Pregnancy Update: Week 31

Holy moly do I feel big. It’s scary to think I still have 2 months to go! How is it possible I will get much bigger than this? There is no more room, gah!

31weeks bump

This week has been pretty tiring with all the things going on with moving out of our old house. I felt pretty useless because I got tired so quickly, and I am feeling every single pound of this extra weight.

I am getting to the point where I am having a hard time standing from a chair or the bed, walking faster than a snails pace, or standing on my feet for too long. I think I am slowly starting to come to grips with the new norm, and just accept it for this time and not try to fight it.

Symptoms: I am starting to feel more pressure on my pelvis as the days go on, and my hip flexors are starting to feel very strained. A new ache would be my arches. I have super high arches in my feet, and they are not doing well supporting the extra weight so quickly. Still getting up a lot to go to the bathroom in the night, with last night being a new record of five times. My hormones are making me weepy and moody (sorry Bobby) and I get irrational about little things that I KNOW are crazy but I just can’t seem to help it.

Baby’s size: Pineapple  <—- whoa

Maternity clothes: A sweet girl that works in the same travel agency as me sent me a cute maternity top this week. Can’t wait to wear it!

Stretch marks: Knock on wood, nothing new!

31weeks bump2

Sleep: Some good nights some bad night, but I probably suffer from insomnia 4-5 nights a week which is no fun. Rolling over in bed is hard, and getting comfortable is getting very difficult.

Miss anything: A lot of things if I’m being honest. Counting down until I can start getting back to normal Smile

Cravings: Not really a lot, I have not had a huge appetite this week. I think I am running out of room. That plus heartburn plus the return of a bit of nausea (seriously?!) has made it hard to eat.

Aversions: Food in general? Ha.

Looking forward to: My mom comes in town next week and will be going to my dr. appointment with me. She has never heard the heartbeat nor has she met my doctor.

What I’m loving: Finally relaxing a bit and not being so uptight about how I’m feeling. I am finally accepting this is just the way things are for now and it is freeing to not stress about my workouts, food, how productive I am (not) being etc.

Workouts: Does packing/moving count? I have been stretching, doing yoga, and getting in walks and squats and lunges when I can but nothing high intensity. Those days are sadly over for another couple months!

QOTD: Mamas, did you have 3rd tri morning sickness or food aversions?
Would you rather pack a hour or unpack a house?

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