Fall Fun

Happy Monday! We had a fun filled weekend with amazing weather down here in Mississippi, and I’m so sad it’s all over. I wish the temperature would stay like this forever! On Saturday morning, my dad drove up here early to hang out with us. There is an annual car show here in Madison, and we decided to sell Orange Leaf frozen yogurt from a booth this year. Bobby left early to set up, and my dad and I arrived later with Emma Kate. (My dad came up for this same car show last year so it was fun to do it again!)

unnamed (22)

This was only our second time at the car show, but apparently this was it’s 12th year. There were a lot more cars that had awesome access systems than last year, so apparently it just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

unnamed (23)

Yes, this is an old blue truck with a corvette engine in it.

unnamed (24)


unnamed (25)

unnamed (28)

Emma Kate decided to practice her walking skills.

unnamed (29)

unnamed (30)

Dad and I walked down to McAlisters for lunch with Emma Kate just like last year. It was so fun to do the same things as last time but this year Emma Kate is walking!

unnamed (31)

Below is a picture from this same weekend last year. Crazy how big she has gotten!


After lunch we headed to the store to get grilling supplies for our BBQ that evening. We had a great time relaxing on the back patio grilling and eating and Emma Kate was such a trooper the whole day and didn’t get fussy until just before bedtime.

Sunday morning, dad left right before Bobby and I headed to church.

ek church

After church we hung out at the house before attending our church’s annual Fun fest. It’s like a big carnival with jump jumps of all kinds, games the kids can play and win candy, food trucks, puppet show, photo booth, a clown, etc. It’s free to the public, they just ask that you bring some canned goods for their canned food drive.

All the kids dress up in their costumes, and it’s just a really fun family time.

unnamed (32)

We watched the puppet show, then let Emma Kate practice her walking skills and she thought she was hot stuff walking around the festival. It was so cute.

unnamed (34)

unnamed (33)

I had a delicious hot dog from a food truck, and capped off the night with a cheesecake caramel apple. I don’t know about you, but the fact that they will slice it for you at no extra cost is amazing. I haven’t had a caramel apple in years because they are just so gosh darn messy, but this, this I could deal with!

unnamed (35)

The festival was over at 7:00 so we left a few minutes before since Emma Kate’s bedtime is 7:00 and she was fading fast. She had a very full weekend but was such a trooper. We are loving this new stage!

unnamed (36)

QOTD: Do you go to any fall festivals? Are you dressing up for Halloween?

A Day in the Country

It’s Fall yall! Well, it was fall for the weekend…today the high is 84 and we are somehow back to summer. What a tease. Anyway, we had great weather temperature-wise all weekend (never really saw the sun though). On Saturday we had a birthday party to go to, and then we decided to go to a fall festival we have heard about for years but for one reason or another never actually went to. It’s called a day in the country, and had a ton of adorable craft booths, music, food, games for the kids, a silent auction, and petting zoo among other things. After snagging a great parking spot (ah, the things we get excited about), we headed over to check out all the craft and food booths. I just say, some people are just so darn creative and crafty, I am quite jealous.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (26)

We didn’t buy anything, but Bobby sampled some different dips and salsa.

unnamed (2)

There was a sad little petting zoo that contained a pony in a tutu, a spray painted goat and pig, and some unfortunate looking chickens. I felt kind of bad for the animals, but at least they looked well fed. The poor pony was pathetic looking.

unnamed (3)

Emma Kate was a trooper all morning at the birthday party but got a little cranky in her stroller after awhile at the festival.


We are brave to wear our LSU gear amongst everyone else in their Ole Miss and Mississippi State gear!

unnamed (4)

Bobby got some red beans and rice to eat while we checked out the silent auction.

unnamed (5)

Little bit had enough of the stroller, so we found a grassy area and let her practice her walking. Is she not the most adorable little cheerleader that ever was?!? I’m dying.

unnamed (6)

By the way this outfit is a size 2T. Girlfriend is big. At least I am getting some arm muscles lugging her around.

unnamed (7)

I LOVE this picture of my two loves. They are twins.

unnamed (8)

We were quickly encroaching on nap time and decided to call it a day. We went home and watched football the rest of the afternoon/evening and I went to bed early. The weekend was rounded out by church, a nap, a little work, and more football. I hope you had a good weekend, too!

QOTD: Any fall festivals where you live? How did your football team do?