#DisneySportsFestival Day 2 Part 1

I blogged last week about the Sunday night we spent at the Disney Sports Festival. Since I have already written a post about the sports complex in general, I am going to instead tell you a little about my day and highlight things that I didn’t mention or go into detail about in my previous post.

disney sports festival

Monday was our first official full day, and it started bright and early at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. We were there for a tour which was led by a friend of mine, Carissa!


We were welcomed to the complex, were fed breakfast, and then heard a little bit from some important people in Disney sports. Recognize anyone?



It was a great way to open things up and start our day at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, but of course we had to get pictures with the main man, Mickey!


photo (58)

This next picture of me and Jen totally cracks me up. We are just discussing some Fantasy Football picks. Raise your hand if you would watch a sports show with me and Jen as hosts!!! No? Come on!


We started our tour and were shown some parts of the complex I had never seen before. This Office Max business center was way cool. it had phone charging stations as well as signs and fans you could write on with sharpies to cheer on your team!


We also got to see a really neat thing that you can do at the sports complex, and that is make customized shirts. You pick a sport, and can have a wide range of things put on the back and sleeves of the shirts. I was stoked when I learned we got to make shirts of our own! I put my Twitter handle on the back, of course.


Looking through the book of logos.


After picking out our shirts we were brought down to a place where we saw some green screens. I have seen these before and was interested in learning about how a team can have their photo made together, or even put their super stars on the cover of ESPN magazine!


Again, I loved the interaction. Not only were we TOLD about how this process works, but we were given the opportunity to join in the fun. Photos with Goofy in front of a green screen anyone? I made him “run” with me. I felt a little goofy (haha) taking the photo but I think it turned out cute.

photo (59)

I cannot even tell you how many people thought my ESPM magazine cover was real in I posted it on Instagram. I wish!

photo (60)

This post is getting a bit lengthy so I will pick up with the rest of the tour and the surprises that were in store for us next time!

QOTD: Have you ever had your photo taken in front of a green screen?

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Disclosure: I attended this event as a media guest for Disney Sports. My flight, accommodations, park tickets, and meals were supplied by Disney, but my opinions are my own. 

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex


When you take a family vacation to Walt Disney World, you will find a wide range of fun activities  to choose from. The most common ones that come to mind are of course the theme parks, but there is so much more to Walt Disney World than the Magic Kingdom. One of my favorite sometimes overlooked places on property is the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. As a runner, I used to only think of the sports complex as “the place we go for the race expos”, and never really paid much mind to other things that may be going on there. Fortunately, my eyes have been recently opened, and come to find out a lot of amazing events happen every week at the complex.



Not only is the sports complex a beautiful 255 acre facility with amazing technology and top notch amenities, but it is a great place for the whole family to visit and enjoy. It boasts over 350 professional and amateur events a year! In the spring you can go watch an Atlanta Braves spring training game, or you can see the Pro soccer classic. In the fall don’t miss the slow-pitch world series or the Disney Junior Soccer classic. There is something for every sports fan, and many for kids to participate in with their teams, and not just the typical sporting events you think of like baseball and soccer. Think bigger: cheerleading, volleyball, wrestling, and even lacrosse. These special events happen all throughout the year, so be sure to check out the schedule on the ESPN Wide World of Sports website.




Not to mention, your kids can participate in events, camps, and spring training at the sports complex. Disney is the perfect location to “get your feet wet” in the world of traveling sports teams and tournaments. A lot of young athletes of all ages and their families would love to get started with traveling to out of state tournaments, but aren’t sure where to start. It can be an intimidating thought, but Disney makes the process so easy for you (more on that in another post). Not only is it a safe and friendly environment for your child, but it’s also fun for the whole family. Siblings, parents, and grandparents alike can all have a blast by making this sporting trip into a vacation suited for the whole family. Disney helps with the planning, and has activities to keep you entertained for your entire stay. What better place to teach your kids about the value of teamwork, and a friendly competitive spirit than Walt Disney World?


The weather in central Florida makes for an ideal place for a team to branch out and have some fun together, especially if you live in a northern state. Escape the snowy winter and freezing temperatures of winter by traveling to Disney for a tournament or spring training camp. All of the fields and facilities are made of the finest quality materials, so your child can feel like a real pro playing on the best surfaces available.

Want to visit the sports complex on your next trip to check it out? There is so much to do, that the complex appeals to athletes and spectators of all ages. You can even grab a bite to eat at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill, check out the gift shop, or go play in the PlayStation pavilion. Help me spread the word about all of the options available for you and your family, and let me know if you have any questions.

Be sure to check out the ESPN Wide World of Sports’ official YouTube channel to see highlights from events throughout the year. Will your child be on the next highlight reel? You can make it happen! Visit ESPN Wide World of Sports for more info.

QOTD: Did you know all of these events existed? For those with kids, would you want your child to play in a tournament or attend a sports camp at Disney?

*Photos courtesy of Disney Sports News