Men’s Saucony Virrata’s

Greetings everyone, this is Heather’s husband, Bobby, and this is my review of my Saucony Virratas. First a little background, though any of you who regularly read Heather’s Looking Glass will already know a bit about my physical activity. I have been working out with weights since 7th grade and took up running about five years ago when I graduated college and realized I needed something to help me stay in shape (at least a shape other than round) now that I am not regularly playing sports. Heather and I have worked up to half and full marathons, though I really prefer 5ks, and I recently ran my first triathlon.

On to the Saucony Virratas.


My favorite thing about them is that my feet do not feel cramped. I have larger than average feet and my feet usually feel cramped in shoes. I’m not just talking about width either. My feet often feel liked they are being squished from top to bottom and I have rough callouses across the tops of my toes because most shoes cramp down. The Saucony Virratas has a type of mesh that goes over the top of your foot and doesn’t make you feel as cramped. I’m the type of guy who would wear flip-flops at all times if not for sports and dressing up, so this great for me. The mesh also allows more airflow into the shoes and keeps your foot cooler.


Weight: I’m heavy enough on my own and don’t need any additional poundage (is that a word?) to lift. These shoes are lighter than any of my other running/workout shoes. I have had the chance to run in them several times now and I can honestly say I feel a significant difference in simply lifting my feet.

This is my second pair of minimalist shoes and I prefer the feeling of running barefoot to running in a shoe that alters my steps. I think the flexibility of the shoes also contributes to the sense of less confinement. Can you tell that I sometimes get a little claustrophobic?


I hope this review has given some useful information to any of you considering the Saucony Virratas as your next pair of running shoes. I also want to thank everyone who reads Heather’s Looking Glass and hope you keep following my amazing wife (/brownie-points).


QOTD: Do your feet ever feel cramped in certain shoes? Do you like shoes with more mesh/allowing for air flow?