Inspiration in Everything

I love inspiring quotes. They help me through the hard days, and especially through the hard runs. My all time favorite is “you are stronger than you think”, but there are so many other great ones out there as well.

If you look hard enough, you can find inspiration in just about anything. Thankfully, the folks at The Universe Knows have made it super easy to find! They sent me a few of there inspirational items, and I have loved using them to keep me inspired and maybe even inspire others. I was given a journal, a mug, and a long sleeved hoodie.

My favorite of the quotes is on my journal. It is a great reminder! It is a leather journal with a ton of pages. I haven’t yet decided what I will use it for, but I love the color and quality.


I have used my mug several times (dishwasher safe) and absolutely love the summary they put with the mug on the website, so I am sharing it below.


what a difference a day makes.

just for today I am going to allow myself to be imperfect. I will forget my past and not worry about the future. today I will love myself, forgive myself and relinquish any feelings of guilt that I have. today, I know that I am enough. just for today, I will stretch my boundaries and push just beyond my comfort zone. today I will smile more and be more generous. just for today I will be grateful for the simple things, celebrate little things and allow myself to be loved.

I love it! So well put. I think of that quote when I drink out of my mug.

I was also given this great pink find your balance hoodie. I however haven’t had a chance to wear it because it has been in the mid to upper 90’s every day this summer! It feels so soft, and the words are stitched into the fabric. I can’t wait to have something new to wear this fall.


Be sure to check out their website for other great products, colors, and quotes. So many to choose from!

You can follow along with other product reviews and tweets with the hashtag #inspirationwear

QOTD: If you could choose a quote to put on a product what would you chose?

GNC Live Well Now


Good morning! Today I want to tell you a little bit about some products GNC was gracious enough to let me try out. I love GNC, so I was excited when I saw a box on my porch containing some goodies to try out.


I thought I would do a fun vlog of my experience instead of just typing it all out, so here is my review:

So, to recap, GNC sent me some products to review:

One More Rep pre workout powder: good flavor, gave me energy, would try again.

Slimquick Fat Burner: Thought I was going to die from taking these pills since I didn’t read the warning label. No side effects, but weight loss pills just aren’t my thing.

Lean Shake in Swiss Chocolate: YUM! Very good flavor and consistency, would definitely use again to throw in the rotation with my other smoothies and protein drinks. Full of vitamins, comes in 3 flavors.

aaannddd just like last time, I have a blooper video. Bella just kept trying to steal the show from the second I started recording!

*FitFluential LLC compensated me for this sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

QOTD: Do you like GNC? Do you use shakes of any kind in your diet?

Target Pants Review

So I bought some of the target running pants, and I thought I would take the time to give a little review on the product. First, when i heard the C9 brand was coming out with extended sizes I was stoked! regular pants are too short, and forget putting the in the dryer! The “long” size said on the tag: “for women 5’9″ and taller.” Well, I am 5’9″ so I thought they would fit perfect, and even if they were a SMIDGE too long, I could put them in the dryer.

Well, I bought said pants, and they are SO LONG! Like, almost cover my entire foot wrapped underneath my heel! Seriously? I am 5’9″ and these are ridiculously long! You would have to be about 6’2″ to fit in these! I would think more women are 5’9″ or 5’10” and not 6’2″!!! I was a little bummed about it, but I stuck them in the dryer this morning so hopefully they will shorten up.

They are SUPER comfy, and fit is good other than the length. I got the mediums and felt great in them on my run yesterday (other than the fact that I had to ROLL UP THE BOTTOMS!) I guess that’s how short people feel when wearing regular pants?

Anyway, HERE is the link to the pants. Maybe if you are not abnormally tall/short the regular length will be perfect for you! These pants have some great potential at a great price!

On another note, went to wal mart today and got some spinach, at some point I will be trying a green monster! I am nervous!!
May do some strength training today, we will see!