Getting Back to Normal


Hurricane Isaac hit back at the end of August, but what people may not realize is that things aren’t quite back to normal for some people around here, but everyone is doing this best to get back to the way things were. I was reminded of this yesterday morning when Bobby and I headed down to the beach just a few miles from our house for a long run of nine miles.

photo (24

So…this is the parking lot we always park at when we run at the beach, covered in deep sand, seaweed, and lots of trash buried. In the photo below I backed up so you could see the parking lot.

photo (53)

This is before we ran, behind me is the beach and water, and a sand filled parking lot.

photo (56)

We started out on our run, and the pier at the parking lot and the beach were actually still closed as the clean up crews try to get everything looking good again. Every walk down to the beach from the sidewalk we ran along looked like this:


Well, you can imagine why. This is what the piers looked like DURING the hurricane.



Yikes. This is what the “sidewalk” we ran along yesterday looked like during Isaac:



Yeah….Pretty sure it’s “somewhere” between the palm tree and the no left turn sign.

We ran in both directions, and were happy to see bulldozers moving trash, and crews getting rid of the seaweed and adding in some sand. 9 miles later, we were back at the car, drenched, and ready to head home.

photo (55)

We have learned to bring flip flops and beach towels when we drive somewhere to run so we can get out of our shoes and not get the seats in the car covered in sweat! Doesn’t Bobby look thrilled?

photo (54)

No, he doesn’t wear his hat like that when he runs. he would be running alone if he did.

photo (57)

Better. Now fix your goofy hat.

Keep in mind, a trashed beach is just the start. Many people had several feet (as in 8-10) feet of water in their homes, and are having to start over again. Some, for the second time (thanks to Katrina). Just a reminder that even though the sky is sunny and the media coverage of the hurricane where you live is over, it doesn’t mean it isn’t still an every day reality for some people. Be sure to keep them in your prayers, and be thankful always for the blessings in your life (like somewhere dry to sleep). It is a good reminder to us all (myself included!) that things aren’t THAT bad even when we feel like we can’t make it through today. Just felt like sharing that today, thanks for reading friends.

QOTD: What are you thankful for today? I am thankful for a dry home not flooded and ruined by water or wind.

Fitfluential Ambassador

Hiya! I am so excited to share with you why I think I should be considered for Fitfluentials ambassador program for 2011! When I first heard about this my mind started racing, thinking of all the things I wanted to share about my passion for fitness, health, and representing the SOUTH! (Which just happens to be the best place to live, in case you didn’t know…) First things first….

I currently live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, about an hour or so from New Orleans. I grew up in Louisiana outside of New Orleans, and my family still lives there, so I am in town all the time. I love the south and hope I never have to leave it. We have the most hospitable people here (as well as the most humid summers, which I could do without….and the hurricanes….but you have to take the bad with the good, right?)

I currently work from home as a blogger which I LOVE doing. It allows me to be home with my puppy dogs, and gives me the flexibility to workout pretty much whenever I want, and, AND, flexibility to be your ambassador! This is where my butt is parked for a good portion of the day:


note the sweet puppy who loves having mommy at home!

As I said before, we live on the Mississippi gulf coast, just a quick 15 minute drive to the beach!


But I also love being close to New Orleans. There are a lot of great races there.

DSC_0712 DSC_0719

Of course, my family is there, too.


We also got married in New Orleans, and had a Jazz band at our wedding, and of course danced in the traditional New Orleans second line dance!

wedding10 wedding11

wedding28 wedding22

So we run around the neighborhood, and play volleyball and throw the Frisbee in the park that is right in our front yard! Having a park in our front yard is what ultimately drew us to building on this particular lot.


Yes that is our house in the background!

We also have enjoyed running at the beach. People watching makes running more fun!

2011-04-30_11.49.40 DSC_2467

It’s no secret I love to run and race even though it gets to a million degrees here in the summer which makes running more…difficult.

230403_570152787698_61700476_31939537_7563477_n 2011-04-181233452011-04-25104220

If Fitfluential were to have an event around here, there would be so many options of places to go, things to see, I just can’t name them all!

On the gulf coast, there are condos on the beach to stay in, and plenty of casinos with banquet halls and conference rooms. There are also concert halls at the casinos, great bands, singers, and comedians come here all the time! (Trust me, they are on EVERY billboard!)

In New Orleans, what can I say? Pick any beautiful French quarter hotel and there is space for events! SO much to sightsee and do, places to eat, history to learn about. Not to mention New Orleans is extremely walkable, which is a nice touch for a gathering of people. The music and food is not to be missed! (Did you not see the picture of me with the beignets from Café du Monde earlier?!) If you don’t know what a beignet is, don’t worry about it. It’s ok. I will try not to be insulted.

So why do I even care about all of this? Because I LOVE helping people. I love to inspire, to teach, to coach. (Hence why I used to be a teacher and a coach!) I love helping people get started with a running program. I love getting e-mails form people asking how to get started, telling me I am an inspiration. I was honored in February to be named the New Orleans Times Picayune Fit magazine role model. The tag line they use is “if she can do it, so can you!” and I honestly BELIEVE that. Never did I think I would run marathons, blog everyday, or be an inspiration to ANYONE! I was so honored to be on the cover of the magazine and have an article inside.


I really don’t get nervous public speaking, I am so passionate about sharing the knowledge I have that it just overtakes any fear. It is a true joy to see others succeed, and know that you were a small part of it. The awesome readers I have is what keeps me blogging. the support and encouragement I have received makes me just want to pay it forward to anyone who will listen!

Check out this video I made of why I should be a FitFluential Ambassador!

and check out this slideshow I made! I’m pretty proud of it.