Weekly Recap


Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a great weekend. I am actually tying this post on Thursday, so I have no idea if I worked out the rest of the week (hopefully I did and can report back later!) So this is just from Sunday-Thursday.

Sunday: 3 miles before church

Monday: 3 mile interval run TM (intervals @9:05)

Tuesday: weights, back, bi’s, ab’s legs

Wednesday: 3 miles running TM, chest, tri’s, abs and 20 minutes yoga

Thursday: weights back, bi’s legs; 20 minutes elliptical

Friday: ???

Saturday: ???


I also got my hair cut last week. You can’t really tell can you? Ha! I just got it trimmed and thinned.


I am proud of my running this week, as of Thursday I have completed three runs. yes, there were all only three miles, but they were good solid runs, working on my speed. I want to gradually add back in distance as I gain speed. My plan is a bit more structured than it sounds, but that’s for a different post.

Running: 3 x’s = 9 miles

yoga: 20 minutes on my own (class was cancelled)

cross training: elliptical one time

weights: x’s 3

Hoping I did SOMETHING on the boat Saturday and/or Sunday. I want to prove I can get in good quality workouts on vacation. I will also be doing this on the boat:


Have a great Sunday!

QOYD: How was your week in workouts? any races? events? goals reached?

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  1. Amy Lauren says

    I hope you’re having lots of fun on the boat! You can definitely get a workout in though, if you always take the stairs (especially if you’re on the bottom and have to take like, 10 flights, to the restaurant/buffet!), walk around the boat a lot, and do active things off the ship. All about making active choices :).

    Congrats on getting some runs in!

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