We’re Not in SoCal Anymore: Weekly Recap


I can’t believe the Disneyland half marathon was a week ago! (Don’t worry my recap including videos and photos will be up tomorrow). We so enjoyed our time in California, and one of the best things was the weather. It was interesting, because I checked the weather before we left, and weather.com said it would be 90 most of the week. This greatly concerned me because I know what 90 feels like here on the gulf coast, and I can now say with certainty….SoCal 90 is WAY better than our 90! There was very low humidity so I didn’t feel like I was swimming, and while I certainly felt hot in the parks, I wasn’t pouring sweat or feeling like death. I barely sweat during the race. It was awesome.

We were even able to eat lunch outside on two occasions. LUNCH! As in the middle of the day. This is unheard of this time of year in the south. Also, the lack of bugs was noted. No mosquitos, flies, or gnats while we were there. We got home to love bugs literally attacking out house.


I tell no lies.

I did however had a good surprise when I got home, a box from Chobani was at my door step. Heck, yes. This morning for breakfast I was so excited I didn’t know what to eat! I settled on apple cinnamon, highly recommended.


Yesterday, Bobby and I went for our first post race run. We left at 9:45 to do three miles, and I underestimated how difficult three could be in the heat/sun/humidity. I quickly reminded Bobby (we are NOT in SoCal anymore! This sucks!) It is the closest I have come to passing out from the heat in awhile (nausea, headache, etc). TOTALLY my fault, I should have paid attention to the weather and gotten out there sooner. It was quite the rude awakening after a wonderful week in California.


My face stayed this red for about two hours. Embarrassing.

Ok, so on to the recap:

Sunday: Disneyland half marathon (don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a recap!)

Monday: rest

Tuesday: walked the parks all day

Wednesday: walked the parks all day

Thursday: rest/travel

Friday: strength training (Best Body Bootcamp)

Saturday: 3 mile run


total miles run: 16

total miles walked: A LOT in the parks!

strength work: one day

Meh. Back to it this week.

QOTD: How long do you take off/to rest after a race? If you don’t run, how many days a week do you rest from any kind of fitness?

Humidity and Sweet Tea

Huh? ok here goes.

I had a good run this morning. FINALLY! I looked up the weather on my iphone and saw it “felt like” 91, with 75% humidity. SCORE! Isn’t that sad, that those numbers make me happy? ALSO, it was overcast. Double score! You can bet I laced up and took off! It. felt. great. For the first time in months, I actaully wasn’t dying by 1/2 a mile in, and I was actually *gasp* smiling! I did 3 miles, stopped twice for 10 seconds each to drink water (I am not capable of drinking a lot of water and running at the same time…it’s not pretty) I felt GOOD after, and was happy, not frustrated and discouraged. Sure, I was still soaking wet and it was plenty hot, but it’s that dang humidity, dry heat is SO much more bearable!

Look what I found:
The National Weather Service considers it dangerous to exercise when the heat and humidity meet (or exceed) the below combinations.

86° F 90%
88° F 80%
90° F 70%
92° F 60%
94° F 55%
96° F 45%
98° F 40%
(See noaa.gov for the complete chart.)

Also, HERE is a really good artice about how heat/humidity affects your run.

All summer I have been struggling mentally with my running. Why am I slow? Am I actually geting worse? This is not fun! Today prooved that I may be slow, but I am not getting worse. I am thankful for the heat to make me a stronger runner, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wait for fall!

Oh ya, tomorrow is FREE TEA DAY at McAlisters!!! The lines get really long, so go at an off time like 10:30 or 2:00 or something. You can bet I will be there with my tea tumbler! What is a tea tumbler you ask? Go to McAlisters and find out!

Also, here is a big shout out to Skinny Runner for featuring me on her awesome blog this morning. Go check it out!

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QOTD: Do you have a weather problem where you live? Snow? Heat? what?