Emma Kate: Month 21

I can’t believe it. Emma Kate is officially 3 months shy of turning 2 years old! As I stated when she turned one, I would do quarterly updates on how she is doing, and it’s time for another one.

Things have changed quite a bit since EK was 18 months old. She now says tons of words, and has started putting short phrases together like “mama sit down” or “bye bye dada”. She still babbles a lot and I have no idea what she is saying, but communication is getting better which is so helpful in the tantrum department. Even if she can’t say it, she can point or show me what she wants or is trying to do.


She wears size 5 diapers, 2T clothing (about to get 3T sleepers because she is so long!) and a size 6 shoe. In May I bought her size 5 sandals and she outgrew them in a month! We went to the ear doctor for a follow up on her tubes, and she weighed 29.8 pounds!

She has gotten better about actually helping me put her clothes on and wants so badly to be able to put on her shoes and socks by herself. She doesn’t fuss much anymore when I change her diaper or clothes which is a nice change. She even likes wearing her bows now and doesn’t usually pull them out.


Emma Kate is still our fearless climber and I have caught her on the table more than once. She will push a basket to the back of the couch and flip over onto the other side. She can run really fast and likes to be chased around.

We have also had to introduce time out in the past couple months but she does well with it and apologizes and hugs us when she comes out. She has gotten better at listening and is starting to understand consequences. This absolutely doesn’t mean she is a perfect angel—she is quite strong willed, but I think she has a better understanding of rules now. 13533354_982465235164272_8865568365717421639_n

We bought her a water table and some water toys and girlfriend loves playing outside. It’s so hot though that the only time we can go outside IS to play in the water. When she is done playing and ready to go inside she says “bye bye wa wa” and waves and goes to the door. She cracks me up!


EK also loves books, she drinks a ton of water, she loves farm animals, and as of late has loved watching YouTube videos of dogs, people, and America’s Funniest Home Videos. I have had to be strict about watching things on my phone because she would do it all day long.


Whenever she sees a phone or camera she says “cheese” and tries to take a selfie. She is a clown and likes to put blankets on her head, boxes, anything to make us laugh. She will get an “ouchie” or “bo bo” and want everyone to kiss it for her. She loves eating with a fork and spoon even though she’s not very good at it. She has also started doing this thing where she takes all her toys in her room and puts them in her crib, or takes all the toys in the living room and puts the on the sofa. No idea why!


I can’t believe for my next update Emma Kate will be TWO YEARS OLD! Time sure does fly. We love our baby girl!

QOTD: When did your kids start REALLY talking a lot? Any other fans of America’s Funniest Home Videos?

Emma Kate: Month 18

I can’t believe my baby girl is a year and a half old today! So much is going on over here at this age that I don’t even know where to start. Emma Kate has been teething lately, getting her canines on the bottom, and it has not made her a happy camper obviously. She also had an ear infection in February, our first since getting tubes back in November, and after yesterday’s doctor appointment learned that she has another one! Apparently one of her ears is draining properly but the other isn’t….so glad I spent all the money on tubes. Sad smile


Emma Kate loves going to the park and swinging on swings and sliding down the slides. If there are big kids around, she will follow them and mimic their actions. Oh boy. She is still climbing on everything and is pretty fearless. She will flip over a basket to climb on top and then climb onto tables.

Lately she has been really into pictures, and makes me hand her all our picture frames and she points to each person while I tell her who it is. She will point to me and say “mama” and point to Bobby and say “dada”, so it’s finally clicking the names that go with the people I think!

She also will go to the refrigerator or pantry and cry when she’s hungry, and she refuses to sit in her high chair anymore unless we take the tray off and scoot her up to the table. She has gotten really picky about her food lately, so I never know what she is going to eat…but she still loves cheese and lasagna! (Side note, apparently she eats really well at school, just not for me. Sad times.)


Emma Kate moved up to the toddler class at daycare and it has been a little bit of an adjustment. They sit at a table to eat, have more structure, and take naps on cots. When I was first told that, I thought no way is my child going to nap on a cot, but she does! They spend a lot of time outside now that it’s warmer, which she loves. She also just moved up to a new class in the church nursery this week. She is getting to be such a big girl! With the time change, we have been able to go outside after dinner and play which has been really great.

She knows some of the motions to “Itsy bitsy spider”, “Wheels on the Bus”, and “head, shoulders knees and toes” and loves music in general. She claps in the car when I play the radio or sing to her.


I can say different things like “go get your shoes” or “where is Olaf” and she knows what I am saying and will bring the correct item. She LOVES to have books read to her, and she points at each thing (mainly animals) and wants you to say what it is. She knows a lot of her animal noises (cow/sheep/dog/pig) and and still loves dogs.


Here are her 18 month stats: Weight is right at 27 pounds (91%), height is 34 inches (98%), and head is 47.75 inches (86%). She is still in size 4 diapers, and can wear 18 month clothes in certain things, but most of her clothes are now 2T, especially for the length. She wears a size 5 sneaker, but can still wear a 4 in a few sandals. She has all her front teeth except one canine that is only halfway up, and she has her first set of molars.


When she knows she has something she isn’t supposed to, she will hide it behind her back. She also shakes her finger at the dog and say s”no, no!” so I guess we tell her no too much, whoops! She still does not like her diaper being changed, and hardly wants to be held anymore, she just wants to be put down so she can RUN! We have had a few come to Jesus meetings about her temper tantrums and fussing, she is VERY stubborn and strong willed. It can be frustrating now, but I know later in life it will serve her well. Smile


She knows that she has to put on socks and shoes to go outside, but hasn’t quite figured out how to do it herself. She does very well with routines for bedtime and meals, and I think that makes it easier on everyone. She goes to bed at 7:15, and sleeps until anywhere from 6:30-7:15. She was a rockstar with the time change a couple of weeks ago, too!

It’s hard to remember what life was like before this little ball of energy was here. Each new stage is hard in it’s own way, but also better than the last. Happy half birthday bug, we love you!


Emma Kate: 15 Months

Emma Kate will be 15 months old on Christmas eve, and I wasn’t sure how or when I would do more updates on her. However, I saw a fellow blogger doing quarterly updates on her baby after previously doing monthly like I was, so I thought three months was a good time gap to share some new goings on with our little girl.


Emma Kate started walking three days after her first birthday, and now is pretty much running! She is very independent and doesn’t like to hold mommy’s hand much to my dismay. She LOVES to be outside, and currently enjoys going up and down the sidewalks in front of our house. She can walk a long way before getting tired!

I’m not sure how many teeth she has because it’s so hard to count, but she has all her front ones on top and bottom and at least two going back towards the back of her mouth that I can see. She is wearing size 18 month and 2T in some things as well as size 4 diapers, and weighs just shy of 26(!) pounds.

She is currently trying to transition from two naps to one, which has been super fun (not!) On daycare days she is taking one nap, but on days at home she is a lot of times still taking two naps. She is still a great night sleeper, sleeping between 11-12 hours at night, going to bed at 7:15.


Emma Kate LOVES dogs, and SAYING dog. Around Thanksgiving she started saying dog (really, its dou!) and “woof woof”. So now she constantly reads books with dogs in them and points them out yelling “dog!” She loves our dog Bella even though Bella doesn’t always return the sentiment. Other words we are saying are “hhiiiii” bye, mama, dada, no, yes, ball, and yay. She can point to her mouth, nose, and toes, can clap, puts her arms up when I say “touchdown” and gives us hugs and climbs in our laps.

I can as her to do something such as “lets go change your diaper” and she will go walk to her room. Or, “bring me the toy” and she will (usually) comply. She still loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse, and has started dancing a little bit. She is quite sneaky and will run into my room when she finds something she knows she isn’t supposed to have. She tries to put her own socks and shoes on and brush her hair, and waves hi and bye to everyone she sees.

She is also quite the little daredevil and loves to climb, and stand up on her toys.


Emma Kate eats whatever we eat, throwing things to the dog that she doesn’t want. Some days she will eat like a horse, and other days hardly at all, which I guess is just part of having a toddler. She LOVES cheese and will eat it non stop if I will let her.


She is also really into bringing us things she finds, and she talks non stop, even though I have no idea what she is saying. She seems to know exactly what she is trying to say though!


She still goes to daycare three days a week and loves it, and tells me “bye” as soon as I set her down. Everyone who watches her says she is hilarious and going to be a comedian.

EK got tubes in her ears in November, and (knock on wood) so far we haven’t had anymore ear infections. We had a very mild case of hand foot and mouth a couple weeks ago, but only got about five blisters and a fever for one night.

It’s so funny that she is like a little person now, with (very) strong opinions, likes and dislikes. I can’t wait to see how she has changed in her 18 month update! We love our little bug!

emma kate

QOTD: What was your first word?

Emma Kate: Month 11

WOW. My little baby is less than one month away from being a big girl. I’m not ready! This has been the quickest year of my life, I really have no idea where it went. We are in the thick of party planning for next month, how is this possible?!?


Emma Kate looks and acts so grown up, and her personality cracks us up daily. Everyone tells us how funny she is and that she is going to be a little comedian. We are happy to learn from her teachers that she does great with other kids, aside from stealing the occasional pacifier (she doesn’t even take a pacifier!)

unnamed (17)

We still have a great sleeper and I know how lucky I am in this regard. She sleeps 11.5-13 hours per night, and usually goes to bed around 6:45. Her naps are stretching out a bit, and she takes two naps, which are usually an hour, sometimes two hours a day. She is still doing great in her crib, and we are about to lower it to it’s lowest setting since we are now cruising!

Emma Kate is constantly standing up cruising around on anything she can find. She shocked me yesterday when she started walking behind her toy that you walk/push as you go, and she went all the way around the living room in a circle—fast!

unnamed (15)

Her newest favorite thing is opening the cabinets. I have ordered baby proofing for them, and we are just waiting on them to come in. She can crawl REALLY fast, and loves to go into other rooms away from us, so I am constantly shutting doors.

Eating is going great, and boy does she love it! She eats pretty much anything we give her, and have been giving her small pieces of whatever we are eating in addition to her baby food. We are dropping down to three bottles now, and most days she doesn’t even finish them. She is all about the solids! Emma Kate LOVES cheddar cheese crunchies and banana vanilla yogurt melts the best.

IMG_7265 (2)

We have been trying to get to the park some, and also walk in the stroller. Emma Kate loves to swing and be thrown up high in the air by her daddy.

IMG_7064 (2)

She is into everything, and couldn’t care less about her toys. She just wants to play with anything new, any kind of household object she can get her hands on. She is climbing stairs too which is terrifying.

IMG_6815 (2)

We talk and sing and babble a lot, as well as wave and attempting to snap her fingers. She will say “ya” when I ask her a question, and still mainly says “mama” and “baba” but lately we have gotten an occasional “dada” (finally).

Emma Kate Loves:

-to eat!

-standing up and cruising

-opening cabinets

-aggravating the dog


-pulling books off her bookshelf

-music/songs on tv

-the park

-did I say eating?

IMG_7234 (2)

Emma Kate foes NOT like:

-having her diaper or clothes changed

-When I take away something she isn’t supposed to have

-keeping bows in her hair

-when she can’t reach something

unnamed (10)

Emma Kate still wears a size 3 diaper, but is now in 18 month sleepers, she is so long! She can still wear a few 12 month things, but mama needs to go shopping! I can’t wait to see how much she weighs and how tall she is next month at her appointment.

We are seeing more and more of a little girl in Emma Kate, and it’s bittersweet. But I know as she can do more, we will have even more fun!

QOTD: Did you have a first birthday party for yourself or your child?

Emma Kate: Month 8

Another month gone by! It’s no secret I really struggled with getting used to motherhood when Emma Kate was a newborn, but these past couple of months have gotten so much more fun as EK continues to show more of her little (or should I say BIG) personality.

IMG_5441 (2)

We had some great weather this past month, so we spent a lot of time outdoors. We walk at the park 1-2 times a week, swing on the swings, and just hang out in the backyard. I am also starting to do stroller runs with Emma Kate facing the “big girl way” now that she is 8 months old.

unnamed (69)

We are down to two naps a day, with the occasional 3 nap day if she is up really early and only takes a short first nap. Crib sleep is going well, most nights she sleeps 11-12 hours with the occasional middle of the night or 5 am wakeup. Naps are still hit or miss, but I think she is starting to lengthen them out. Some are still 30-40 minutes, but some can also be as long as 2.5 hours!

IMG_5427 (2)

Mother’s Day out has ended for the summer, so Emma Kate has been going part time to a local daycare and it’s a great arrangement. I can still get things done for work, and she gets to go interact with other babies. They have a webcam which is a blessing and a curse!

Baby girl does great out in public and behaves so well. Recently we have taken her with us out to eat a few times and she doesn’t make a peep! She loves people watching (Bobby says she is nosy like me. Thanks, dear.) and hanging out with us.

IMG_5429 (2)

Mom I am SO over that headband!

We are super solid with sitting for long periods of time and rolling onto our tummy, but we get stuck trying to roll back the other way. She isn’t crawling yet but wants to badly and gets very angry still when she can’t reach something. She kicks her legs like crazy but still won’t move her arms. She can go on all fours and just stay there, but can’t move forward.

Eating is going ok, she is a little piggy and eats a lot but doesn’t like anything with chunks in it or things like puffs, etc. She wants me to feed her purees all day long though but she’s just not ready for the next step. I offer her puffs and chunky food often but she just gags and spits it out. Her top two teeth have barely poked through and we think that explains some general crankiness of the past week or so.

IMG_5439 (2)


I’m not about to smear your board…

Emma Kate now says “mama” and mostly when she is mad or upset, so it’s pretty pathetic sounding. She also has gotten very clingy for only me. When my parents came last weekend to visit, at first she only wanted me to hold her and doesn’t like when I leave the room (but she is fine when I leave her for school). She is always turning her head to see where I am.

Emma Kate Loves:

-singing songs

– playing with her friends at school and in the church nursery

– watching Bella

– eating (loves bananas!)

– Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

– my phone (constantly trying to take it from me or get to it on the floor)

– people watching

unnamed (47)

Emma Kate does not like: 

– when mommy leaves the room

– when she can’t reach a toy

– food with chunks in it/food she has to chew

-getting her face wiped or nose wiped

-being in her car seat or stroller for too long

Just this past week we have experimented with her standing up on her own while leaning on something and she did pretty well! She is so long I know it’s awkward for her to hold her whole long body and legs up. We got her an activity table similar to this one,(Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table) and she loves it! It helps her learn to stand but also distracts her so she actually stands up for longer because she is playing.

unnamed (68)

She is holding steady around 31/32 ounces of formula a day, and eats solid food 2-3 times a day. We are still in size 3 diapers, but are in size 12 month sleepers. Her clothes range from 9-12 months, but certain 9 month things she is growing out of. She is getting really heavy and I estimate she is around 21 pounds or so. One more month until her next well visit and we will find out!

I hope everyone enjoys their day but remembers why we remember the holiday! 

QOTD: Did you have problems with your baby not liking chunky food? Any tips?

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Emma Kate: Month 7

We are now officially on the downside of the hill headed towards having a one year old! Emma Kate turned seven months old on Friday.

unnamed (27)

She also learned that she can smear mommy’s chalkboard. Oy. unnamed (28)

Oh, where to begin, where to begin. With the warmer weather, Emma Kate and I have been getting out and about a lot more than we did this winter. Her schedule is more predictable so it’s a lot easier to go and do things without the fear of the flu and you know, ebola and stuff. We meet a friend and her baby for a walk in the park almost every week, and we spend time outside on the back patio when the weather is nice. Her teachers at Mother’s Day Out tell me she loves watching the big kids play on the playground. I love that she enjoys being outside like her mommy! I keep telling her to enjoy it while it lasts, because soon it will be too hot to be outside. Sad times.

unnamed (26)

Baby girl weighs over 19 pounds, and is getting so long. Her legs in particular are super long. I already feel sorry for the poor girl when she is a tween and hits her growth spurt. She’s going to look like an ostrich like I did at age 12. She doesn’t have any new teeth, still just the two bottoms ones.

Emma Kate Loves:

-Being outside

-grabbing people’s faces and hair

-fake coughing when you cough

-pulling bows out of her hair (sad mommy)

-watching Bella

-sitting up like a big girl

-riding in her stroller

-being carried everywhere

-swinging on the swings at the park

unnamed (30)

Emma Kate does not like:


-being put down

-when she can’t reach a toy

-being woken up from a nap

-changing clothes/putting her arms in a shirt

unnamed (29)

A big milestone was hit this month, EK can now officially sit up on her own! She still occasionally falls over when she tries tor each for something, but it’s nice being able to just sit her up on the rug with toys all around her and let her play. She loves her new Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker from Grammy and Grandpa. She sits in front of it and plays with all of the toys on it and will hopefully one day walk behind it!

unnamed (7)

She still isn’t a big fan of rolling over, but will do it occasionally. She wants to crawl SO badly. She as the legs down. She kicks and moves them, and even lifts her butt and legs off the ground, but hasn’t figured out the arm thing yet or how to go up on her hands. Here is her best attempt at downward dog:

unnamed (31)

She can also “stand” and lock her legs out with assistance and put her weight on them.

unnamed (32)

This is what happens when we don’t brush her hair after a bath. It’s wild!

She is still doing well at mother’s day out, and doesn’t cry when I leave. She will let anyone hold her as long as they are giving her attention. Of course.

unnamed (33)

Sleep at night is going very well. She is back to sleeping through the night and in her crib. She sleeps 11-12 hours and it is glorious. However, if doesn’t matter if she goes to bed at 6 or 7, she will still wake up at 6:00. Naps could use some work. She is finally accepting the crib and will fall asleep on her own, but most naps are 30-40 minutes. Once or twice a week she will sleep over an hour but that is a rarity.

unnamed (24)

Homegirl definitely has a very strong personality and quite the little temper. The time in between her last nap and bedtime is usually a whiny fussy struggle (her not me, I promise!) As she constantly wants, I’m not really sure what, because I get this face no matter what I do:

unnamed (25)

We have baby dedication at church on May 17th, so that will be interesting. Please, please don’t be the baby that screams bloody murder or vomits on stage. I may die.

unnamed (15)

We took EK’s 6 month pictures two weeks ago and I cannot wait to get the proofs back. It was quite entertaining jumping up and down and making noises trying to get her to smile and laugh. She was a trooper and only face planted in the dirt twice.

unnamed (9)

We are doing well with solid food, I give her some usually twice a day. We are on stage two foods, and she hasn’t really gotten the hang of feeding herself but I know we will get there eventually. She eats about 31/32 ounces of formula a day plus the solid food.

We are still in size 3 diapers, but all 6 month clothes have been packed away. She is in 9 month stuff, and we are moving up to 12 month footed sleepers because she is just so long. It’s sad to look at her tiny clothes and think she used to be that small, but at the same time I am loving this stage way more than the newborn stage!

QOTD: Did you get professional pictures made of your kids/babies? Did you have a hard time packing away baby clothes?

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