Dreams are funny things. I got to thinking about mine after having a weird one last night. I concluded that I tend to have four main categories of dreams, and once I really thought about it, it’s odd how repetitive my dreams are, and what that means. I am by no means a dream decoder and for all I know, they could just be random thoughts and mean nothing at all. However, I thought it would be fun to share with you my four main “types” of dreams I typically have. Maybe some of yours are the same!

1.) The first category of dreams I have tend to revolve around something that happened during the day. A lot of times the dream deals with something I saw on TV. For instance, the other night after watching The Walking Dead, (which, by the way if you don’t watch I’m not sure if we can be friends), I dreamed that zombies were chasing me all. night. long.

2.) The second category of dreams I have is kind of odd, but they are so frequent that I wanted to give it it’s own category. These dreams revolve around high school basketball. Weird, right? I have dreams VERY frequently revolving around basketball games. Sometimes I am playing in them, sometimes traveling to them, etc. The most annoying ones though are the ones that cause me to panic. I have had many dreams about basketball where I forgot part of my game gear like my shoes, or I am wearing the wrong color jersey. We had white jersey’s for home games and maroon for away, and I cannot tell you how many times I dreamed that it was game time and I had on the wrong color jersey! What’s weird is I played volleyball and ran track as well but only have these dreams about basketball.


Clearly I have on the correct jersey

3.) Another frequent dream I have is not being able to read something and it throws me into a panic. Frequently I will be on stage about to sing with a vocal group or something like that, and I look down at the words and I cannot read anything! I squint, blink, etc. but nothing helps. This also happens when I am driving in my dreams and can’t read road signs.

4.) The last thing I dream about a lot involves forgetting things similar to the basketball dream, but in this sequence I am on stage performing some kind of dance or routine (weird right?) and I forgot the moves. I can’t for the life of me remember what I am supposed to be doing and find it hard to believe I EVER knew the moves, but those around me assure me I practiced a lot, so then I get more confused. Let’s not forget that Heather is in no way shape or form a dancer, which makes this reoccurring dream even more hilarious.


Me “dancing” at my wedding. Hey, I had lots of fun!

It seems as though a lot of my dreams revolve around 1.) being on stage and 2.) forgetting something or doing something wrong on accident. I have no idea what this means (if anything).

QOTD: Do you ever have reoccurring dreams?