about a million crunches since, you know, I can’t run in my stupid boot.

Today we are finishing up our outdoor Christmas lights and Bobby has a cheer competition he is in today and coaching. oh yes, I will be there, and I will be video taping the thing for your enjoyment. You can thank me later.

Speaking of Christmas lights, I LOVE seeing other people’s lights. One of my favorite things to do as a kid on Christmas eve was go around looking at all the lights. So, email me a picture of your house all lit up for Christmas to and I will do a collection and post them on the blog closer to Christmas. Kind of like a virtual ride around to look at lights. sound good?

QOTD: What is your favorite Fro yo TOPPING? I love strawberries and cherries, but the heath bar bits were SO good!