Confessions: January 2014

Confession: I got an iPad Air from my awesome parents for Christmas, and have yet to buy a case for it. I’m just not sure what I want, so I have been carrying it around in the box it came in. I kid you not. On the airplane flying into LAX last week, a man actually made fun of my box. I decided it is officially time to get a real case.


Suggestions? Favorites? Likes and dislikes? What do I need to be looking for? Help! I have never owned an iPad and I am quite clumsy.

Confession: I am so burnt out from running I am not even looking forward to the Princess half marathon….yet. I KNOW this will change as I get closer and more excited, but right now running three races in three days makes me want to cry a little.

IMG_1652 - Copy

Confession: I cried Sunday night watching the Bachelor wedding on ABC. Like a little girl. When Sean started crying as Catherine walked down the aisle, I lost it.

Confession: I got home from Tinkerbell last Tuesday and I have only done one load of laundry. Maybe it I just keep the door closed and pretend it’s not there it will go away?


Confession: Every time I go out of town I bring my straightener and curling iron and never use either of them. I am SO LAZY when it comes to my hair. I can’t even remember the last time I wore it down. I should just stop pretending, it would give me more room in my suitcase.

QOTD: Do you have any confessions? Have you fallen victim to any of mine?

Catching Up at Tink

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for a bit, but I was literally not even home 24 hours before I was off to California for the Tinkerbell half marathon weekend. My mom and I arrived Thursday right after lunch time, and we headed to the expo after we checked into the hotel.


We stayed there for awhile, then had dinner at Storyteller’s Café at the resort and we fell asleep a little after 7:00! Central time it was 9:00, and my body still on Eastern thought it was 10:00, so I was wiped. The good thing was we slept until 4:00 when we had to get up for the 5k, but we still got nine hours of sleep.

Yesterday we ran the runDisney 5k, then went to the parks for a bit and did a few things. We still have a lot of ground to cover, but were able to get some things done including Radiator Springs Racers.

runDisney 5k

Today it is more time at the parks, and then Sunday is the half marathon! We go home Tuesday then things will get back to normal on the blog and I will recap all of my Dopey races and my Tinkerbell races!

Have a great day everyone, it’s beautiful here in sunny California!

QOTD: What is the earliest you have gone to bed?

runDisney Surprises


If you are a runDisney fan, you probably already heard about the new(ish) runDisney Twitter account. But, what you may not know is runDisney now has it’s very own YouTube channel. Sweet! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the fun. So what got all this started? You might remember my post about the Great Medal Caper, and me saying something about unlocking fun runDisney surprises along the way. Well, the next level was unlocked and the surprise was a runDisney YouTube channel, fun!


They have a bunch of different “sections” on the channel such as travel tips, Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, and Disneyland half marathon weekend to name a few. I was scrolling through today, and there is actually a section for “runDisney fan videos” and what do you know, a familiar face!

After going through some of the videos, I picked out a couple favorites to show you. First of all, the recap of last year’s Disneyland half marathon got me really excited/anxious/nervous for this year’s race. It’s going to be amazing!

Next, I found this video, the course reveal for the 20th anniversary Walt Disney World marathon weekend. Disney loves to celebrate anniversary years, and I can’t wait to run this special course as part of Goofy’s race and a half challenge, and of course get my special 20th anniversary medal. Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t also say I am way nervous to run Goofy!

While the Disneyland half marathon in California is sold out for this year, you can still register for Disney’s marathon weekend races!

  • Full marathon– 81% Full
  • Half Marathon – 70% Full
  • Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge – 88% Full

Also, those of you participating in the Tinkerbell half marathon in California in January, have you seen the new logo design for this year, it’s so cute!


I just love the green color. One of these years I WILL make it out there in January to run this race, it’s certainly on my bucket list!

One more thing…I may or may not have done this:


I wasn’t going to, I REALLY wasn’t. It’s hard to justify two trips so close together, so I was just going to run the Rock n Roll New Orleans full which is on the same day. Them, my mom informs me she really wants to run Princess again, and offered to pay for my race registration and we are going to share a room! Obviously, I am not going to turn that down, so…yeah….I will be back for the anniversary medal!!!

QOTD: What is your favorite color for a race shirt? Short of long sleeves? Tech fabric or no?

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You Can Fly!


Did you know that registration for the Tinkerbell half marathon opened yesterday? That’s right, the 2nd annual race in Disneyland is back on again! I would SO love to run this race. If only money grew on trees and I could make it out to California for it. Looks like a BLAST!


Here are some deets:

-Nearly 20k people are anticipated to sign up!

-you can register at

-This fun weekend is slated for January 18-20, 2013

-The half marathon runs through Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park – including the new Cars Land – and the streets of Anaheim. The half marathon course will include music, entertainment and Disney characters at various junctures as well as runners in colorful Tinker Bell costumes. Runners who finish the half marathon will receive a Tinker Bell medal with its own set of wings.

-The race weekend, hosted by Disneyland Resort and the City of Anaheim, features a variety of events, including The Never Land Family Fun 5K and the runDisney Kids’ races on Saturday (Jan. 19), and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon on Sunday (Jan. 20). There will also be a health and fitness expo Friday and Saturday (Jan. 18-19) showcasing the latest running merchandise, as well as guest speakers – all geared toward women.


I am all about bling and I LOVE this metal! Hopefully I will get one someday! What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Prices increase mid July!

Speaking of price increase, the marathon weekend price increase for those races June June 19th, and Goody is already 72% full, and the marathon is 53% full. (Interested in more info on the full, check out my post revealing the new course for the special 20th anniversary run!)

More exciting news, registration for Disney’s Princess half marathon opens JULY 10th!!!


Guess what? I will be hosting a discounted room block for the Princess half race, just like I am for marathon weekend (I still have plenty of rooms available for the marathon weekend room block! contact me for more info at, great rates!!!)

No matter what runDisney race you choose to run, you will NOT be disappointed. Feel free to contact me for more details on any runDisney race!


QOTD: What runDisney race is your favorite (or would you like to run) and why?

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*Registration for Healthy Living Summit opened last night! I am one of the speakers, I can’t wait! Have you registered?