I really struggle sometimes with looking at the negative in life and forgetting about all the positives. Isn’t that human nature though? Wishing for things we want to change or don’t have but forgetting all the every day blessings? I wanted to take some time out to talk about gratitude, and hopefully it is a good reminder to us all to focus on all the GOOD things we have in life, and how fortunate we really are.


I am participating in a week of gratitude with some lovely bloggers, and we all agreed to write a post about it.

I have an amazing family, a warm home to sleep in, a working vehicle, a job, I’m healthy (minus some running injuries haha) and I am saved by grace.

With Black Friday coming up in a couple of days, it’s easy to focus on our wish lists as well as the stress of all the things we have to buy for other people. It saddens me that stores are now opening up SO early on Thanksgiving Day. Isn’t this a day to spend time with family and give THANKS, not rush to the nearest store to buy more junk for our families that we really don’t even need?

I want to encourage you all to do something in the next few days, before the weekend is over. I’m not saying boycott shopping and I’m not saying gifts are bad, but it is about where your heart is and your true focus. I want everyone to take some time, even if it’s just a minute or two, to think of a way you can show how truly grateful you are for something or someone in your life. I think it may help us to refocus and re-center ourselves before the Christmas crazies set in. Here are some ideas:

-Write a hand written card or note to someone you care about thanking them for who they are or something they do for you. Leave it in their car, briefcase, on their laptop, etc.

-Go outside and play with your kids or our pets. Don’t just watch THEM play, get involved and cherish the time.

-Sacrifice something. Instead of buying coffee AND a bagel for yourself, buy a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you. Tip extra at a restaurant and write a note on the receipt telling the server you appreciate their hard work.

-Reflect. Spend some time in the quiet with no TV, computer, or cell phone and look back on all the good things that have happened to you and your family this year. Write them down and keep the list on the refrigerator as a constant reminder of how blessed you are. Don’t let any negative thoughts creep in your mind about things that went wrong this year.

-At Thanksgiving, have everyone go around the table and say something they are grateful for. Someone may say something that encourages or surprises you, and you may bless someone else with something you say.

I won’t be posting tomorrow, I will be with my family and I hope you will be off the computer and spending time with yours. I love y’all and am grateful for YOU and the encouragement and support you give me from miles away. Y’all are the best. Happy Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving 2012