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Accepting a Change of Plans


Good morning friends! Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you know this weekend didn’t turn out as planned…..On Thursday afternoon, with my car loaded down, I drove to the new house to meet Bobby and the builders for a final walkthrough, and then we were supposed to close Friday morning, drive to our old house/town, close on Bobby’s dad’s house…(all on Friday.) Then the movers were coming Saturday morning, and we were following them to the new house Saturday afternoon to unload.

Well….I get to the walk through and find out Bobby has already been talking to the builders, and he is pretty mad about something. Huh? Apparently, because of the type of loan we did, the bank won’t release funds for three days. Well, most builders will let you move in anyway…except for ours. We talked to two different high ups in the bank, a closing attorney, and a mortgage/loan officer, who all said the same thing….that it was up to the builder, that most let you move in anyway, and our builders were just being jerks.

We begged, we pleaded, we did everything we could and got the same answer, no. This is the same answer we got when we tried to compromise on ANYTHING with these people. Let’s just say they build a nice house but their customer service sucks and they are liars. We will no be referring them to anyone or ever sing them again. If anyone asks us about them we will be SURE they know the truth about our experience. (rant over, so sorry.)

I honestly had a breakdown. I went into hysterics, and have done a LOT of crying. I am still angry, but trying to let it go and focus on the positive. I get SO bend out of shape when plans change, which they have been doing a lot lately. I am trying to just let go and let God, but, like most things in life, it’s easier said than done.

SO, this is how our weekend looked instead. Thursday night, find out about the evilness of the builders, Friday morning, closed on the house, then drove immediately to central Mississippi to the closing attorney’s office for Bobby’s dad’s house, closed on his house. Went to the chiropractor (FINALLY! he actually laughed while adjusting us we were so bad off!) Saturday we spent the ENTIRE DAY finishing up packing and basically dragging everything we could into the garage, less walking time for the movers, more loading time. We also spend about 5 hours on Sunday finishing up and then making the house look show ready again in case someone came to look at it. Here are a few pictures to show you how much work we did.

Ah, the evil Christmas tree. This tree is 7.5 feet tall and quite fat. For five Christmases we have shoved that box up into the attic and taken it down again. The box is wider than the attic opening, so every year it was an ordeal. It was nice to take it down this weekend knowing we didn’t have to ever put it back up there!


Found some of my old sports awards in the attic and enjoyed some fun memories thinking back.


Found bobby’s old trophies which he didn’t want. We decided to take pictures of his trophies to put in his memory box instead of all of the bulky trophies taking up room.


I did the same thing with my wedding flowers. I had them in a vase in the guest bathroom, not preserved or anything, just shriveled up haha! It was time for them to go, I will admit, I was sad and it was hard for me to do! I took pictures I will print and put with my wedding book.



So he is pretty much everything from our house except the furniture like beds and dressers, all in the garage.



Yikes. This is after purging many many times. This was one of my favorite things about the process. We got rid of so many things. It was definitely a process for me. For instance, I would go through my closet and throw out 5 shirts, refusing to let go of another 10. Then I would go back and finally decide to get rid of 5 of the other 10, etc. etc. We gave away a lot of stuff, and also had a lot of trash!


Bobby got rid of his broken desk chair, but not after flying down the driveway and street in it first.



…and falling out of it. I missed the wipeout with my camera though.


It was a GORGEOUS weekend which made working outside very pleasant. All of our trees are in bloom here!



Please buy my house!!!


We had a fun weekend despite the circumstances. I hope you enjoyed Michelle’s guest post on Friday. I will have another one next weekend when we try moving, take 2.

Ah, yes, I need to announce a winner for my giveaway! A big thanks to all who entered, I enjoyed hearing what you love about yourselves!

The winner is Jess! comment 48.


Jess, please e mail me your snail mail info and I will get it out to you! Thanks again and congrats!

QOTD: Do you feel better about yourself when you get rid of stuff in your house?

MIA for Moving Madness


Evening friends! So sorry I have been MIA…remember what I said about God laughing when we make plans? yeah…So we were supposed to be in our new house yesterday…and we’re not, and won’t be until next weekend. I am beyond livid and angry but that’s for another post. Just wanted everyone to know I am alive and will be back to regular posting tomorrow with a full story and pictures for you. Let’s just say I have been in full panic attack mode since Thursday. Ug.

Don’t forget, you need to enter my giveaway, it ends tonight at midnight! get to it! Goodbye for now until tomorrow!

I will leave you with one picture of the madness…


Guest Post: Michelle

Morning! Michelle was kind enough to write a guest post for me while I spend the weekend moving boxes into my new house. Please stop by her blog and tell her hi and that you found her from Running With Sass! She is awesome for letting her husband go overseas to defend our country, and she is an awesome runner!

Hi! I’m Michelle from Michelle Goes Running Heather was kind enough to allow me to write a guest post as she is busy packing and moving.

I am 26 years old and like a lot of people, I have trouble balancing everything in my life. Being a grad student, an army wife, a dog mommy, a volunteer, an avid runner and fitness junkie along with trying to maintain some level of a social life is hard.

My husband, Michael, left for Iraq on January 20th 2010 for a year-long deployment

The anxiety, stress, and overall loneliness from his absense overwhelmed me and I needed something that was completely mine to work towards. So I ran.

And ran.

And ran.

I ran 1,700 miles in 2010, including my very first marathon in Seattle

As I crossed that finish line, I thought to myself never again! However, the next day at 2am when I felt nothing but pride that I accomplished something that I never thought I could do, I started researching for my second marathon. I quickly decided on the Eugene Marathon and developed a training plan that would start after Christmas 2010, when Michael was due home.

I honestly believe that running saved me during his deployment. Whenever I would feel stressed, whenever I would feel worried, whenever I would find myself freaking out over a missed phone call or hear on the news that another US soldier was killed, I would run.

After 357 long days apart, Michael returned home on January 12th 2011

Words cannot describe how it felt seeing him for the first time and wrapping my arms around him. I couldn’t stop shaking and crying. I remember looking up at him and thinking to myself ‘finally!’

Looking back at 2010, I realize that I spent the majority of the year wishing time away – wishing for his return and wishing that things could be different. Instead of living in the moment and living each day to its fullest, I spent too much time feeling sorry for myself.
With his return, marathon training went out the window. Instead of looking forward to my daily runs, I dreaded the thought of lacing up my shoes and pounding the pavement. I still put in the miles, but my long runs suffered and I felt like marathon training had become a chore. Where did my passion go?

Not only did my passion for running fade, I stopped eating healthy and put on about 10lbs in 5 weeks. I lost over 75lbs two years ago so to put on 10lbs in such a short amount of time scared me. What was happening to me? How could I have so much control over my life during my husbands deployment and then lose it so quickly once he got home?

I decided to not run the Eugene Marathon and instead dropped down to running the half. I made that decision after talking with Michael and telling him how I wasn’t enjoying running anymore. Despite his support, I still felt like a quitter. Now, I realize that it’s okay to take a step back and that I should not train for something that I’m not fully committed to. There is nothing wrong with that!

My husband suggested I run a few shorter races for pure fun. I registered for 2 5k’s in January.

I finished in 23:40 and 23:11. It felt awesome to push myself and see how fast I could go. Instead of feeling like a quitter for dropping down to the half marathon, I felt strong, capable, and happy.

Now, I realize that the reason I was so in control of my eating and my running during his absense was because I felt completely out of control with the deployment. I had no control over his return, his safety or when I would get a phone call or an e-mail. So what did I do? I controlled what I could in my own life – food, running, etc. Once he was back home, safe and sound, I lost that need for control and spiraled in the opposite direction gaining weight.

Now, as he has been home for a month and a half, I am beginning to understand the importance of balance and that I can find a happy medium. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing… It just takes a little work.

Carnival Season


No, I’m not talking about your typical county fair. I am talking about MARDI GRAS! Here in NOLA it’s lovingly referred to as Carnival Season. Yes, it is a season. As soon as Christmas wreaths come down, Mardi Gras wreaths hit the front door. Some people even leave up their Christmas tree and decorate it as a Mardi Gras tree. No lie. Living back with my parents in Louisiana this year, I have gotten the chance to be fully immersed in the carnival season again. I am HOPING to come back into town next weekend to go to a parade that runs right outside my parents neighborhood. I haven’t been to a parade in years so I think it would be fun to blog about!

What sparked my discussion? This picture I posted yesterday:


Ah, the beloved king cake. In grade school, parents would bring them in for our class all the time. A  plastic baby is placed inside and whoevers piece contained said baby had to buy the next cake. Well, that was old school. now, they supply the baby but you have to put it in yourself. Someone probably choked on one and sued the store that sold it, so they don’t like to put them in for you anymore. Darn.

I know I know the yummy goodness of the king cake is radiating from your screen, and you want one of your very own. Well folks, it’s your lucky day because you can have one shipped to your house! Haydels bakery who actually made my wedding cake, will ship one to you! Check it out HERE.  Fun fact, after Mardi Gras each year the whole Haydel family goes to Disney World and stays at the Grand Floridian. How bout them apples? Regular king cakes are just that, the cake with icing. But they also sell them with all kinds of filling. You can get them anywhere around here. The bakeries are the best, but the supermarkets have them as well.

You probably think we are all crazy down here, and that’s ok, because we are. I thought why not dial up he crazy and show you a few more things. Well, on my run yesterday I found just what I was looking for. Many MANY people decorate their homes for Mardi Gras. Everyone has a wreath but a lot of people go more all out that then do for Christmas. Here are a couple pictures I snapped of houses along my running route yesterday. (Oh yeah, I ran a 3 miler yesterday and felt pretty good!)



Then you have the queen’s house. Oh, I didn’t tell you about that? Each krew of each parade has royalty. A king, queen, pages, etc. They have a big ball/party with fancy dresses and lots of alcohol. Apparently, the queen of eve lives in my parents neighborhood. Eve is an all women’s parade that is actually tonight!


We will have some more Mardi Gras lessons for you when I hopefully go to the parade next weekend.

Here I am saying “please don’t stop reading my blog because we are crazy down here during Carnival!” as I run.


…and this is my sweet baby Bella, and this is how I carry her around all day.


how pathetic is that face? Love her. Ok, I have to go figure out if we are closing on our house today or tomorrow. Lots of craziness is about to go down! Have a great Friday everyone! (I know I skipped my Friday Favorites post but I thought educating everyone on Mardi Gras was way more important!)

QOTD: Thoughts on Mardi Gras?

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Gloomy hump day in south Louisiana! At least its warm. Sorry northerners, I don’t mean to gloat. Today is a bittersweet day for me, as it is my last full day with my parents before moving to my new house with my husband. I am one of those extremely sentimental people who thinks they are Peter Pan and will never grow up. I had a great childhood and even though I have done the leaving home thing once already, it feels like I am having to do it all over again. I never thought at age 25, married for four years, I would have such a great time living at home again I would be sad to go.

It has been nice getting to see my family everyday, but sad to only see my husband on the weekends. It’s been nice to not have to cook every night, but sad to not have my own kitchen or house. I get along great with my family and am so thankful they have allowed me to live here. I have had my moments where I couldn’t WAIT to get out, but when it comes down to it, I am really going to miss it. You would think I was 18 all over again going away to college! I try not to think about it because it just makes me more sad. I love my family and the house I grew up in.




There are, however, a couple of things that are exciting and fun about this new change in my life. Things are about to be a LOT different. I am about to be in a new town where I know no one or where anything is, and I will have a new house to unpack and settle into.



(they finally painted the railings white! I was starting to wonder…)

It will be fun, exciting, scary, overwhelming, and a big adventure. I never thought we would move, but then again I am not in charge. You know what happens when you try and make your own plans…God laughs. I am a pretty planned out person, so this shaking up of everything I know has been difficult, but I am excited for a new chapter of my life. I am trying to stay focused and not let any anxiety get to me….and eat lots of king cake.


A huge part of health to me is mental health, so I am going to try to achieve a good balance so I don’t go crazy the next couple of weeks! A part of that will be a couple of guest posts coming up this weekend! (moving plus not knowing which day your internet will be hooked up has a role in this. Don’t worry I will be back, with tons of pictures!)

Ok, off to run, then pack. I really mean it this time, I HAVE to pack!!

QOTD: Are you sentimental like me? Do you get along with your family?

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Runner’s Burnout

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I have a confession. I think I am suffering from a case of long distance runner’s burnout. I have been on a training plan since July/August. That’s a LONG time to have a schedule dictate when and how much you run, in my opinion. Lately I have dreaded running, especially anything longer than three miles. In January, I was so pumped up and ready to run my first marathon, but when it was over I did not experience the “post marathon blues” everyone seems to talk about. At the time I wasn’t really sure why this was…but now I am pretty certain it was because my body has been SCREAMING for a break, in more ways than one.

1.) Let’s face it, I am not at full health. Between my hip and IT band, I could use a break from distance running.

2.) I understand it’s ok to not ALWAYS want to go on your run, but to not EVER want to go on your run, well I think that’s a problem!

3.) There is a lot of stress/craziness in my life at this moment, and when I run I can’t seem to focus, because all I think about is my stress and all the things I need to do/should be doing instead.


I know deep down I enjoy the half marathon distance, but I also really want to improve my speed. I have decided to focus on some 5k’s, then take about a month off of running probably in May or June to totally heal and get my desire to run back again. I hope to resume half training in August and run halfs again in the fall.

I have only been on this “plan” for a week and already I feel SO much better! Here are the things I have been doing/realizing and actually enjoying for a change, because I don’t feel the PRESSURE to have to run 4-5 times a week.


1.) Cross training has become enjoyable. During marathon training, I did not cross train like I should have, because every time I worked out I felt like I had to run, mile on the miles, no time for anything else. I now realize this was a big mistake.  I realize cross training probably would have made me stronger and less prone to injury. Good job Heather. I am now enjoying doing the elliptical and going for walks with my family and my dogs. You know, while I can, before the brutal southern summer weather hits and I am forced indoors until September. (see northern peeps, we are forced inside due to weather, too!) I have also done a couple of workout videos that have made me realize I am NOT as in shape as I thought I was!


2.) I am liking the challenge of strength training. It’s no secret I have avoided strength training in the past on purpose. I have always felt like it was a waste of time and I never saw any results.(my fault, I never stuck with it long enough to see any!) Well, let’s be honest…running WITHOUT strength training hasn’t worked out so good for me, so why not try a different approach? I really have enjoyed being sore, and feeling like I worked hard.


3.)Taking care of my body has become very important to me. Well, it has always been important, but it seems that RUNNING was the most important, even if that made me neglect the rest of my body. Does that even make sense? In my head it does. maybe. I have been taking the time to stretch everyday, and do stabilizing exercises for my legs and hips. I want to be strong and healthy all over, not just “in running shape.”

I will always love running and want to run, and especially race, but I don’t want to neglect the rest of health or fitness anymore. I want my WHOLE body to be in shape and at it’s best, not just my legs. the best part is…yesterday I WANTED to go on a short run, because I didn’t HAVE to go run. I think that is the way it’s supposed to be, at least most of the time. I need to get that desire back for long runs, and I think my plan will do the trick!  Help keep me accountable as I venture into this new territory. It’s scary to me but exciting!!

QOTD: Have you ever been burnt out from running? Been on a training plan too long? How did you combat this problem?

Mardi Gras Rock ‘n’ Roll 2011 Recap Part II


It’s Monday! I hope you are having a good day. I ran some errands with my mom this morning and it’s so beautiful outside, I think I am going to have to go for a quick run later!

First things first. Have you entered my giveaway yet? It is open until next Sunday. Check it out!

But first, the second half of my recap. Before I get into the race, I have a few more pictures to share from the expo thanks to the lovely Karen.

The boys playing games at the expo.


We won t-shirts!




Me and Karen in our “convert to skirt” shirts


Ok, on with race day!

We woke up about 5:00, and it was COLD! Karen had to meet her running group early for a picture, and hating cold as much as I do, Bobby and I decided to hang back and not go down until about 6:30. (Race started at 7:00)

Very sleepy.


We walked to the start line. It’s a pretty good walk, and it was quite chilly! There were thousands of other people herding that way. It looked like everyone else had the same idea as us, to stay in your hotel room as long as possible before having to go outside!


There was a jazz band playing, of course.


I called Karen, and we found her and Jason and took a couple of pictures before heading to our corral!



We moved through the masses of people and squeezed into the back of corral 10.


Bobby was so cold he was using the hot hands I brought to try and warm up his ears and nose.

2011-02-13065028 180052_557117770041_68000952_31842388_110661_n

This year things moved a LOT faster than last year. I know I complained about how slow the waves were, but this year they were super fast!

2011-02-13065348 2011-02-13065538



Before I knew it we were running under the start line! It was SO much faster than last year, I wasn’t prepared!


Because we weren’t ready, our first mile was slow. Bobby kept trying to fix his headphones, and Karen and I stopped to adjust our clothing and spibelts. It was so congested we had to do a good bit of weaving, and got trapped behind walls of people several times.

The miles FLEW by! We were making really good time, and I was feeling pretty good.



Then we hit mile 8, and my knee/IT band started hurting. UG! I had made it so far I didn’t think it was going to cause a problem. It didn’t start hutting in Disney until further into the race, but then I thought about how bad the roads are in NOLA and running on an uneven surface probably sparked the problem. Anyway, I kept going of course, but the pain got worse. I tied not to think about it but I got quiet and knew this was going to be a big problem.

We made it downtown to the French quarter about mile 9.



When we hit mile 10, I did some quick math and knew I would have to run at my best to PR. Under normal circumstances I would have said HECK YA I can do that! But hobbling along with my knee the way I was, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I fought back tears as I realized once again my injury was going to hold me back. Karen did a good job of telling me it was ok and there would be other races, but I was still just so frustrated with myself.

I kept going, and then all of the sudden my left hip (not same leg as the IT band problem) started to throb. I used to have this problem back before I started going to the chiropractor. It didn’t bug me at all in Disney because I had been going to the chiropractor several times a week. Well folks, the last time I had been before this race was a month and a half. Fabulous. I think that coupled with the fact I had changed my gait and was limping was making my hip pound. It was hurting more than my knee, and I literally felt like I was being stabbed with every stride. I cried on and off, just wanting it to be over.


Luckily the last mile went by rather quickly, and we were running towards City Park.




We ended up finishing in 2:27. Six minutes off my PR from the other half I ran in NOLA in October where my IT band hurt me from mile 2 on. I so just wanted to run ONE half with no pain, ONE half to reach my potential. Bobby found me after the race and I was so upset, I just wanted to go home. I know you can’t PR every time, but I tell people unless you have ever had a running injury you just simply cannot understand the frustration. It’s so miserable and hopeless feeling! I of course was proud to finish my 5th half marathon, but I just didn’t expect this outcome.


Bobby didn’t run well either. We chalked part of it up to running so soon after our full, but not really sure. He ran a 2:08 I think, 11 minutes slower than his PR.


We sat down for a minute then headed to the busses because we had to be out of the hotel at noon, and I knew it would take me a LONG time to walk to the bus. Bobby almost had to carry me because my hip was hurting so badly I could barely move. I knew I needed to walk though to work it out so I made it, just very slowly!


We showered and all four of us drove back to my parents house, but stopped to eat lunch at Times Bar and Grill. best sweet potato fries ever!




It was so funny, we wore our medals which of course look like beads, and in the restaurant people kept whispering. “I thought the parades didn’t start for another week…was there a Mardi Gras parade today!?” it was too funny. I decided not to correct them and just let them wonder!

So, we had a great time with our friends, and it’s always fun to race, I just had a disappointing outcome. I am so competitive with myself, I let it get to me sometimes. I just want to be well and run all out! This spring I am going to run a couple 5k’s and focus on strength training and getting better and hopefully will come back to half marathons in the fall with a vengeance! I think this all happened at a good time though because I am starting to get burnt out having been on a training plan since July. I need a break! So there you have it, thanks for reading.

QOTD: What is your best advice for coming back from an injury?

Giveaway #2


Happy Sunday friends! I am hanging out with Bobby this afternoon. (Well, he is playing on the Wii and I am blogging, same thing right?) I thought it was time for me to host my second giveaway! To be clear, I was not given any of the things I am giving away in exchange for any type of review, etc. These are products I am choosing to giveaway myself.

Here are the goodies up for taking:


a Brooks run happy hat, 2 packs of shot bloks, 2 packs of GU brew, 2 packs of GU chomps, a bag of shot bloks, and a GU gel. I know a lot of you northerners are still experiencing frigid temps, so I thought this fun hat would be a cool prize, plus, who doesn’t love free fuel? it gets mighty expensive if you ask me! I personally use GU gel the most, and have used the GU brew’s after long runs.

a close up of the hat:


It’s just so cute and fun!

So, here are the rules:

ANYONE can enter, from anywhere in the world.

Giveaway closes Sunday, February 27 at midnight central time, so you basically have one week.

Ok ok on to the good stuff, how do I enter you ask? Well there are a few ways, pay attention now! Leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry.

1.) MANDATORY: you must be a follower of my blog. My subscription options are on the right sidebar.

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4.) Tell me something you love about yourself! It is the month of love after all, so let’s hear some self love!

So that’s a possible total of like 7 entries. woo hoo! I will announce a winner Monday February 28th by using

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***I have not forgotten about my Mardi Gras race recap, don’t worry!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Signs of Spring?


Happy Saturday! Today has been a nice relaxing one! I slept until 8:30, then me, Bobby, my mom dad and the puppies went for a 30 minutes walk. its about 72 degrees and beautiful! We ate lunch then me Bobby and my dad went to Menchies for some froyo! I got pistachio and angel food cake with cherries, strawberries, and almonds.

2011-02-19130924 2011-02-19130930

I am really trying not to jinx it, but I am hoping spring is REALLY here and we don’t have anymore cold snaps! My mood is definitely better when the weather is nice. I seriously don’t know how people do it who live where it is cold, rainy and/or gloomy for a good part of the year. I need the sun! Regardless of if the weather stays in the 70’s or not, I am for sure suffering from a case of spring fever!



Bella does NOT like it when I go outside without her! How dare I!


Spring around here also means 5k season. While most of the country is just starting half marathon season, we are wrapping it up. Most half’s around here are between November and February. I can’t even find on in LA or MS past February! I plan to run maybe 2 more 5k’s, and continue to follow the rule I have put into place which is NO 5k’s after May. it really should be after April depending on the weather. I end up running slow because of the heat and ending the season on a sour note with a bad time, and I am determined to not do that this year! I am still looking at races trying to decide which ones I want to run but I am aiming for one in March and one in April if possible.

Half the house is taking a nap and the other half is playing on computers. I think it may be nap time for me, too. I just love a nice lazy weekend! Go enjoy your day, it’s to beautiful here to be inside on the computer!

QOTD: What is the weather like where you live this weekend?

Friday Favorites: Coming Back Stronger


If you know me, you know I have a slight obsession with the New Orleans Saints, and I am a huge fan of Drew Brees. This is quite comical to me, because my husband calls him my boyfriend, and is totally jealous of the guy. On Sundays, he will say: “hey Heather, what time does your boyfriend play?” and things of that nature. he jokes about it, but he really is jealous and doesn’t like me to talk about Drew in his presence, which makes me giggle. I like Drew because not only is he a great football player, but he is a strong Christian with great morals and a lot of integrity, which is hard to find in our Tiger Woods and Tony Parker day and age. He and his wife Brittany came to new Orleans after hurricane Katrina, while the city was still in shambles. He felt a calling to come play for the Saints and be a part of a great city and help form a great team. (I get teary eyed just thinking about it all!)

I have been reading the book he wrote after the Saints won the super bowl last year.


I think I started reading this book at just the right time in my life. Not only am I facing sports related adversity with my injuries, but also life adversity. I recently wrote this post about it, in case you missed it.  I highly recommend this book to any athlete. It has some great back story on Drew’s life as well as his two major sports injuries he had to come back from. It also talks about the city of New Orleans and a bit about hurricane Katrina. There is great wisdom in this book, and some one liner tips and quotes I really needed to hear. This is my favorite paragraph of the book so far:

“One of the most significant things I learned during that period of injury and rehab is this: if God leads you to it, He will lead you through it. Everything happens for a reason, and everything is part of His master plan. If you let adversity do it’s work in you, it will make you stronger.(emphasis mine) When you come out on the other side, you just may be amazed at the things God has allowed you to accomplish—things you might not have believed were possible.”

WOW. It’s like a breath of fresh air to me. During this time I am struggling with my injuries, I CANNOT let the adversity overpower me. I can control my attitude, and how I handle the problems I face, and if I learn all I can from the trials I am going through, it will make me stronger. I cannot help but smile!

I am not finished with the book yet, I have a couple more chapters…but I know how it turns out. Smile If Drew can have 11 anchors put in his shoulder and come back to be the super bowl MVP, then I can overcome my injuries and be a better runner than I ever thought possible.

This book is a very easy read, and it has a section in the middle of some great photos of Drew, his family, the city of New Orleans, etc. It is highly motivational and inspirational, so if you are looking for a good comeback story, go pick it up!

I am EXTREMLY sore from the workout video I did yesterday. This just proves my point that JUST running is not going to put me in the best shape of my life. I would think right now, after running a marathon, I would be in great shape. But do a 20 minutes video with some squats and lunges, and nope, I guess I’m not!

QOTD: What is your best tip for facing adversity or injury?