First Trimester Thoughts: Things I Didn’t Know

Now that I am nearing the end of my first trimester (holy crap!) I wanted to share a few thoughts I have on this whole pregnancy business. There are a lot of things I just didn’t know going into this. What’s funny is that a lot of these things I HAD PEOPLE TELL ME WOULD HAPPEN, but in the case of a lot of things in life, I simply had to experience them for myself to fully understand. So, here goes.

1.) I had no idea how exhausted I would be:

Whenever a pregnant friend would tell me about the fatigue, I would feel bad for them, but at the same time, never really thought it was a big deal. I have had PLENTY of times in my life where I have been super tired. I run marathons for crying out loud! I just thought I had seen what “tired” looked like. Falling asleep at the table, crying because you don’t want to get off the couch to go to the bathroom, and you can forget working out. Now that is exhaustion. The thought of running those first few weeks made me ball up into the fetal position and bury my head like an ostrich. It’s real folks, and it sucks. I am still sleeping ten hours a night, but my need for a daily nap has gone, I only take them on days that I workout hard or do things like, go to the grocery store. Also, the exhaustion made the crazy hormones way worse.


2.) I had no idea how much I would worry:

I knew that people had miscarriages, but I never really realized just how many, or how scary the thought was until I was pregnant. I will admit it has been very difficult for me to accept this pregnancy because I keep thinking at any moment it can be gone, because it’s still early….Every little cramp, ache, or odd feeling sends my heart into palpitations, and I constantly worry if baby M is alright in there. I am a control freak, and don’t like that I can’t “see” what’s going on and if everything is on track.

3.) I didn’t realize there are so many symptoms:

You hear of the common things like nausea, fatigue, and boob soreness/growth… but I didn’t know I would be constipated, have SO MUCH acne, be astonishingly forgetful, or be really moody, or have a ton of excess saliva. Gross, I know. This is of course just the tip of the iceberg, but really, I had no idea.


4.) I didn’t quite understand food aversions:

I knew that most pregnant women get nauseated, and that certain smells and foods can make them sick, but what I wasn’t prepared for is having nearly the thought of EVERY food make me sick. Or, that I would simply have no appetite for 99% of the foods on this earth. I’m 13 weeks tomorrow and still can only stomach a handful of things. I cannot wait until the day I CRAVE food again! This girl loves to eat, so it’s no fun.


5.) I didn’t think I would gain weight in other places so early:

I was of course expecting a little bump to start forming, but what I wasn’t expecting so early is for my thighs to grow and my hips to spread. This scares for for when I am much further along! I am hardly eating from the nausea and I am working out as much as I can, but it just won’t stop. I guess I can’t fight genetics on this one.

Hopefully this didn’t scare any future moms to be, but it’s been my truth, and I wanted to share, mainly so I can look back and remember one day and possibly compare my (hopefully) next pregnancy to this one. I realize that even though a lot of these (who am I kidding, all of these) things are unpleasant things, I also know how blessed I am, and that these things are just temporary!

QOTD: What is something you didn’t know going into pregnancy? If you have never been pregnant, what scares you the most about it?

Baby Questions Answered

A huge huge thank you for all of the support on yesterday’s post! Between the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the text messages, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! You even crashed my blog for a few minutes yesterday morning! Baby already feels so loved, and so do I. I received a lot of questions yesterday and wanted to try to answer a bunch of them if possible. If you have one I didn’t cover, leave it in the comments and I will try to answer!

baby news

When are you due? How far along are you? September 30th, I am 11.5 weeks.

Were you trying? For how long? Yes, it was our second month trying. We realize how insanely blessed we are to get pregnant right away!

When/how did you find out? Oh boy haha. My mom and I were in California the week after Dopey running Tinkerbell. I was EXHAUSTED all week…like, I went to be at 7:15 the first night! I chalked it up to the time change, flying, and Dopey hangover, so really didn’t think much of it. Then, that Friday I had a tiny tiny bit of spotting, and I told Jen who was convinced it was implantation bleeding. I kind of forgot about it, ran my races, and the day I got home my boobs felt SO sore. The next morning Jen texted me and asked if I had tested, and I said no I had forgotten, and she convinced me to go take one…and I did….and that line came up so fast I didn’t know what to think! I was kind of in shock, I wasn’t expecting it that fast or that dark.  My cycles have been pretty sporadic and I thought I would be ovulating when I was in CA with my mom!

pregnancy test

When/how did you tell Bobby? I had always imagined I would come up with some cute elaborate plan to tell Bobby…but no no, I was so shocked/surprised I knew I had to tell him right away. He was downstairs cooking eggs, and I told him to close his eyes and hold his hand out. I couldn’t even wait for him to finish cooking the EGGS! Being Mr. non-emotional that he is, he just kind of looked at it made an “ok cool” face while shaking his head, and went back to cooking.

baby announced

baby announced 2

Are you going to find out boy/girl? Absolutely! I am not really a big fan of surprises, I want to shop/have everything ready YESTERDAY! It already drove me nuts to be in Disney and not able to buy anything because we don’t know yet! Plus my mom wants to throw use a gender reveal party, so that will be fun!

How have you been feeling? Not great, but honestly I can’t complain, I know people have it MUCH worse than me….but it still sucks. I started getting a “carsick feeling” at the end of the 5th week just sporadically during the day, then the periods of sickness got longer and longer until I was sick all the time no matter what I did. I never threw up, but sometimes I wish I would have. Around week 7.5 or so I felt very defeated, like relief would NEVER come, but I AM getting better slowly. 9.5-10.5 was the worst stretch, Zofran helps though. I still am nauseated all evening, but only in the mornings if I don’t eat. Progress my friends.

Will you keep running? Absolutely for as long as I can! I haven’t run much lately because I am burnt out and because I have been so sick and exhausted I didn’t want to go from the bed to the bathroom.

Didn’t you just run a bunch of races? Why yes I did! Baby M already has a lot of medals. Smile I didn’t know I was pregnant during Dopey, and found out right after Tink (but I felt awful running it just didn’t know why!), but Princess was a NIGHTMARE. I will share more on that in my race recap (why I have waited to write it) but sadly that Disney trip was pretty miserable. I may have cried the morning I woke up for the half marathon.

How will this change your blog? Well, when I changed from RWS to THLG a year ago, it was partly in anticipation of this. No I am not turning this blog into a pregnancy or baby blog, but this IS a huge part of my life, so there WILL be pregnancy posts friends. I totally understand if you want to skip those days, it’s not for everyone! I will do weekly updates and some other fun stuff thrown in here and there, but will still post about lot of other things, too!

What are your symptoms? Well, the first sign was super SUPER sore/bigger boobs.  Then came the pains from my uterus stretching, and the nausea in week 6. The the bloating, oh the bloating, and constipation, and then last week I started breaking out on my face like a 13 year old boy. Oh, also tons of excess saliva, and constant phlegm in my throat. Isn’t this fun?!?! The worst has been the nausea and the exhaustion. I try to nap every day but it doesn’t always work out. I sleep 9-10 hours a night, and the littlest things wear me out. It’s sad.

Is baby healthy?  Yes! I have had three appointments and three ultrasounds! At the first one they did an ultrasound to confirm and date me, etc. Second one was at almost eight weeks to see/confirm heartbeat (145 bpm) Third one was Wednesday, they tried the doppler and couldn’t get the heartbeat so they did another ultrasound because I got nervous, baby was squirming away at 163 bpm.


unnamed (9)

How did you tell your parents? Oh this is a fun one. I was SO nervous/anxious to tell them, it’s their first grand baby. I knew we had to tell them before Princess because they would know because I couldn’t ride things, couldn’t drink, and felt awful. So when we drove to their house to stay the day before we flew out, we spilled the beans. it was SO entertaining. We gave them a gift with a card and the card said “The 3 of us are so excited to go to Disney with you, love Bobby, Heather, and ?”. My mom was a little slow, but my dad got it right away. She didn’t believe me at first, and well, you can watch for yourself. They crack me up.


QOTD: Any other questions for me? How did you tell your family you were pregnant?

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