Dopey Challenge 2014: 10k Race Recap

rundisney 10k recap

The next leg of my runDisney Dopey Challenge journey was the 10k. I was excited for this race, because it was the first Disney World 10k, so this course was brand new.

(If you missed my 5k recap you can check it out as well).



Can you spot the bottom of my tail in the above pictures?

We started at the same place as the 5k in the EPCOT parking lot, at 5:30 in the morning. I was able to meet up with some buddies before the race began, something I didn’t get to do the morning of the 5k!


Rachel and Mindy







Bobby and I arrived earlier on this day and were able to get to the front of our corral. This REALLY helped as we were able to avoid some of that initial congestion getting out and onto the road.


We got towards the front of C but not right in the front because I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way starting out faster than me.


Also, since the course goes the opposite way of the 5k, the road opened up a lot sooner for this race which was really nice. We were out on a road quickly, and going under the overpass outside of EPCOT.


Our plan for this race was much like the 5k, no character stops, but still taking it at a comfortably easier pace so we had some gas left for the half and full. I would say we stopped off on the side to walk for about one minute every mile or so. I met some blog readers out on the course (hi guys!) it was so great to chat with everyone and hear everyone’s race stories so far.

I stopped and took a photo with Kathryn who spotted us out on the course. We chatted for a bit, she was running her first half marathon the next day (and she rocked it!)



I will say the first couple miles of the race were pretty boring. I loved the Disneyland 10k course, so I had high expectations. For those that ran the 5k it was a repeat as we ran through much of the same parts of EPCOT.



unnamed (7)

My favorite part of the course was the Boardwalk. It is gentler on my body, and was a nice change of scenery.



There were a ton of people out cheering along this part of the course, which we so appreciated! Lots of fun signs to read, and people lined up near the Boardwalk in and by the Yacht and Beach Club resorts.  We made it back into EPCOT and towards the finish line again. We were almost there!



I couldn’t believe I still had two more days of crossing this finish line, it seemed so surreal at that point that I was actually in the middle of this crazy challenge.



It was just getting to be daylight when we crossed in 1:16:01.



Everyone kept saying we were “halfway” done, but as far as mileage goes, we weren’t even close to halfway. The early mornings were tough on me though, so I was quite happy to have two of the four 2:45 am wake up calls over with!

As we crossed the finish I ran into some of my buddies!


Linzie, Kat, and Rebecca





Jenn and Danielle


The boys

It was time to once again head back to shower, eat, and hit the parks. Two of four, done.

QOTD: Do you prefer the 5k or 10k race distance?