April Rewind


Hi there! Today is a good day. Since Bobby worked from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm yesterday, he isn’t going into work today yay! He still has to make some calls and do some work related things from home, but still. I am excited to get to see him since I literally did not see him until I was going to be last night.

So, I was a crazy person who had no one to talk to all day and evening, so I ran TWICE. yes twice. It was so hot when I ran my first 3 miler that I went back out about 4:00 and ran 2 miles of hills and speedwork. Don’t ask, I don’t have answers.


I also went to a meeting for our neighborhood about a new TV and internet service we will be getting in November. I am still on the fence with how I feel about it. It was fun getting to talk to neighbors and meet new ones though! Also, a heads up, remember the photo shoot we did for the new neighborhood website? it is supposed to launch this month. EEKK!

So I know I am a couple days late, but here is my April rewind! It was quite a busy month!

We kicked off April with a very fun day of Triathlon Spectating! Our neighborhood held our first annual Tri, and we had a blast cheering everyone on!



That weekend my parents also came for a visit. We had fun taking them out on the trails through the woods and hanging out on the porch.


I also felt like I had unpacked enough of the house to share some pictures with you!

Making a House a Home Part I

Making a House a Home Part II

More House Tour

We were lucky enough to get to participate in our neighborhood photo shoot and commercial shoot in April, too. You can read about it here.


I did a look back in time to my high school athletic days, so you can laugh at the way I looked. Please don’t make TOO much fun of me!

April was also the month I got into couponing! I have been having a blast trying to save as much as I can. It’s a fun and challenging hobby!

April was also a time of adversity, as I had a run in with a not so nice commenter on my blog. The love and support I received from so many of you was unreal, and I am so thankful for my readers! Once again, yall are amazing!

I also sprung the news that I will be running a half in October with Team in Training! Please consider making even a $5 donation. every little bit helps and I would be SO grateful! (donate here)

April was also the month of Birthday’s around here! My sisters was the 2nd, my dad’s was the 17th, and then my sweet baby Bella had hers!


At the end of April, we to participate in a service project at our church, by helping basically redo the walls of an elderly woman’s home. I love volunteering, it makes you so appreciative of what you have!

We also spent Easter weekend with my family, since I had not been home in two months. We had an amazing weekend and I was sad to leave.

DSC_2446 DSC_2442

The end of April also FINALLY marked the end of my tedious 6 weeks to 6 pack program. I post before and after pictures as well as my final thoughts on the DVD.

I celebrated the Royal Wedding by sharing some bridal portraits as well as a dream of mine!


Thanks for sticking in there is you read all of this! April was a fun month, hoping May is even better! (wel, it must be because we are going on vacation!)

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QOTD: What is your favorite thing you did in April?