November Challenges

Hey guys! I am home and playing catch up. Back to the grind and back to workouts. Not gonna lie, it’s been ugly lately, and has to stop before the holidays.
things like this are killing me!

Luckily, a lovely blogger we all know and love told me about a 24 day challenge I will be participating in starting November 1.
I am going to get real with you guys, it’s not so much the working out I have a problem with although I really DO need to step it up…it’s the eating.
I love comfort food and sweets, and absolutely no will power. I think the key is going to be literally just getting it OUT of my house so I am not even tempted.

So, I need you guys to hold me accountable! If you are interested in participating email me and I can help you out but it starts November 1!

Any tips for meal prep, staying away from sweets, etc would be awesome. Maybe I will even do a post on it from your comments and emails so send them on!

QOTD: any tips for better eating or staying on track?