An Asics Challenge and Are You the Ultimate Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Fan?

A couple of fun announcements and chances to win free stuff for you today!

ASICS Race the Sun challenge:

On June 21st, two teams of ASICS trail runners will be working in relay to run 162 kilometers through 3 countries before the sun goes down—giving them 15 hours and 41 minutes to complete the route. You can get a sneak peak of the course and see what the runners are up against in this video.

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Part of the beautiful course

Wow. That course looks seriously intimidating, no? Trail running has always intimidated me though…. 1.) I live basically below sea level 2.) I have terribly weak ankles from playing basketball and volleyball in high school and 3.) I hate snakes and other critters! I will be following along on June 21st and hope you will too! Do you think one of the teams will make it?  You can follow along on the 21st with the following hashtags: #OutrunTheSun and #RunTough. @ASICSEurope will even be live tweeting so you can stay updated!


The Rock ‘n’ Roll series is launching the ULTIMATE FAN CONTEST on Facebook, where they are asking fans to help them reach a goal of 100K Facebook fans on the RnR Series page. There are PRIZES involved so get busy!

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First, go HERE, you will be asked to guess the date they will hit the goal number. You will then be entered to win the following:

  • Grand Prize (2 Winners)
    • Brooks Running Shoes (Value: $160)
    • LifeProof iPhone 4 or 5 Case/Armband (Value: $150)
    • CEP Compression Socks (Value: $60)
    • Customized Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Race Bib
  • Runners-Up (4 Winners)
    • Life Proof iPhone 4 or 5 Case /Armband and CEP Compression Sportswear Socks (Value: $210)
    • Sports Authority Gift Card (Value: $100)
    • P.F. Changs Gift Card (Value: $50)
    • P.F. Changs Gift Card (Value: $50)

*Winner of the For Two Fitness racerback tank giveaway is: Kim Rivadeneira! Please email me at so I can get you your prize!


QOTD: What is your favorite rock ‘n’ roll series race? Do you like to trail run?

Trail Running


So, writing about my interesting experience with a 5k trail run yesterday got me thinking about trail running in general. I honestly never considered doing it, no reason really, except maybe lack of trails and knowledge. Well, I take that back, a big reason for me is also injury. I have weak, weak, ankles from playing (and tearing ligaments) in basketball and volleyball games in high school. I was on crutches more than anyone should ever be. I was petrified of hurting myself yesterday. (I am SO SORE today, but that’s not what I mean.)

My ankles wobbled and rolled a couple of times yesterday, and I also slipped on some wet leaves doing downhill a couple times. Running on so many different terrains…sand, grass, mud, dirt, leaves, and pavement all in one race was quite taxing on my body. My IT band hurt, my ankles hurt, my abs even hurt today from all the jumping.

I did a little research and learned Runner’s World has a whole section dedicated to trail running! I started browsing and wow there is so much I don’t know! Once again, being honest, I have no desire to take up trail running, but I think it’s always great to be informed anyway. So, if you are interested in learning more about trail running or trying it out, go check out this great page. One thing that was so scary for me yesterday is I felt so unprepared and didn’t know any of the “tips and tricks” that may have helped me. So, if you do choose to try it out, be prepared and well informed so you don’t get hurt! Safety seems to be a number one concern in my mind. There is a “trail” (not really, just concrete running through some woods…) by our house and I am not allowed, for good reason, to run on this alone.

I do think trail running is cool in theory and much more difficult than road racing, so kudos to you if you are a trail runner. You rock!

QOTD: Do you trail run? Do you want to? thoughts?

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