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Little of This, Little of That


Hey everyone! It’s a chilly here in south Louisiana! I hope everyone had a fab weekend. Mine was busy with lots of driving. In case you need to catch up, Friday, I finally did my accent vlog. Saturday, I talked about the reality of my move which is coming up very, very soon. Yesterday I was super busy, drove back to NOLA just in time to catch most of the Superbowl, then went to bed. Sorry guys! But I am back!

Oh, also, I was featured in a guest post on Melinda’s blog! You can check it out HERE.

I DID manage to run yesterday though! Bobby and I did our first long run since Disney, and our last long run before the Mardi Gras half marathon next Sunday! It was an absolutely beautiful day! Not a cloud in the sky, about 56 degrees, absolutely gorgeous. We did 8 miles, fairly easily. It’s so funny how that doesn’t seem like a very long run to me anymore. yeah, marathon training screws you up like that.


Did everyone watch the Super Bowl? It was sad for me, because this time last year, my awesome Saints were taking home the trophy. It was such a fun night, very magical for the city of New Orleans and all Saints fans!

Here is the Super Bowl post I did last year: ‘Aints No More. 

Also, this is an e mail I got, a short video about the Saints championship season. It made me cry! VIDEO.

As sad as I was, I am glad a team from the NFC won. I am also glad a quarterback who hasn’t had the chance to win before got the win. (Sorry, I am NOT Big Ben’s biggest fan. He is a creep.)

This weekend marks a fun time for us, as we are running the Mardi Gras Rock n Roll half marathon again! We had so much fun last year, we thought we would do it again! I ran with Karen last year, and we will be running together again this year. Here are my recaps from the race and weekend from last year, go check them out! Go HERE and scroll down to “Mardi Gras half.”

One last thing, Bobby went by our new house on his way to the coast last night. It was locked, of course, but he looked in the windows and we have appliances, and the wood floors are all down! YAY! He took a couple pics of the outside as well:




of course the one pic I REALLY wanted to see, is blurry. Way to go Bobby. They still have to do the railings, the shutters, and the front door will be black.


I think that’s all the updates for now. Have a great afternoon!

QOTD: What was your favorite super bowl commercial? I liked the Doritos one!

It Feels Real Now


Happy weekend!

Thanks for all the comments on my accent vlog. I enjoyed reading through them. I had NO idea “the devil is beating his wife” was a southern thing until so many people brought it to my attention. Hilarious! Hopefully you don’t all stop reading my blog becuase I sound like a dork.

 I hope everyone is having a great Saturday! My weekend didn’t start out so great. One of the main reasons I came up to MS (besides packing) was to go to the chiropractor, and just much luck, we get here and he is out of town! This is after driving here in scary rain and ice. We did get to eat yummy Mexican food though. That’s where I made my mistake…I haven’t had sweet tea in over a month. I HAD to have it! body is apparently not used to this because I was awake in bed until 5, yes FIVE am! Also, Bobby was snoring, and I haven’t slept in this bed for over a month, but oh it was awful! I just wanted to cry I was so frustrated. We also woke up to more freezing cold and a little more of this.


I finally fell asleep and had to be up at 8:00 because the movers were coming to give is an estimate.

When he came that REALLY made our move feel real. Hopefully it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get us down there.

After running some errands and eating at my favorite, McAlisters, we came home and did more packing! I also did a good amount of throwing out. A friend is having a garage sale as a fundraiser for a mission trip she is going on, so that made me more motivated to want to get rid of some things, to help her cause.

DSC_2069 DSC_2072

The dogs didn’t like all the commotion. They get confused easily.

DSC_2073 DSC_2074

We are getting somewhere though. A lot of our bathroom is packed up and most of the kitchen. Luckily we started way back in the summer little by little, so it hasn’t been too overwhelming.

Happy Packing Boy


We were supposed to run 8 miles today, but with me running on 3 hours of sleep, we decided it was a bad idea and will do it tomorrow instead before we head back down south. We are also going to get as much packing done as possible. We need more boxes!

The girls miss grandma and grandpa I think.


Ok, back to packing! I can definitely say it really feels like we are actually moving now! Have a great night everyone!

QOTD: Does packing stress you out? Do you enjoy getting rid of things?

Accent Vlog


Hello friends! It’s so YUCKY here. Rain and ice. I am really nervous about driving back to Mississippi in it. I hope it’s gone in a couple hours! Ok, so I finally got around to doing my accent vlog. I think I sound PERFECTLY normal. What do you think?

here we go….

Heather’s accent vlog


(PS please ignore the amount of times I said um. I had NO idea I was doing it, and must stop! Didn’t feel like reshooting the video though. I am actually a decent public speaker so I am not sure what the deal was!)

So, any words I say funny? Is that how you expected me to sound? I need feedback people! I am nervous I am going to lose followers because I sound like a nerd. 🙂

Have a great day and stay safe out there. I will be blogging from Mississippi tomorrow!

A Good Sport

 **check out my FAQ page, I added to it!

BBRRR! It’s cold here today! We may get snow later on this afternoon, and the interstate was closed earlier today due to ice on the roads causing accidents. Great fun! Remember, this is south  Louisiana. Crazy! Well, the cold actually started yesterday, and boy did I experience it! If you read yesterdays post, you know I was scheduled to do a photo shoot outside, in the cold, on the lakefront, wearing a tank top and capri pants. awesome.

I met the photographer at the lakefront, and my car said it was 36 degrees. It was also really windy! I reluctantly shed my jacket, and we went to work. I joked with him that I should have worn my garmin, because I must have run at LEAST a mile if not more. Bigger motions look better on camera, so I had to sprint towards and past the camera probably 15-20 times. Let’s just say I am REALLY sore today! We also did some portrait shots of me just standing still, but the majority of them were running shots. I cannot WAIT to see them! Out of all the ones he took, I hope he got some good ones! (He had to change memory cards midway through the shoot. I had a great time despite the cold. I am a ham and don’t get shy in front of the camera. Let’s just hope I don’t look spastic in all of them or like I am in agony running!

About midway through the shoot, I realized I couldn’t feel my hands! I looked down and they were bright red. I had a hard time opening and closing them and couldn’t grip anything. It took me HOURS after to warm up, but it was pretty comical. I really had fun and hope I get to do it again sometime for some other magazine! Before I left the photographer thanked me for being a good sport. Smile

This is what I froze to death in at the lakefront:


I will let yall know when I see any pictures! I may go work on my accent vlog today for tomorrow’s post. FUN!

QOTD: Do you like cold weather? Or are you a warm temp gal like me?

Strike a Pose


Good morning friends! We finally got some of that cold weather you northerners are getting (minus the snow! Yeah…sorry about that by the way.) I find it funny that during the biggest snowstorm ever, a groundhog has the nerve to say we are going to have an early spring. HA!

Today is kind of a different day for me than the “normal” one I blogged about yesterday. Today, a photographer is coming to do a mini photo shoot of me for a New Orleans fitness magazine!!! I am so stoked! Ok, so here’s the scoop. New Orleans just put out a magazine (The January issue) of Fit magazine in the newspaper. I saw it, loved it, had some chats with the editor, and before I knew it I was doing a phone interview to be a fitness role model for the magazine! I told him my story about running my first marathon, and how I used to be a sprinter, and how I use my blog to encourage others to lead a healthy lifestyle. So, today, a photographer from the paper is coming to take pictures of me (portraits) and ones of me running…..yikes! I look like a spastic ostrich when I run, so this will be very. very interesting! Not to mention the fact that its FREEZING outside and I have to run around in my running gear. No matter, I am really excited about this and hope it opens up more opportunities for me to do other things.

I don’t know when the issue comes out, but I think there is a possibility I may be on the cover! I just got off the phone with the photographer, and they are wanting a cover shot. EEEKK! I think I am going to go practice running, I know that sounds so silly. Here are some examples of me looking like a spaz running in case you don’t believe me!

exhibit A (growl like a monster?)


exhibit B (randomly waving at spectators)


exhibit C (double thumbs up…why?)


So, there you have it. This. will. be. interesting!

QOTD: What do YOU look like when you run?

A Day in the Life of…


Good morning! It’s stormy here. We are under a tornado watch, and it’s supposed to rain aalll day. I decided to hit the treadmill for a quick speed session, and so glad I did because it started raining and thundering/lightning. Yikes! I could have been outside!

Have you missed anything the past few days? My Friday Favorite’s post was about GU,  Saturday, Bobby and I ran a 5k race which ended up being a trail run, and we had no idea… Sunday I wrote a post about trail running, and realized I know nothing about it! Yesterday, my mom and I met up with Bobby at our new house, it’s almost complete!

So now that we are all caught up, I thought I would take some time to describe what a day looks like for me. As most of you know, I am currently working from home, so things sometimes look a little different than a normal house! Not to mention, I am currently living with my parents, so things are REALLY crazy right now!

7:15ish: Wake up, eat breakfast/chat with my mom/watch the Today show, laugh at the annoying people on the Today show.

8:00-12:00: Work on quotes for clients, call Disney, email clients, work on articles, etc. I usually eat lunch while I work. I also take short little breaks for twitter, to blog, etc. (sometimes longer than others…sshhh)

12:00-1:00 Go for a run or cross train, sometimes walk with my mom or mom and dad, dogs, etc. Whatever it is I just try to get out and move/sweat!

1:00-3:00 work on and off, depending on how much I have to do. I also take breaks during this time to do things like laundry, help my mom with dishes, shower, crosstitch…haha, just seeing if you are paying attention!

3:00-5:00 This is my computer playtime. I catch up on blogs, chat on twitter, etc. Sometimes I work here too, depending on what is going on, and who needs what. My phone/email is attached to my hip at all times.

5:00 Dinner time (we eat early, like old people…because I live with old people. JUST KIDDING mom and dad!)

6:00-9:00: Hodgepodge of hanging out with family, surfing blogs, vegging out.

9:00: Go upstairs and get ready for bed, read my Bible, and call Bobby to chat.

10:00-10:30ish: lights out, goodnight!

That is basically it…with some exceptions. I always joke my job is around the clock. I have had clients call in all hours of the day wanting things done, I had to even call Disney on Christmas eve for a client. I try to get quotes done within the same day I get them unless I get them in the evening or on a weekend. I TRY to not work on the weekends as much as possible but its not always possible. Also, sometimes I get up and run in the mornings instead of after lunch. Then there are days I will go run errands in the morning and so I just work later into the day. I love the flexibility, except when it cuts into family time. There are days I will work 9 hours, and days I will work 4-5. It really just depends! But, that is a rough estimate in case anyone was curious!

QOTD: Do you have an odd schedule like me? Do you enjoy having flexibility or a set schedule?

sorry for the picture-less post…