Superbowl Baby!

It’s Super Sunday! I am SO STOKED my boys are in the Superbowl, for the first time ever!
Last weekend when I was at my parents it was just CrAzY down there. Everyone wore saints shirts, car flags flying, it was madness. You could just feel the excitement in the air. I woke up with a ton of energy, so I set out for my 8 mile run, by myself. I had all I needed and got in the car and drove 1 mile to the neighborhood my parents used to have a house in when we were trying to move up here permanently.

this is how gloomy it was.It was 32 degrees. It just LOOKS cold doesn’t it?

I started out, with my new iPhone playlist. It was SO COLD. I kept having flashbacks from the Disney half marathon!
I stopped to take this picture. It’s REALLY hard to see in the pic but if you look up on the second floor where the iron railings are, they had Christmas lights that spelled out “Who Dat?” It was awesome!

I did great till mile 6, and my hip started bugging me. At this point I had only walked once, up a huge hill. Then, I got a text from my mom telling me to check my e-mail. So I stopped and walked so I could check. The Email said…”Look what Dad wore to church! Go Saints! Who Dat?!?”

oh. my. gosh. He wore that to CHURCH?! I must say I was slightly embarassed…But I assume he was not the only one looking like that! I am telling you it’s crazy down there!

So, those were the only two times I stopped. I struggled with the last two miles, I don’t think I ate enough…I was getting weak…but I did it! I took this pic of my car and my awesome car flag!!!

so, tonight, when you are watching the game, you can think of me FREAKING out about the Saints!

Oh, I did take pics of my long sleeved awesome shirt I wear when it’s cold, but I took them with my regular camera and so I still need to upload. It will happen!!!


Movin to the beat

Music. I am not a huge music person. I mean, I listen to it in the car, but that’s about it. I don’t have 100 million songs downloaded on my ipod nor do i care to go to 10 concerts a year. I love to sing, but I am more of a thinker when I am alone if that makes sense. Well, I used to run with my husband a lot, but now that he is working two jobs we rarely get to run together, so i need some motivation, something to keep me busy. I would love to get some fun uptempo songs on my ipod, go for a run, and see what happens with my time. So, whata re your favorite songs to run with? Please help me out here!

Last night was awful just AWFUL! I went form happy, to angry, to excited, to freaking out! My blood pressure must have been skyrocketing! Oh, and then i cried at the end of regulation when the Vikings had the ball in FG range. Yes I CRIED! I kept saying it wasn’t fair, we deserved to win, etc. It was so pathetic. Then, I got mad at myself for crying over something so stupid and letting football have it’s magical powers over me! My poor husband asked if I will be like that for the superbowl and i said yes, and now he is fearing for his life! (I tend to yell, a anyone in range, for doing anything…so, word of warning, stay away!)

NFC CHAMPIONS! I am trying to resist the urge to buy NFC champion gear b/c i want SUPERBOWL gear!