Weekly Recap: November Week 5


Good morning! I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. I know a lot of people raced yesterday or this morning and I hope you all did great! I will hopefully be racing next weekend, depending on what is found during my procedure Tuesday.

Other than that, I had a decent week of workouts and a really great eight mile run yesterday.


Yes I was wearing that running. In December. It was a humid 75 degrees, welcome to the south.

However, despite the heat, I was able to run really well, and finished up eight miles in 1:19. Considering all my health problems lately, I was very proud of that number.

Here is the rest of the week’s workouts:

Sunday: rest

Monday: rest/GI Doctor appointment

Tuesday: ran 3 miles, lifted upper body weights

Wednesday: lifted upper body weights

Thursday: ran 6 miles in one hour

Friday: lifted upper body weights, 30 minutes stationary bike

Saturday: 8 miles 1:19


Lifted weights X’s 3

ran 17 miles

cross trained one time

I have also been trying to do lots of stretching as I up my miles in my marathon training. The last thing I want is a cramp in the middle of running goofy in January!

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QOTD: What is your favorite stretch?

Weekly Recap November Week 3


Good morning! I am HOME! My flight was delayed Friday night and I got back to my parents house around 7:00 after my mom picked me up from the airport (thanks mom!) Bobby came to get me and we just decided to crash at my parents house, I was zonked! We got up yesterday morning and drove home with the pups, and man did it feel good to be in my own house after 15 days.

photo 00

I think they missed me.

As far as workouts go…well…there aren’t any really. Saturday the 10th I ran the Wine and Dine Half marathon (recap coming tomorrow!) and then well…I just walked a lot. Now now, when I say a lot I mean a lot! I was in Disney all week after the race and anyone who has been knows how much you walk. So, no running, no weights. Just walking. Hoping to hit it hard on Monday and get back to my training plan. I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with the thought of goofy.

I was sick during the race and the whole time I was in Disney, something with my stomach we aren’t sure what, but I am going to see a GI on Tuesday and try to get some things figured out. It hasn’t been a pleasant month between the sea sick patch fiasco, cardiologist, the leg cramps during my half marathon, and now this. I am thinking it’s all related but who knows, but it is REALLY frustrating and I am just wanting to get back to “normal” so badly.

So….this week…

I walked. And that’s ok. It happens right? Not going to beat myself up over being out of town and feeling like crap the whole time I was there. Let’s start the new week off right, shall we?

photo (11)

QOTD: Ever been out of commission due to a non running related illness? What did you do to “get back out there?”

Weekly Recap: October Week 4


Well friends, another interesting week for me. I am still having some medical issues, and have an appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow, so please say a prayer everything comes back ok!

Because of some of the issues I have been having, Bobby and I took it easy this week. We also knew we were running a half marathon Saturday (yesterday) and so we didn’t want to tire ourselves out, and rest was probably best anyway!

photo 009

My newest bling

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile run, upper body weights, 15 minutes stationary bike

Tuesday: 6 mile run, upper body weights

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: went for a walk

Friday: rest

Saturday: Half marathon


miles run: 22

cross training: X’s 2

weights: x’s 2

I am home for another week then out of town again, then another half marathon (Disney Wine and Dine) so I will get in a couple runs this week, but then next week will be easy again because I will be out of town and “tapering” for yet another race. It will slow down at some point right? I kid. I love it.

Be looking for a recap of the Jazz Half marathon tomorrow. It has quiet an interesting ending, you won’t want to miss it.

QOTD: Do you taper before a race? Any race or just longer distances?