Virtual Christmas Tour


Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is ONE WEEK from Today! Blows my mind. I just want to grab hold or it and enjoy every second before it’s gone.

A few weeks ago I shared my Christmas Tree and outside lights pictures.



and then I asked you to share your pictures with me so it would be light a virtual tour of everyone’s lights or trees! So let’s take a look.

First up we have Jenn and Danielle



Next we head over to Whitney’s house.


Victoria did something interesting with lights…

“ I wrapped 10 feet of LEDs on me for a 6 mile bridge run the other day with my group.” Too funny! very festive. Smile


Nicole’s tree is up next


Then we head over to Sara ‘s


Megan Did a great job with her lights!


We wrap up the tour with Karen and her cute lights.


Thanks to all who participated! Now be sure to go check out the blogs of these lovely ladies and tell them you like their decorations. Have a relaxing Sunday, Back to normal blogging tomorrow!

QOTD: Do you drive around and look at Christmas lights? Did you growing up?

All Lit Up


Good morning! Catching up from the weekend?

Saturday, I posted about Friday night and the new frozen yogurt place in town.

Sunday I posted about Saturday, when I went with Bobby to his cheer competition, and I posted the video of him partner stunting/throwing baskets etc. Be sure to check it out, he’s good!

It’s dreary and rainy here. A cold front is coming through and it’s windy! It was like this all day yesterday too, but we still had a great day! We did a lot of cleaning and football watching. We also took the girls out in the golf cart and let them run around out by the lake. They LOVE running on the flat grassy area, chasing birds and smelling all the new smells.


Birds?! Where? I am getting bored with these squeaky toys you make me play with.

I also finally had a chance to get up the remainder of our outside Christmas lights. I think the house came out nicely, except for the one strand of red in the trees that is halfway lit. I hate how easily lights go out! Oh well!



aannddd all lit up!




You can see the Christmas tree through the left window.


I had a “vision” of how I wanted the garland/lights and I think I did a good job of making it a reality. The only thing missing is some lights on the front bushes and garland/lights around the door, but I didn’t want to have to buy any, so maybe I will hit up some after Christmas sales.


It’s day 7 in the boot, and while I hardly notice it anymore, it is still SO frustrating to be so immobile. I miss running, and dancing around the living room to Christmas music, and being able to wear two shoes at once. December 20th needs to hurry up and get here! I am doing ab work and arm work as much as I can without a gym, but my abs get sore so I can’t do it every day. I am trying to be mindful of my eating, and so far I am doing ok but I also haven’t done any holiday baking yet…oh boy.

QOTD: DO you decorate outside for Christmas? Do you go around and look at lights?

*Don’t forget! Send me a picture of your outside Christmas lights (or Christmas tree or both!) and I will post on the blog!