This is all I have to say today.


QOTD: Do you have houseplants? Do they stay alive? I have some half-dead ones right now. It’s so hot outside I have to water every day and I just forget!

PS: Thanks for your patience this week with less blog posts. We are hiring more staff at Orange Leaf right now so my blog should be back to normal next week. I appreciate yall!

Cheer Up

I was in need of a good laugh yesterday, so I spent some time looking up some super funny things, and let’s face it they aren’t hard to find. People post them all over Facebook and Twitter so I didn’t have to look far. I promise these won’t disappoint, so if you are looking for something to turn that frown upside down, check these out:

1.) “When this guy calls his boss to tell him he’s running a little late, he witnesses a car accident and begins the best play-by-play commentary you’ll ever hear.

Right after the car accident happens, the caller states that a man gets out of his car as if the other car was at fault. What happens next is pure entertainment.

The witness leaves the literal blow-by-blow action to his boss while laughing hysterically.”  <——- I literally laughed out loud, by myself, in my house. Oh how I would have loved to have been there!

2.) People who are having a worse day than you: <—-why is it so funny to laugh at other people’s expense?

3.) Things people do online that would be creepy in real life. <——Never really thought about it but SO true.

4.) EVERYTHING from this website. <——Huge time suck by the way.

5.) Reasons my kid is crying. <—– I die. Kids crack me up

Hope this brightened your day! Have a good one, it’s almost FRIDAY!

QOTD: Do you have a funny link to share? Which one of these was your favorite?

A Good Laugh

Sometimes it’s fun to just be silly and laugh. I am having one of those days. No earth shattering news, no health or fitness tips, just a little bit of fun. I hope it makes you smile on this hump day!

Love it…


Yes! All true in this house.




I never turn my back to the door.


Don’t sit with your dog like this…








Big spider?


Oh boy.



Now smile, and go be nice to someone. Smile HUGE giveaway coming up on my blog tomorrow! Also, don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes to win a $1000 spafinder giftcard!

QOTD: Which of these is your favorite?