Birthday Photos, My Volleyball Hero, and Giveaway Winners

Last Sunday was my birthday, and I was lucky enough to get to spend it at my parents house with my family, and my friend Karen and her husband Jason were in town for my baby shower, so it made it even more fun!

Bobby decorated with the same posters we use every year…


The four of us friends went to the Broke Egg for breakfast, a tradition whenever they come into town.

bday 1

bday 2

We had BBQ for lunch and then it was cake time!

bday 3

Chocolate doberge cake has been my cake of choice the past few years.


I am so glad my friends came into town and were on hand to help me celebrate my last year in my 20’s!

Minnie Bow Baby Shower Deocrations (10)[4]


ASICS has posted a training tips blog post featuring Kerri Walsh Jennings! She is my favorite volleyball player, and has some great tips! Currently, there are two exercises, with a video for each.  2-3 new videos will be published each week leading up to the 2014 ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball on July 22nd through July 27th where Kerri will be competing. The first two videos lean a bit towards volleyball, but there will be more videos shortly that are applicable to general fitness.

Also, ASICS is hosting a giveaway for an ASICS training gear package!


***The three winners of the CLIF summer sampler packs are as follows:

Paige Callahan

Erin Fairchild

Emily Riccardi

Please email me at to claim your prize!

QOTD: Is there a certain birthday cake flavor you get every year?

Olympics Survey


I have mentioned on the blog before my love of the Olympics. Did you also know that I attended the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta? We lived in Atlanta for 7 years and had just moved away a couple years before, so we decided to go back and visit friends. I was going into sixth grade, and was stoked to cheer on my country. I so wanted to go to the gymnastics events but they were sold out so we went with my sisters choice, equestrian horseback riding. Not my first choice but still exciting. We drove from New Orleans, with the van decked out in shoe polish “honk if you love the USA” and “Olympics bound.” It was SO much fun. We painted our nails red white and blue, and cheered our little hearts out. Ah, memories. Ok ok enough of a walk down memory lane. I got this survey from Enjoy Your Healthy Life, and just knew I had to participate!



Favorite Olympic Sports to Watch:

summer: gymnastics, volleyball, track and marathon

winter: figure skating, curling

Favorite Athletes:

summer: Kerri Walsh, Shannon Miller, Kara Goucher, Lolo Jones

winter: Michelle Kwan, Apolo Ohno


(soruce) I love Lolo. She is a Christian and an LSU graduate! I can’t wait to cheer for her!

Sport/game/race most excited to watch:

summer: marathon, Kerri Walsh/Misty duo in the finals, USA women’s gymnastics against China and Russia

winter: no favorite I can think of

Most boring sport to watch:

summer: boxing/wrestling

winter: speed skating

Toughest sport in my opinion:

summer: gymnastics purely for the technical aspect of it. I can’t even do a cartwheel, so it fascinates me! I of course think the marathon is tough endurance-wise!

winter: figure skating. Being flexible and daring…on ice? Crazy!


This chick is a beast. I look up to her so so much. Oh to be her!

Who I root for if no American is racing:

summer: Australia, UK, Canada

winter: ditto

Where I am going to watch the Olympics:

At home on my TV. I will probably be DVRing a lot of it.

What Olympic sport I wish I was good at:

summer: Gymnastics, I COULD play volleyball (not Olympic level of course) and I would love the opportunity to go pro with volleyball!

winter: figure skating


Who else is excited?!? I can’t wait for the opening ceremonies on Friday night. They always do such a good job. Who remembers the amazing drummers from the Beijing opening ceremonies?!?

My FAVORITE! Loved these guys!

QOTD: What are you most looking forward to about the Olympics?