Easter Weekend 2011


Happy Better Monday everyone! (Get it, Good Friday, better Monday, heh.) I hope you had a fab time with friends and family this weekend. Bobby is off today instead of being off last Friday so we just came home this afternoon from my parents.

Saturday after the service project, we left for my parents house in Louisiana and got there just in time for dinner with them, my sister, and her husband. That was our “Easter meal” because my sister’s husband was going back to Houston in the morning. Good times were had by all.


Sunday morning we went to First Baptist New Orleans with my mom and dad. This is the church where Bobby and I got married, so it was nice to go back and remember!



Yes, I am wearing the yellow dress again. Aren’t I creative?

After church more food as consumed of course! The weather was so beautiful, we were able to sit in the backyard in the shade for a couple hours and hang out, after we all took naps of course! I loved it, I am a big “hang out on the back porch” kind of person, I love being outside talking, etc. so I really enjoyed it. We talked about our upcoming trip which I am so excited about!

The last time I was at my parents house was the beginning of March when I moved out and everything was still dead and winter yuck-brown. It was so neat to see everything at their house so green again!




We ate yet again, and finished up the evening by watching Tangled. I just bought it, and I loved it the first time I saw it and still love it! If you haven’t seen it, you need to. Such a cute movie. Good job Disney. We also watched a little bit of the hornets game (they won! beat the Lakers!)

This morning, We slept in and decided to go for a 6 mile run. The farthest I have gone since the Mardi Gras RnR half where I reinjured my IT band is 4 miles, so I am interested to see what I could do.

WOW it was HOT and HUMID and SUNNY! We didn’t get out there till 9:30 and it was well over 80 degrees and 92% humidity. Bleh! We took it slow but finished and I had no knee pain woo hoo! This is to give you an idea of how gross it was outside…



eeewwww…..ya….and my mom was kind enough to tell me I smelled bad. Thanks mom. I will remember that.

We ate lunch, packed up the car and set out to find an open sno ball stand. Ever since last week when I had that AMAZING Wedding Cake flavored cupcake, I have been craving a Wedding Cake flavored sno ball. It’s probably the only thing that got me through that awfully hot run, knowing I was going to get one after. Sad I know. On the second try we found one about to open right at 12, yay!


2011-04-25121045 2011-04-25121102

YAY! I was quite happy. We drove the hour and 15 minutes home happily eating our well deserved treats while the pups snoozed….then I snoozed when we got home!

Oh, my parents also made us each up an Easter goodie bag. Thanks mom!



QOTD: What did you do for Easter? Visit family? hunt for eggs? eat a lot?