Weight Loss After Baby

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In 2007, I gave birth to my precious son, Connor. Having been “skinny” before my pregnancy, I assumed I’d quickly lose the weight I gained with him pretty quickly. However, I battled post-partum depression after having him, and I wound up gaining additional weight. I’ve always dreamed of running the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World, and last October I decided I was ready to train for it and lose the weight.

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I had had enough and decided to change my lifestyle, and get my body back. Since then, I’ve lost nearly 60 pounds and the tips I’ll share below are some of the tricks that helped me get healthy, active and lose weight the right way.

Follow Bloggers

When I’ve been discouraged or unmotivated, I’ve turned to other bloggers to help me get my head back in the game. I’ve enjoyed learning new exercises, healthy recipes, and meeting new people who are trying to reach goals similar to my own.

Make a Menu and Contract

My husband and I make a weekly menu. We aim to try out one new recipe a week and we attempt to eat at home 6 out of 7 days. We have found great tasting, healthy recipes from Pinterest and Cooking Light Magazine. I also make a monthly contract to myself. For example, my contract to myself usually involved abstaining from sweets, eating a salad at least “x” number of times a week, working out “x” number of times a week, etc. I will set goals for that particular month, type them out and post it on my refrigerator. I will check off each day on a calendar that I upheld my contract. Having a spouse or significant other to help hold you accountable when it comes to staying active and eating healthy is a big plus.

Exercise and Portion Control

Portion control is key in my weight loss. I also watch my calorie, fat, and sugar intake. I use the My Fitness Pal app, that way I don’t have to keep up with all of those numbers! I’ve also tried out new foods that I wasn’t a fan of (salads, veggies, etc.). It took a while to get use to these foods but now I actually like them. As far as exercise, I joined a running group, and I’ve tried several classes at my local YMCA. Try sprinkling in at least one class weekly into your regular workout routine to boost your activity, and keep your exercise plan fresh. The running group and classes have not only helped me get in shape but I have formed quality relationships with people who have also provided great advice.

Make Goals

I love making lists of big and small goals, and I get a rush when I’m able to cross something off. I keep a running “Life List” on my refrigerator that includes small things like running a certain 5K to big things like having a second child and buying a new car. Goals give me something to work for, and the feeling I get when I achieve a goal is amazing.

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I hope these tips and tricks help you achieve your fitness goals.

QOTD: What helps you lose weight or stay motivated?