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An Ode to Froyo

Froyo how I love thee, I cannot believe I have not seen you all winter because I am a wimp who hates being cold. I am sorry and did not realize how much I was depriving myself these past two months. Please forgive me, I promise to visit you more often and be a better friend.

Especially to you, red velvet cake


Oh Menchies, you do indeed make me smile, thank you.


So I finally got some froyo yesterday. What are my reasons for not getting it the past two months?

1.) It was cold outside and I hate being cold/eating cold things at the same time.

2.)It’s on the other side of town, about 15 minutes away.

Sad and pathetic excuses? I think so. I am ashamed. It will not happen again. I also filled my car up with gas so I wouldn’t feel like the loser who got dressed and drove 15 minutes JUST to get froyo…yeah…I also got WAY to much and had a stomach ache after. Like a five year old.

It is a BEAUTIFUL 73 degrees outside today! I sat outside with the dogs and read my book (more on that later!) Then I just couldn’t stand it and went for a one mile run. I wanted to loosen up and see how my hip and knee felt (on the opposite legs, mind you.) The knee was tight at first but ok after I warmed up, and the hip was a little sore but nothing too serious. I didn’t want to push it so I just did a mile. I have been stretching every day, which if you know me, then you know this is hard for me. I am not flexible or a good stretcher, I feel like my time is better spent elsewhere. I also looked up some strength exercises for IT band and hip bursitis and have been doing those as well.

So where the heck is the rest of my race recap? I know, I’m sorry, it is coming in the next couple of days. my sweet friend Karen has the pictures because my camera broke (my small point and shoot I run with) and she is kind enough to let me use hers and she is popular and has a demanding social life. This just means you have to keep coming back to my blog, right? SmileIt will be up when it’s up, how bout THEM apples? I am off to find something to eat for lunch. I am making myself tacos for dinner! (By the way, cooking for one person kinda sucks.)

To hold you over, here is a picture of Bella, looking evil as usual and shooting laser beams out of her eyeballs.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.

QOTD: What is your favorite Froyo combo?

Mardi gras Rock ‘n’ Roll 2011 Recap Part 1


Good afternoon! I thought I would go ahead and do part one of my race weekend recap, the expo! Part two will be the actual race. Sorry I am so slow!

Friday night, Karen and Jason came to my parents house and stayed the night, and Saturday we drove over to New Orleans for the expo and to check into our hotel. This was the same hotel we stayed at last year, it’s a nice place and within walking distance of the start line and the bus drop off after the race.

We had a little trouble getting a good picture. Thanks Bobby. Not sure what Karen is doing haha!


Much better.


We walked across the street to the convention center for the expo. We had to walk the entire length of the convention enter to get to the hall with the expo. The race is put on by the competitor group of course, and Brooks is a sponsor, and they had this cool carnival type thing where you play games to win prizes, etc. We each got a free card that they scanned at the booth to see what prize we won! I won a t-shirt, and Bobby won something I will be giving away on my blog in a few days! I thought I had the picture of us with our shirts but I can’t find it, maybe Karen has it, and I will post it later. Anyway, here is a picture after we picked up our bags and packets.



Bobby and Jason played some game where you have to hit these buttons to make your runner run, and then we headed into the actual expo.


We walked around for awhile, it was pretty crowded. We went to the Sweaty Bands booth and talked to Donna for a minute, and Karen checked in at the Determination booth. We also met up with Karen’s brother and his wife Kayla. We sampled a few free things, and then I got a call from the hotel saying our room was ready.


It was a beautiful day, a little on the cool side, but it was promising for race day at least. Here is our room!


Race shirt!



There was an interesting list of New Orleans facts in the front of the race booklet.


Karen and Jason had to leave to go to a pasta party for the team determination, so Bobby and I hung out in the room (Bobby took a nap) and then walked a couple blocks over to Pie. it’s the yummy pasta and pizza place we went to before the jazz half. We got there and there was a line out the door, they were not open yet but luckily we were close to the front. I took a picture of the line with my phone but can’t seem to find it! Bobby waiting outside in the cold.


I love how friendly runners are with each other. The people in front of us ran the Disney half, as did the people behind us. The people behind us also ran the jazz half, so we were at THREE races together and never met. Cue the music! “It’s a small world after aaaalllll!” It was getting cold but the restaurant opened and we sat down and ordered a large pizza!



It was getting cold in the restaurant, and we were starving! We devoured the whole pizza in less than ten minutes. YUM!


We headed back to the hotel, I stopped by to see my sister who was staying at the same hotel, and then we hit the hay. It’s almost race day!!!

QOTD: What is your favorite pizza topping?

When Things Don’t Go as Planned


Handling adversity is something I have really been trying to work on. (Along with patience.) Adversity is one of those things in life we will all face. ALL. No matter how rich, skinny, pretty, smart, or hardcore you are, it will come into your life in some fashion. The key is not to figure out how to avoid it because well…you can’t. Instead, the key is how you HANDLE it.


Lately, I have been in a “when things don’t go as planned” funk. I am a very planned out person, and I get extremely bend out of shape when there is a change of plans. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Even the smallest change can send me into a tailspin. I recently learned I get this from my mother (thanks mom!) Who apparently flipped out in Disneyworld recently when there was no parking in the hotel parking lot they were going to look at Christmas decorations in, and instead had to park at a neighboring hotel. I thought to myself… hhmm…”wow mom, that’s a bit much, just park somewhere else.” But I am sure people have thought the things I flip out about were no biggie.

The past few months I have had a LOT of my “plans” get changed, and I have not been handling the adversity as I should. I have had things happen (or not happen) in my life, as well as in my running/healthy living plans that have not made me very happy. For instance, I have yet to run a half marathon injury free. I was hoping Sunday would have been the day, but no dice. I had my heart set on a PR, and when I missed it by seven minutes due to injury, I got REALLY bent out of shape. Yes, yes, there will be other races, you can’t PR every time, blah blah blah. I did NOT want to hear it. At that moment, if you would have asked me to sign up for a race I would have said I am never running a half marathon again. GASP. I know, how awful of me to think it, but it was true. I don’t feel that way now, but I still am feeling a little burnt out.

We were supposed to close on our new home this Friday, but it is not going to happen until next week. I was so excited about being in my new house and living with my husband again after being apart since October. (I am really getting sick of living without him by the way.)

We had an offer on our house we are trying to sell last week. They made an offer, a very low offer, and we countered, with a VERY generous offer. I got excited thinking it was a done deal. They came back wanting even more (it was ridiculous all of the demands they were making) and we made the decision to say no thanks unless they took our counter offer.


There are some other things going on I am not really at liberty to talk about right now, but just trust me on this one. There is a LOT going on, and a LOT of things are not going my way. My first instinct when dealing with adversity is to pout. I get the whole woe is me attitude, it’s not a pretty sight. I got into one of those moods this morning, and I decided instead of dwelling on the adversity in my life right now, I would think of ways to get out of my funk.

1.) Talk it out. Keeping things bottled up inside is a surefire way to explode one day when you least expect it. Try to talk to someone outside the situation, who will listen attentively and be a shoulder to lean on. Make sure you tell them up front if you are looking for advice/feedback or just someone to listen.

2.) Think about the positive things in your life. I know it seems cheesy, but it really helps me. Instead of dwelling on the negative, think of the positive. I’m healthy, I have a loving family, and sweet puppies. We have food on the table every night, and a house to live in. When I start to shift my thinking, I realize how truly blessed I really am!

3.) Realize that YOU have control over your attitude. You have a choice in how you feel. I try to remind myself to not let me emotions get the best of me. When something does not go according to plan, I do NOT have to freak out. I can choose not to stress about things! Just make the choice (I know, easier said than done.)

4.) Realize that life is a journey. Barring getting hit by a bus tomorrow, life is going to have its valleys and mountains. It is highly unlikely that my current problems are going to last forever. Try and see the light at the end of the tunnel, and try not to look at your problem as a never ending cycle.

5.) Plan something fun. Even when my life is crazy and not going my way, if I have something to look forward to, a “bright spot,” then it helps me get through the problems I am facing. A weekend getaway or a girls night may be just what you need to snap you out of your funk.

6.) Don’t give up. If there is some goal you are trying to reach, like say a race PR, or to get out of debt, do not give up! Even if you face adversity, it can make you stronger if you have the right attitude. Will I run another half marathon? Of course. I will keep training and trying to reach my goal. Take THAT adversity!

Some things may not be going as planned, and I may not be able to control the situations, but I CAN control how I react to them!

**Side note: These are some practical ways to handle adversity. As a Christian, I also have some other tips for dealing with my problems. If you are interested in hearing about them, feel free to e mail me at [email protected] and I would love to share!

The Walk Through


Hello friends! I know I said I would have my recap up today. I know I know. I’m sorry! I am not ready to put it all together with pictures, etc. So, I thought today I would share house pictures anyway. Wouldn’t you rather see those anyway? Haha just kidding. I am so sorry if you are tired of seeing pictures of my house. More running related posts coming up soon!

Ok so Bobby and I got up early this morning and I followed him to the new house, which is a little over an hour away from my parents house, which is where we were last night. Today was our orientation/walk through. Friday will hopefully be another walk through and CLOSING!

When we got there, there were some people doing some last minute things, etc. Still waiting on the railings to be painted on the porches, and there were men installing the shower doors, etc. We went through and marked spots that need paint touch ups, and found a couple things that need to be fixed/changed but nothing that can’t be done in a few days. I was so excited to see the “finished” house! Here we go!

sorry about the glares and the crooked pictures, I was really excited!




imagine the above pic with white railings…LOVE!

DSC_2110 DSC_2108


DSC_2111 DSC_2112

DSC_2113 DSC_2114

bonus room


upstairs guest bath..still waiting on shower door to be installed

DSC_2129 DSC_2117

master bedroom


DSC_2124 DSC_2121

master bathroom. They were putting in the shower glass.



my pretty rope trim in the kitchen


DSC_2140 DSC_2106

downstairs guest bath and laundry room

DSC_2145 DSC_2146




DSC_2148 DSC_2156

guest bedroom



whew! if you made it through all those pictures you are a true friend…or obsessed with houses! Crossing my fingers we get to close Friday!

Ok I am off to do some research on why my back feels like I have a bruise on it when it doesn’t, and do some Disney quotes for clients! Gentle stretching and foam rolling is all I am doing today and tomorrow! Maybe I will cross train Wednesday, depending on how I feel. Taking it easy on my spastic knee and hip until I can get to the chiropractor. (more on that in my race recap…. hopefully tomorrow. Smile)

QOTD: Any ideas why my back feels like it has a bruise when it doesn’t?

Mardi Gras Rock n Roll Sneak Peek


Hello there! Today we ran the Mardi Gras rock n roll half marathon for the second hear on a row. Had a great time with friends, but unfortunately injury held me back…again. I am so frustrated and tired of this happening, I want to run a half injury free for the first time ever!! Anyway, you can’t PR on every race I guess, so I am just trying to be proud of myself for running my fifth half marathon. Full recap to come tomorrow, but here are a few sneak peek pictures.





Full recap coming tomorrow, so please come back! Also, we do the walkthrough of our house tomorrow so I will have, you guessed it, more house pictures!

QOTD: What did you do for exercise this weekend?

Time to Rock and Roll!



Good morning! Today we are packing up and heading the short drive downtown to the Mardi Gras rock n roll expo! We are staying in a hotel tonight with Karen and Jason like we did last year, and the race is TOMORROW! So excited to be hanging out with them again. We have the best time together!

Just a couple of things. Race starts at 7:00 central. I will have my phone to tweet and post pics on twitter before and after. Depending on how the race is going I may tweet during…not sure yet. So, if you want updates and pictures, be sure you follow me on Twitter on the right sidebar of the blog —->>>>

Also, I will be posting full recaps with pictures as well so if you don’t subscribe to my blog you can do so on the right by e mail or through your reader, etc. ——>>>>>>>

Sorry this post isn’t very exciting, but I promise to come back with lots of pictures! Have a great day everyone and I will be back tomorrow afternoon!



Here are a couple of pictures from last year…




Gotta run! Smile

QOTD: What is your favorite month of the year? Why?

Friday Favorites: Galaxy S Vibrant


GGGOOODDDD morning friends! I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I am super excited because I have a fun filled race weekend ahead of me! That’s right, Sunday Bobby and I are running the Mardi Gras Rock n Roll half marathon with some friends who are coming in town today! They are staying here tonight then tomorrow we will drive downtown for the expo and stay there for the night in a hotel, just like we did last year. If you are a new follower, go to my race recaps page and scroll down to last year’s race and catch up!

Ok, onto Friday favorites and house pictures! Before I begin, I want to be clear I was NOT given a new phone. We switched phones and providers because of my husband’s job, and it was a lot cheaper for us to do so. I will admit, when my husband first presented me with the idea, I was really upset. I was very attached to my cool iPhone, and thought life would cease to exist if I ever had to get another phone. Little did I know what I was missing out on! Here is a funny video to show you how I was, and how I think a LOT of iPhone users are. I am admitting I was one of these, just wanting it because it is an iPhone, not caring what it could or couldn’t do. This is the clean version of the video:

It’s only a couple minutes long but REALLY funny. Basically this customer comes in demanding the iPhone 4 not caring that there are phones way better, cheaper, and more technologically advanced. Granted, I didn’t ever really have problems with my iPhone, I just didn’t realize there was something BETTER until it was given to me.

NOW, I am the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S. This. phone. rocks.

Here are some of the reasons that I like it better than the iPhone…

– faster GPU
– bigger screen
– less reflective screen
– sharper, more colors and all around better screen in my opinion

– percentage of screen to phone size ratio is better than the iphone (meaning a larger majority of the phones dimensions are the screen and not wasted space for a bezel) so the Samsung dimensions are smaller vs. it’s screen size, 
– HDMI compatibility (with the saumsung adapter),
– removable battery **big plus here** 
– it’s running android!!, so better quality apps due to open market and no apple censorship,
– slightly bigger battery (1500mAh vs. 1420mAh),
– with the AMOLED screen, bigger battery, and with Froyo this phone’s battery will far outlast the Iphones battery.
– can video call over 3G to ANY video-call capable device !
– has true multi-tasking
– Ability to play most video files
– Bluetooth file transfer
– Flash support
– Swype is amazing! also love talk to text feautre. 
– Expandable memory
– Lighter than the iphone
– FM radio and adobe

I still think the iPhone is a good phone, don’t get me wrong, but the Galaxy is better for ME I am having a blast learning about it. (These are just SOME of the cool features by the way! There are many more!) Please don’t flame me saying the iPhone is better than sliced bread and I don’t know what I’m talking about. I am NOT saying the iPhone is bad, I am just a new convert and wanted to share. Before I knew about them, I simply was just uneducated about any other phone!

check it out for yourself: Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant website

Ok, on to more fun stuff! Bobby went by our house on his way back up to our old house yesterday, and he took some pictures for me! Walkthrough is MONDAY!

They still have to put on shutters, paint the rails white, build the back privacy fence and front picket fence, etc.






you can see the railing on the stairs in the top left corner


Downstairs guest bathroom




Wwweee! Ok, must go get ready, Karen and Jason and Bobby will be here later!

QOTD: What kind of phone do you have? do you like it?



Ok, it’s confession time: patience has never been my strong suit. I understand that everyone has varying degrees of an impatient attitude, but mine tends to rear it’s ugly head more often than not. Being the type A, want to do this my way, and do it NOW kind of person that I am, I have gotten myself in trouble time after time. Also, it’s not just in one area of my life, it’s EVERYTHING from waiting in line at the grocery store, to waiting for my house to sell. It’s so easy and tempting to try to hurry things along ahead of the time in which they were meant to happen.

What does this have to do with running, fitness, and health? Well, a lot actually! On top of the fact that I am about as patient as little kid at Christmas, I am also super competitive. So, waiting for something to happen, for me to be better, healthier, more toned, etc. is a HUGE challenge. Why is this a big deal? For me it all has to do with the letdown. For example, say I wanted to run and PR, TODAY on a distance I am not quite ready for. My impatience causes me to try anyway, and then when I don’t PR, I am let down. Big time. I can get upset, temporarily depressed, angry at myself, or even want to quit all together. 

One of my favorite mottos I use in my life is don’t set yourself up for failure.  In my case, this ties directly into the amount of patience I possess. To me this means set attainable goals for when the time is right. Be PATIENT with yourself and your level of fitness. HHHhhmm…So, for me personally, this means I must LEARN patience. How do you learn patience, or anything for that matter? By practicing of course! I have learned whenever I pray for patience in my life, God tends to drop me right smack in the middle of a trying situation where much patience is required, and I have to choose how I handle it. (Be careful what you ask for, right?)

If you think about your day, there are probably several situations you can look back on that required patience. How did you handle it? Tapping your foot and looking at your watch in line at Wal Mart is not going to teach you pace yourself for your next running goal. Taking matters into your own hands and trying to work them out instead of just letting things happen on their own is not going to teach you to be patient with your body as you try to tone your arms, or get those six pack abs.

I am sure you have heard the saying “practice makes perfect.” At basketball camp one summer, I won a tshirt that said: “practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.” We will never be perfect, so try not to set yourself up for failure. Practice patience, practice cutting yourself some slack, and setting attainable goals in your life. You will learn and grow as a person, and as an athlete. So be on the lookout today for an opportunity to practice your patience. Trust me, your body will thank you!


QOTD: Do you struggle with being patient with your body? How do you learn patience?

Pretty Girls

Happy hump day! It is clouding up here, supposed to rain later. Boo! I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I was planning on doing my last run before the race then. I am going to do the elliptical today. REALLy trying to force myself to cross train more.  Today was been a different day. My mom and I dropped my puppies off for LONG overdue haircuts, and we got the oil changed in my car and went to lunch and shopping. My babies look SO pretty! It’s fascinating to me how different they look before and after their haircuts! It’s like two different dogs. They are so precious though. Take a look!

Sassy before and after. We call her Eeyore for a reason. She always looks so depressed.

DSC_2076 DSC_2077

Bella Before and after.

DSC_2075 DSC_2079

Aren’t they CUTE?!? Here are a few I took with my phone in the car.

2011-02-09132859 2011-02-09132908

2011-02-09133010 2011-02-09133045

Also, I was honored the other day by Karen as a Stylish Blogger! Also, I was awarded this same award back in January and forgot to blog about it. That one was given by Sher. Thanks so much ladies! Yall are too sweet.


Here are the Rules for the Stylish Award:

-Make this a post and link back to the person who gave the award to you
-Share 7 things about yourself
-Award 5 great bloggers.
-Contact the bloggers to tell them they’ve won!

Ok 7 things about me…

1.) I am deathly afraid of snakes, lizzards and frogs. Even the little ones. You get near me with one, I may karate chop you.

2.) I really struggle with eating veggies. I just don’t like them! I have gotten a lot better than I used to be, but still can’t eat salad!

4.) I met my husband playing against him in a volleyball tournament in college. His team kicked our butts but I still let him take me out on a date.

5.) I require a lot of sleep. I try to get nine hours a night to function properly.

6.) My favorite store is Bed Bath and Beyond. I always say you could close your eyes and buy me anything from there and I would be happy!

7.) I have had mononucleosis, chicken pox, my wisdom teeth out, my tonsils and adnoids out, and had surgery to remove a fibroid, and the swine flu, but have never broken a bone other than possibly a toe in HS playing sports (but we aren’t sure.)

Sorry I am not all that interesting. That’s the best I can do!

There are so many bloggers that deserve this award I can’t just pick 5, so I am picking no one. Smile

QOTD: Any interesting facts about yourself you would like to share with the class?

Every Little Bit…


Good morning! Exciting news, I found out yesterday we close on our new home February 18!!! OMG! Less than two weeks! We are working out the logistics now with the bank, movers, etc. So many phone calls! I can’t wait to get in there and decorate and share pictures!

When I was interviewed for the article in Fit magazine (that hasn’t come out yet, don’t worry I will let you know!) One of the questions I was asked was along the lines of: “do you have any tips for someone working in a sedentary job to help keep them healthy and active.” I will admit, it caught me off guard. I thought this article was on my running journey, and my recent marathon accomplishment. Wanting to be truthful, it took me a minute. I ended up coming up with a few ways on the spot, and thought I would share them here. I used to work at a desk job (well, I do now but have a lot of flexibility) but my old job didn’t. I literally sat at a desk from 7:30-4:30 everyday except to go into the copy room to make copies, do the mail, fax something, etc. It is frustrating and boring, but there are ways you can still manage to get some exercise in during and after work in a time crunch.

1.) You don’t have to do it all at once.

I found a great article on Runners World that talked about just that. Basically, it said that if all you have is ten minutes at a time, it will still do some good, especially for novice runners. (I am assuming here this can apply to any type of cardio, not just running.) Of course, the longer you can workout the better, but just doing ten minutes at a time fifteen times a week has helped people lose weight and get more fit. So next time you get home from work and only have ten minutes of daylight left, don’t say “aw man I may as well not even run.” Go anyway! It will still do your body good.


2.) Look around where you work for ways to sneak in workouts during the day.

What do I mean by this? Walk to work. Park at the back of the parking lot everyday and walk briskly to your building. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go to the bathroom on a different floor so you have to take the stairs more during the day. Can you do squats or lunges while you make copies at the copy machine? (You may want to make sure other people can’t see you do this. They may think you have serious psychological issues.)


3.) Use your lunch break wisely.

I have known people who really knew how to maximize their lunch hour by going for a run. You might be thinking ew, that’s gross you would get all nasty, but not if you do it right. Bring an extra pair of underwear, a towel or two, baby wipes, some makeup to touch up if you choose, and of course deodorant. You can fit in 30-45 minutes of working out this way and still not cause your coworkers to want to pitch in and buy you some hygiene products that will be anonymously left on your desk.


4.) Use your at home time wisely.

Yes, you are exhausted from a long day at work. You have fixed and eaten dinner and you just want to watch some tv. Ok, that’s understandable, but why not lift some hand weights while you watch tv, or do crunches during commercial breaks? I used to jump rope the entirety of commercial breaks and then rest while I watched my favorite shows. Or if you are lucky enough to have a treadmill or elliptical at home in front of a tv, then you really have no excuse. Smile 


5.)  Keep Moving!

It seems so simple but yet so many Americans don’t do it. Just keep moving! Go for a walk with your kids while they ride their bikes next to you. Play the Wii with your family. (I can kick some serious butt in bowling!) Go to the park and bring a Frisbee or a football. Dance while you mop the floors (just don’t slip!) The point is, every little bit helps, and I know I feel happier and more energized on a day where I moved a lot as opposed to a day where I sat on my butt. Funny how that works!  Don’t make sorry excuses for yourself anymore! It’s only February, there is still time to have a GREAT 2011!

Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for how awesome you are. Once you start feeling better and having more energy, there is a good possibility you will want to do even more moving! So whether you have 10 minutes or 60 minutes, don’t let a sedentary job keep you down, as in in your chair!

QOTD: What is your best “fitting it in” tip?