Interview with Aaron Diaz and Laura Flores on runDisney and Cigna

During marathon weekend, I was asked by Cigna if I wanted to interview two celebrities for my blog…well heck yeah I do! So I had the pleasure of meeting with Aaron Diaz and Laura Flores before the Cigna blogger meet up that Friday. These two are very, very famous in Mexico, I found out just HOW famous thanks to a little Google search…and I admittedly got a little nervous to interview them after that. However, my fears were forgotten because they were both SO warm and friendly, so check out what we talked about:

I was greatly intimidated when I checked out Aaron’s Instagram account. He has almost a million(!) followers, and has done some pretty cool stuff. Not only is he an actor (and not to bad to look at, if I do say so myself), but he is also a designer and singer. He has also two adorable daughters, one is around Emma Kate’s age, so it was fun to talk toddlers!

aaron diaz

Aaron talked about running the 5k with a girl named Julia, for Girls on the Run. He had great things to say about the organization and what they stand for. He said he had a blast at the race, and that he would be back to run a longer distance! He loved the message that Girls on the run brings, and had high praise for Cigna for getting him involved.

Let’s read some direct quotes from the interview:

Heather: so tell me, how was the 5k? Did you have fun?

Aaron: It’s the first time I’ve ever raced, and seeing the atmosphere and the energy of the people, it gives you good energy.

Heather: You got spoiled running a runDisney race as your first race, this is like the race of all races! They aren’t all this nice.

Aaron: I know! So now I won’t be able to go to any others except for these…, if this is what it’s like to run, I want to do it all the time!

Heather: What was your favorite part of the race?:

Aaron: Getting to the finish line, because the atmosphere there, and seeing everybody so enthusiastic and outgoing and cheering waiting for them, you know it’s like a party at 6:00 in the morning after you exercise, which makes you feel a lot better.

Moving on….I asked Aaron how he stays healthy and fit with his busy schedule.

Aaron: Luckily for me, I got into a habit of exercising and playing sports since I was a kid. Now that I’m a father….you know you want the best for your kids obviously, but it’s very important to teach them to eat well and to exercise, because those are the two most important things that are going to keep you healthy for the rest of your life, so if you can get them into a habit from when they are little, you are going to have an easier time than trying to change their ways when they’re adults.

Heather: What advice would you have for someone wanting to get into the entertainment business?

Aaron: First of all, they have to want to get into that business for the right reasons, because it’s their passion. I didn’t get into this business until I was 20, and I never thought about being in this business before that. But when I really got to know what it was all about, I felt really passionate about it, and then I started learning and going to acting school, and it’s a hard career, just like any other…but if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, you aren’t going to enjoy it. People who do what they love to do, are blessed…..if that’s your passion, then go for it.

Aaron graciously took a picture with me, I felt like a HUGE dork asking for a picture, but I had to, of course. All for the sake of the blog…right?

I also got to interview with Laura, check it out:

Laura Flores is an actress, singer, and also a mother. If I hadn’t already known she was a mother, I would have figured it out instantly after meeting her. The way she spoke to me was so kind and sweet, you know, the way moms do. She was so gracious and humble and gave great answers to my questions.

laura flores

Laura ran the 5k the day before with the Girls on the run, and then ran the 10k that morning. But, before we even got into the race, she wanted to know about my blog (and even wrote down my URL so she could check it out, how sweet!) and she told me she admired me for blogging, that she knows I am exposed to criticism in putting myself out there. I knew I was going to like this lady! Let’s dig into more of the interview:

Heather: Did you enjoy the race?

Laura: I did, it was a great experience! I like to run but I’m not really a “runner”, but I just workout. I run 3 miles every other day and combine it with yoga, but today running the 10k, I never stopped. I thought I was going to faint in the middle, but I said ok I committed, let’s do it. But once it’s there, you see all those human beings, and you are going to follow that crowd, it’s just amazing.

Heather: What did you think about the costumes?

Laura: I loved them! I didn’t wear one, I wore my Cigna outfit because I am representing Cigna, but I loved the creativity of the people. I loved the cheering and the “you can do it, keep going”, I could feel how my legs really responded to the cheering. The fact of having the nice people next to you giving you water. I mean what time did they have to wake up to be there for you? That’s amazing. All of these people doing this for once cause, which is celebrating life. I really appreciate being a part of this.

Heather: What is your fitness routine, and how do you keep up with it in the middle of your busy schedule?

Laura: Well I have kids, so the mornings are for them, to wake up, go to school. Sometimes I get up earlier to go running, but sometimes when I get back I am in a rush for them, so it all depends, but usually after I drop them at school I park my car at school and I go jogging. I also do yoga, I love yoga.

Heather: Do you do active things together as a family?

Laura: Yes my daughter just called me to congratulate me on my race! My daughter will be here for high school cheerleading nationals next month. She is on varsity, and I am so proud of her. My little one too, into baseball, basketball, gymnastics.

Heather: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into the entertainment industry?

Laura: I think this country offers a lot of choices, so that is amazing, and if you get ready and prepare yourself, I think that’s the only way you can do it. Go to the right schools, go to the right places. Also, if you are going to study acting, make sure you go to the places where all of the talent searches are. You have to think smart and think business, but I say go for it.

A HUGE thank you to both Laura and Aaron for taking some time out of their very very busy (and more important than my) schedules to chat with me for a few minutes about runDisney, acting, Girls on the Run, and Cigna. I enjoyed meeting you both and hope you had an amazing experience. Please come back and run again! I will happily run with you. Smile

QOTD: Have you ever met anyone famous?

An Interview With Sean Astin


During the runDisney Princess half marathon weekend, I had the chance to sit down with Sean Astin (from Lord of the Rings, the Goonies, and Rudy), and talk with him about the race. My plan was to run into the hospitality suite for a snack, but I ended up chatting with Sean for a couple hours about his race experience, and what he thought about wearing a tiara (he said it still felt like he had it on!) We talked about everything from acting, to race car driving, to his love for his juicer.

photo (9) - Copy

Sean had recently run the Tinkerbell half marathon, so it was nice having something to compare Princess to when talking to this new coast to coast medal holder. His overall critique of the race was a good one. he told me he especially loved the strong crowds on Main Street USA. He also said that the roads felt wider and easier to run on than in California. We talked about how well stocked and awesome the aid stations were, and even how he almost went the wrong way coming out of Cinderella castle! Luckily, some kind folks got him back on the right track.

One thing we talked a lot about was the humidity. Living in California where the weather is usually beautiful, I asked Sean if he thought the hot and humid day had an affect on his performance. He answered that he honestly didn’t notice it much until about mile ten, but it got rough at that point. He was pouring water on his head to stay cool by mile eleven! Sean did something quite heroic at the end of the race too. He was gunning for a particular time goal, and was just about to get it a couple hundred yards away, when a woman in front of him fell to the ground with a calf cramp (boy do I know how painful that is!) He threw his time goal out the window, and instead bent down to help this woman up. He and a friend helped half-carry her a few feet and then this strong lady told them thanks, but I am going to finish this on my own! I wonder if she had any idea who was helping her! I think it’s so cool that a strangers well being was more important to him than hitting a certain time at the race.

Another funny story Sean told me about someone having no idea who he was. He was helping out at the expo at the runDisney booth, and a woman assumed he was a worker/volunteer and starting asking him questions. Hilarious! He of course answered her and helped as best as he could, never mentioning who he was or that he wasn’t an employee. I love it!


I had a great time just hanging out with Sean, he was super easy to talk to every time we spoke over the weekend, and I am glad I got to interview him post race about his personal experience with the Princess half.

photo (2774

Action shot of me interviewing Sean post-race. Taking notes on my phone. 

One thing I wanted to be sure I shared with you is called #run3rd.  (Also check out the blog). Sean heads this up and founded it, and it basically is 1) I run for myself 2) I run for my family 3) I run for YOU. So who would you dedicate a race or run to?  In Sean’s Words: “What started as an inspirational Twitter campaign is now a global movement sharing dedications made on behalf of people’s loved ones, causes and ideas.”

Interested in becoming a team captain? It’s easy!

To become a Team Captain:

You may nominate someone (or yourself) by simply tweeting:

I nominate (@handle of nominee) to be a #Run3rd Team Captain.

Add a few words of support and list an event they might Captain.

Team Captains Responsibilities:

  1. Tweet about #run3rd
    1. Encourage people to make dedications.
    2. Answer occasional Twitter questions about #run3rd.
    3. Direct followers to
  2. Tweet about their event
    1. Date/Time/Place/Updates.
    2. Info about #run3rd signs.
    3. Share Team Captain race day plans.
  3. Be visible as the #Run3rd Team Captain before & after the event
    1. Visit with the #Run3rd community.
    2. Share the #Run3rd story with others.
  4. Tweet about the event afterwards (hopefully with pictures) and provide recap for the blog.

Team Captains are the key to broadening the reach of the #Run3rd idea. Running is an inclusive sport and almost everyone who runs at some time or other uses their experience to honor someone or something else. Members of Team #Run3rd understand that we are custodians, in a way, of people’s trust and faith. When folks make a #Run3rd dedication it is often very personal and heartfelt. #Run3rd Captains are ambassadors who help promote and extend the concept of making and honoring those dedications.
Team Captains are expected to represent #Run3rd with compassion, decency and honor, always reflecting well on their fellow Team Captains and the #Run3rd mission. Failure to do so will result in removal from Captaincy.

QOTD: If you could ask Sean one question, what would it be?