RnRNOLA Tweet Up

It’s finally here! My post baby half marathon debut at the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans half marathon! I can’t wait to have some fun with this race. I am not in shape to PR, but this race is all about proving to myself that I can do this distance again.

Bobby and I leave for New Orleans tomorrow afternoon. We are dropping Emma Kate off at my parents house outside of NOLA, then heading to our hotel for the weekend! Now for the fun part: Saturday we are having a tweet up at Café du Monde! There will be several Rock ‘n Bloggers there, and beignets, of course, so who can resist that?

RnB15_NOLATweetup (2)

If you or anyone you know is running, come to this event, then walk over to the expo after, it’s not far! We will be answering questions about the race itself, chatting about other RnR races, Tweeting, and taking lots of selfies! We would love to meet you, even if you just stop by for a few minutes!

WHEN: Saturday at 10:30 am.

WHERE: Café Du Monde, Decatur Street

WHO: Everyone!


If you have questions you can ask them here, or find me on social media and ask. When talking about the event be sure to use #RnRTWEETUP and #RnRNOLA so we can chat back at ya! Hope to see you Saturday morning.

QOTD: Have you ever been to a Tweet up?

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