5 Tips for Running When you Travel

Hi everyone! When you are reading this I may very well be on the road. Bobby and I have to make a quick trip out of state for a business venture I will tell you about tomorrow! There is a lot going on in our little world, but I did some blogging ahead of time and will be on social media @HeathersLG. Since we will be staying at a hotel and I have started half marathon training, I knew I was going to want to get some running in while we are gone. There is some planning that has to take place before you go, so I wanted to share some tips/my thought process with you.

tips running travel

1.) Research the area: It’s not wise to just take off running from your hotel without knowing a bit about the area. Maybe you could even try to connect with local runners on social media and ask them their favorite routes. Traveling is a great time for exploring a new place! Maybe find a route that has a convenience store you can stop at along the way for a bottle of water, or a park with a scenic trail.

2.) Pack well: I know there are a million thoughts going in and out of your head when trying to pack for a trip and thinking about running gear may be the last thing on your mind, but if you have everything you need all together in one bag you may be more likely to actually go for a run when you reach your destination. I bring a drawstring bag with my GPS watch, headbands, GU, body glide, sunglasses, etc. whenever I travel so there is no excuse. Then it’s just a matter of throwing in a couple running outfits and my shoes!

3.) Be safe: Always tell someone where you plan to run and what time you will be back, even if it’s a text to a friend or a front desk worker at the hotel. Be mindful of your surroundings! I never run with headphones when I am running somewhere new. I know I need to be on the lookout, especially in a bigger city where I am crossing streets and what not.


Stopped at a crosswalk on a group run in Boston at the Healthy Living Summit.

4.) Make time: This is a big one for me! Travel wears me out yall. The last thing I want to do after a long day of driving or flying is lace up my running shoes! It is important to look at your schedule and pencil in a time to hit the hotel gym or run the roads, or it may not actually happen.

5.) Call the hotel: Hotel workers are your friend! Usually they are super knowledgeable of the area, and can hopefully tell you areas you should probably avoid, or a place where runners go on the weekend to log some longer miles. They may even be able to give you the number of a local running store you can call for help as well. It never hurts to ask!

I need to be held accountable while I am away from home to stick to my plan, so ASK ME on social media if I have run yet while I’m gone. I will be taking my tips to heart and getting my workouts in.

QOTD: What is your best tip for running in a new place? To you venture outside or stick to the hotel gym?

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