New runDisney Medals Revealed

Hey everyone, first of all thank you so much for your kind words yesterday about my grandmother. My dad met with the social worker yesterday afternoon, and she was moved to Hospice by ambulance yesterday evening. Please keep praying especially for my mom and dad as they have to handle all of this.

On a happier note, you may have noticed runDisney released two new medals in the past couple of days, and they are so pretty! Not only that, they spin! I have become obsessed with spinner medals ever since my 2013 marathon weekend medal was put around my neck. It’s still my favorite! Can I just say how bummed I am to be missing out, particularly on Wine and Dine? I’m guessing this is just one of many sacrifices I will be making for my children Smile I love the colors and designs for both medals. The creative minds behind these designs just keep impressing me every time!

First up, the Wine and Dine 5th Anniversary medal. I LOVE the color!

wineanddine2014(2) wineanddine2014

Next, the 10 year Goofy design.



Obsessed with both. Too bad I swore off full marathons for a long time. Heh.

Sadly it’s too late to register for Wine and Dine, but, you can sign up to get your very own shiny new Goofy medal when registration opens! Folks, anniversary years sell out FAST so DO NOT wait around if you want to take part. Registration opens April 22, but if you are an annual passholder or DVC member, you can register THIS WEDNESDAY, April 16th. You can go to for more information and to sign up when registration opens.

QOTD: Did you/will you sign up for these? Thoughts on the medals? Do you like ones that spin?

Reader’s Favorites: Race Bling


Good morning from Destin, FL!

The other day, I shared with you all my three favorite race medals, and why they were my favorites. Then, I asked you all to e mail me a photo of your favorite bling and tell me why it is your favorite. Today I am going to share all the bling emails I received, so be sure to check out the blogs of people who have blogs, and show some love! Who knows you may find a new race you want to run based on the bling!

Marcia from Travel Run Eat


It is from the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, 26.2 with Donna, here in Jacksonville, FL. About a year ago I decided I would run a full marathon (I had not yet even run a Half!!) and so began training. I chose this one because I believe in it’s cause and the founder, Donna Deegan, a 3 time breast cancer survivor, is such a local inspiration. During my training I got to run with her almost every Saturday! I earned this medal! It was tough. I couldn’t hang with my pace group and eventually ended walking the last few miles. But I ran the last 300 yards or so to get this beautiful medal!!!


Daryl from From the Bottom of my Sole

Rock N Roll San Diego Medal

This medal is from the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon that took place on June 3rd, 2012. It is my favorite because this was my first half marathon, I ran the marathon with Team in Training   after raising $2,961 to help find the cure for blood cancers which I’m very passionate about (it was my first Team in Training event), and the entire experience changed my life. It was the race that ultimately lead me to define myself (and see myself) as a runner. I’m hooked.


Lynda from Healthy Hoboken Girl

race bling 003

This medal is from a local 5K (It was to support people who have spinal cord injuries.)   My brother came in first in his age group and I came in 3rd place for my age group! It was my first time I ever medaled!  Next year, I’m going for 1st place!


Gina from Noshing on Asphalt

R-n-R Bling

mine from my first 1/2 and really is my favorite!  The medal represents a renewed commitment to myself and is the culmination of months of hard work getting ready for my first 1/2 marathon.  Plus it’s bright green and sparkly. 🙂


Melissa from 13 Going on Crazy


My absolute favorite medal is from the Tinker Bell Half Marathon January 28, 2012. Besides it being a RunDisney event, which are my favorite races, this race was right before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I was very sick the morning of the race. Despite being sick, I put on my tutu and laced up my running shoes and walked to the start line. I pushed through and accomplished my goal of finishing. Since being diagnosed this medals means even more to me as I learned a valuable life lesson: when life knocks you down, get up, brush yourself off and keep going!!


Paulette from Just Keep Running


I attached a photo of the really cool ceramic medal from Big Sur. I ran the 21 miler, but all of the events have similarly cool ceramic medals. The race itself was very cool too


Amanda from


It’s from the Broad Street Run 10-Miler in Philadelphia. It’s my favorite because it is from my first race ever, so it was the first time I felt that accomplishment from racing. I received it when I had a HUGE smile plastered across my face, so I can’t not smile when I look at it. 🙂


Melissa’s bling is from the Austin Half Marathon

Austin Half Marathon Medal

This medal from the Austin Half Marathon is one of my favorites! From the bats under Congress Bridge to the UT Tower and Capitol Building, it reminds me why I love this amazing city so much 🙂


Megan from Runner Megan


My favorite race bling is from my first half marathon — the first race that I truly trained for, put in the work for, and finished with a sense of pride and smile on my face. It’s from this past January, at the Callaway Gardens Half Marathon in Georgia. I had two friends at the end cheering me in, and got to celebrate with a friend who finished her first 5K ever. All in all, an amazing weekend, great race, and so excited to keep pushing from here!


Lindsey from Stories of a Slow Trier


These are my favorite race medals. They represent my first year of racing and really being in decent shape. In 2010, I started my journey to lose about 70 lbs (something I continue to struggle with) and started running. In February 2011, I ran my first real race — the Mardi Gras Mambo 10k in Baton Rouge (that’s the medal in the lower left. Above it is my medal from my first triathlon, RocketChix II in July 2011. On the bottom right is my Rouge Orleans medal from 2012, which Heather and I ran together and in the upper right is my 2012 RnR NOLA half medal, my first (of hopefully many) half marathon medals.
These medals represent how far I’ve come and that I have many, many more miles to run (and bike and swim) ahead of me! I put them in a shadow box as part of my gallery wall, but need to soon figure out a place to display my new medals!


Lauren from The Tiny Terror


Here’s a pic of me with the trophy I won for coming in First Place Overall at the Francis Marion University ROTC 5K on October 8, 2012. It’s special to me because it was my first official first place female finish, it was my birthday, and Francis Marion University is where my husband and I met, graduated from, and even got married there, so running around the campus was special in itself, even if I hadn’t won the award.


Megan from Running Toward the Prize


Considering I’ve gotten all my medals within 6 months of running my first half marathon – it’s exciting! So far my favorites are my first half (running in honor of my Grandfather that passed away) and the Princess half of course!


Christy from Mississippi ran her first 5k!


My first 5k. June 2012. I am so proud of this number. Only medals went to the kids for thier one miler.
I just started running this year. It has been the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. My time for this race was and still is horrible. I still have 60 pounds to lose so my speed is slowly climbing.
I am 43 years old and wish I had started this years ago!


Amy from Running Escapades


My favorite race bling: Rock n Roll Providence Half Marathon. This was my first half marathon. I never thought I would be able to run 13.1 miles, so this medal reminds me that I can reach my goals with hard work. Since then I’ve run three more and I’m currently training to run this one again!


Stephanie from 321 Delish



Emily from Travel with Emily


Medal from the 2006 Seattle Danskin Sprint Tri

It was hard to choose but this unassuming medal is my favorite because it was the first medal I received.  It was the race that really sent me on my journey to discover my inner athlete.


Abby from Abby’s Road to Amazingness

photo 2

Race: Expedition Everest 5k Challenge
It was ridiculously hard picking out my favorite race bling but I settled on this one because of who I got to experience it with. I knew getting into my relationship with B, running together was going to be out (bum knee due to an old injury). At an expo, we saw the medal and decided we had to do it. . even if we just walked. So that’s what we did! We spent the winter months training in Central Park for a 5k in May. It quickly became my favorite thing. The race happened to fall around our anniversary, so what better present is there than that? A great vacation topped with a medal that doubles as a compass (if it worked 😉


Malinda from Twins Run in our Family

photo (1)

I wore my Queen of Hearts costume during the ODDyssey Half Marathon in Philadelphia. My first race in costume that was not runDisney and it was super fun! The medal is a bottle opener & we got a beer glass, too! 🙂


Pam and Christine from We Run Disney

Our favorite race bling is from runDisney races.  Pam’s (on left) is the Chip ‘n Dale Marathon Relay.  It was the inaugural race, I ran a PR and I had a really good time doing the race, especially a relay!  Christine’s (on the right) is the 2012 Princess Half Marathon because I had a really good race, stayed healthy (unlike my first half marathon) and had a really good time running.  I even smiled crossing the finish line unlike the previous year.


Krissy from Shiawase Life


My most treasured piece of race bling is from the runDisney 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon. It was the race where I earned a 17 minute PR, my Coast-to-Coast Challenge Medal (also a favorite) and gleefully ran 13.1 magical miles through the Happiest Place on Earth! Although I’ve run several races since, my Disneyland experience stands out as my #1 best racing experiences to date 🙂



A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and shared their race memories! I hope you find new races you want to run, you know, for the bling, and also find some new blogs to check out as well!

QOTD: Which of these races/medals makes you want to run it?

Rock On


Rock on!!! Yesterday, in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised to get this little beauty:


I got this for completing 2 Rock n Roll events in a year. I will be running Rock n Roll Savannah, so I will get another medal as well after that one, woot! I love me some bling! I can’t wait to hang it up on my new sport hook rack! (If Bobby would ever hang it up. ahem….)

Yesterday, I did a lot of catching up on household things I neglected over the weekend, like dishes. oy. It was nice out, so I opened the window, and Bella enjoyed her perch for the morning.


Mommy, the birds want me to come play tag with them.

I did level 1 of 6 weeks to 6 pack too. I honestly haven’t done this video since May when I completed the full 6 week program. I got SO burnt out on it, I didn’t want to even look at the cover of the DVD box! I also did some foam rolling and stretching, which I neglected this weekend.


Oh, Jillian, don’t look at me like that.

Today it is back to the gym and back to the run for me. I have to head to my parents house later this week for something, so I plan on doing my long run there for a change of scenery. Will be interesting! I feel like I am starting to gain a little bit of speed. My IT band still hurts like the dickens after a long run, but seems to do ok during my runs, so hopefully it will hold up for me. It is usually just sore right after I run and is gone the next day. Weird.

Ok, more laundry awaits. I can promise you I won’t be doing any of this:


In case you didn’t know, I despise ironing. Really. It’s way too much work for something that’s just going to get wrinkled when I sit down. I do it only when absolutely necessary. If I iron for an event you are attending, then you can rest assured I think you are really really special.

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QOTD:- Have you run any Rock n Roll races? If so, which ones?

– Do you like to iron? Some people actually love it, which does not compute in my brain.