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Nice to Meat You…and Other Healthy Changes


No, I am not a loser who spelled meet wrong, I am talking about MEAT, you know, like the stuff you eat. Erin over at The Healthy Apron asked me to help spread the word about MeatLESS May. (Sorry I am a little late girl, it’s been a busy month!)


Please note Erin is not saying (nor am I) to stop eating meat. I for one will always ALWAYS have meat as a PART of my diet. I also realize it can be unhealthy to eat it too much. We as Americans are so programmed (especially in the south) that in order for a meal to be a meal it must involve meat.  So, let’s join Erin and at least try to look into other healthy non-meat options. Even if you just throw in a random new meal once a week, you may even find a new favorite!

I will admit, for about two weeks now I have been eating more healthy and just by doing that I am noticing big changes. My face is more clear, I have more energy, and my sugar cravings haven’t been as bad as I thought they would be. I have been focusing on foods that are healthy and taste good, but that will keep me FULL so I am not constantly in the panty or refrigerator during the day.

2011-05-03124208 2011-05-03124201 2011-04-25111545

One snack I have been eating almost everyday is Chobani yogurt, more specifically strawberry banana. Holy yum! The store closest to my house NEVER has strawberry banana so I drive to a FURTHER AWAY store just for this stuff. It’s so amazingly wonderful. It keeps me FULL in between meals which is one reason I am loving it!

I am also not eating late at night like I was when we first moved in. We were seriously eating ice cream and cupcakes almost every night, it was crazy. and unhealthy. and I slept horribly.

My next goal is drinking more water. I am about to be traveling a lot so this is super important! I know this will also help clear up my face. Fingers crossed!


QOTD: What is a healthy change you have made lately that you have noticed benefitting your health?

BlackBerry Cobbler


If you will remember awhile back, Bobby and I discovered a ton of blackberries growing in the woods by our house, so we gathered up a ton and I found an easy recipe for Blackberry Cobbler. It was so good I made another one for game night with my Bible study group, and it was a huge hit!


lots ‘o Blackberries!

I will admit, it was kind of fun picking the berries, then randomly having all the ingredients I needed in the kitchen and making the cobbler!


when I first put it in the oven…


coming out of the oven!!! Yum!


It’s even better with vanilla ice cream. Trust me. We picked so many berries I had to freeze some because they were starting to get squishy. Ok, so here is the recipe:

1/2 c. butter
1 c. all-purpose flour
1 c. sugar
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/8 tsp. salt
2/3 c. milk
1 (16 oz.) pkg. frozen blackberries, thawed (I used fresh, of COURSE! and I didn’t measure, I just made a judgment call…)

Melt butter in a 2 quart casserole. (I used a square glass pan). Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and milk in a small mixing bowl, mix well.

Pour mixture over melted butter, do not stir. Spoon blackberries over batter; do not stir.

Bake at 350°F. for 45 minutes or until golden brown.

That, my friends, is it! So simple, right? Enjoy!

QOTD: What is your favorite kind of cobbler?

random random random

Hi friends! So great seeing so many of you planning on running Disney races next year!

I have some SERIOUSLY exciting stuff to share with yall…just not yet, but soon, very very soon! Let’s just say the next few weeks are going to be crazy, and I won’t be with Bobby on his birthday. bummer. Sad smile

So, I will be in Orlando Memorial Day weekend. Any Orlando area bloggers up for a meet up? If so, leave me a comment or e mail me so we can coordinate!

I am really excited about the line up of guest bloggers I have for you while I am gone. In the past, I have just not blogged when gone on vaca for a week, but not this time. You will be thoroughly entertained all week, so keep checking the blog once I am gone in a few days!

So, something random today but fun. Our neighborhood has a beautiful vegetable garden with tons of flowers too, and I went out and took a bunch of pictures, and wanted to share some with you!





Beautiful flowers right? I have more that I will save for a rainy day.

Yesterday I went on a 2 mile run. it was supposed to be three, but I was really sore from my 6 weeks to 6 pack DVD I did Monday. I used to do this video 4-5 times and week and got to the point I was never sore, so I am sad I am already back to getting sore again. Bummer. Anyway, I also didn’t eat enough yesterday before the run or anything really healthy, (nutrition FAIL) so I got weak and shaky and it was just an all around bad run, so I decided to come on back in after 2 miles. better than nothing right?

QOTD: What is your favorite flower?

Disney Races


Hola! Terrific Tuesday! I am starting to get so excited for my trip to Disney! Speaking of Disney, and of course, running, as usual…I thought I would do a post on all the Disney races!

Seriously, Disney knows how to put on a race. No, I am not just saying this because I am a Disney freak, but they REALLY do it right. If you can swing it, I highly recommend running a Disney race at least once in your life. They have so many to choose from!


From the awesome expo, to fireworks at the start, to characters along the course and an awesome finishers medal, it can’t be topped. Make sure you check out my races page and look at my recaps from the Disney half and full marathons.


  So, here is a list starting from the next one Disney is hosting and going for the next year….

September 2-4 2011: Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

The Happiest Race on Earth!

-includes 5k, half marathon, kids races

September 30-October 1 2011: Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend

The Runner’s Night Out

-includes relay option

-5k, half marathon, kids races

January 5-8 2012: Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

The smiles easily outnumber the miles!

-includes relay option

-includes 5k, half marathon, marathon, kids races

January 27-29 2012: Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend 

You can run. You can run. You can run.

-includes 5k, half marathon, kids races

February 24-26 2012: Disney’s Princes Half Marathon Weekend

Because Your Fairy Godmother Carries a Stopwatch

-includes 5k, half marathon, and kids races

May 7 2012: Expedition Everest Challenge

Do you have what it takes to conquer the challenge?

-includes challenge, and kids races


SO many options!!! So exciting! I have been to January Marathon weekend twice, and plan to be at Princess in February 2012. If you have any questions about any of these races or how things are run, questions about the races themselves, expo, etc. Let me know! Not to mention, I would be more than happy to BOOK YOUR TRIP for FREE! So if you are seriously considering running any of these races please contact me for a free quote, I can really help you out with all aspects of your trip!

QOTD: Have you or do you plan to run any runDisney races this year?

Nutri Hut 5k 2011


Another Monday in May! Where is this month going?!? It’s already halfway over! Not that I’m complaining, it just means closer to vaca time for me! Catching up from the weekend?

Friday, I did a Friday flashback post of what I was doing a year ago today. WOW things sure are different in my life now!

Saturday, I talked about the importance of incorporating rest days into your schedule. Do it folks, you will be glad you did!

Ok, so on Saturday Bobby and I ran the first annual Nutri Hut 5k. Surprisingly, the humidity was low. It was warm and sunny though, as the race didn’t start till 9:00. boo!


ready to rock and roll! By the way, the puppy is always in my pictures because she literally follows me around ALL DAY. If you feel friendless and want something that thinks you are the and will be at your side no matter what, get a poodle. seriously.

So we got to the race early since we were not exactly sure where it was. We got our bib’s and shirts, and went potty before warming up and stretching a bit. My Sunday school teacher’s wife was running this race as her first 5k, which was cool to watch (by the way she rocked it! 32 something or other I believe?)


I have no idea who this girl is. She got in the way of my picture. how rude.

So we lined up for the race, Bobby wanted to get in the front but I really didn’t, there were some fast and serious looking guys up there, so I started a few seconds back, and soon we were off! The flyer said it was a fast and flat course, well…I would LOVE to know the definition of “flat” for some people, because we turned the first corner and were face to face with a giant INTERSTATE OVERPASS! No lie, I kind of freaked out. I REALLY wanted to run a sub 28:00, and almost wanted to give up knowing we would have to go up and over this thing TWICE. I talked myself down however, and decided to take the hill at a moderate pace. I had started out too fast (in the upper 7:00 range) so knew I would still be ok time wise for mile one if I just took it nice and steady, not pushing TOO hard. I slowed a bit, and as we got up, a guy passes me….pushing a stroller…with a sleeping baby in it. WOW did I feel slow! I kind of laughed to myself and kept going.

The next few tenth’s were nice because they were in the shade of some trees going through a neighborhood aahhhh, shade! We got to the water stop which I declined. I knew it was an out and back and decided to wait and stop to grab a sip on my way back when I knew I would want to walk for a few seconds and catch my breath. My Garmin chirped one mile, 8:49. Even WITH the giant hill, I was in good shape. I passed up an athletic looking guy at this point so that boosted my confidence.

  Soon enough, the two lead guys came flying by the other way neck and neck. I wished I could be at the end to see them battle it out! I could see the turn around, and Bobby was just hitting it. I was only about a minute behind him, if that. We high fived as we passed each other, I was still feeling pretty good. When I could see the water stop coming up, I picked up the pace for a second because I knew I would be walking soon. I grabbed the water, drank two sips, and dumped the rest on my head. I was starting to get quite warm! I went back through the shaded area and started to get REALLY tired. I could see the bridge up ahead of me, and that further exhausted me, just seeing it, knowing I had to go up it again. I tried to fight mentally, thinking of anything else. I thought of all the people and children with cancer, going through chemotherapy. If they could do that, I could run another .60 miles. I walked for about ten seconds of the base of the bridge, then powered up that baby. OH MY GOSH the wind. I didn’t feel it at ALL the first time, but going BACK, it was blowing right at me, and I felt like I was fighting SO HARD not only to go up hill but against the dumb wind. That made me try to go faster just to get OUT of it and back down the hill. I finally made it stopped for about 7 seconds to catch my breath. I could SEE the finish line. I still had about .30 to go, and I was running out of gas. At the last turn, a girl passed me, I was so mad! So I passed her back!!! We got in the final stretch and she started SPRINTING like she was running the 100 meter dash. She left WAY to much in the tank, and no way I could catch her so I let her go and prayed she wasn’t in my age group!


you can see me in my red skirt wwaayyy back  there, with speedy gonzales sprinting ahead of me.


I was hurting, just wanted to be DONE with the “I’m going to throw up” feeling.


not sure why, but it looks like I am power walking here? I was running pretty good, I promise!



Weeee I’m done!!!!

Official times are not up, but my Garmin said 28:15. I am happy with it considered it’s a one minute PR.(not quite 100 people raced.) I was frustrated, however, because if it was not for the bridge twice, a sub 28 would be MINE! I was 15 seconds away, and I know those bridges slowed me down way more than 15 seconds!!! Oh well, I still am proud. Bobby ran a 24:28, and we can’t remember if that is a PR for him or not, ha! He did awesome!

We got some water, I watched Sarah run it in, and then we saw they had free massages, yes! I hopped up on the table and told of my IT band woes. Bobby got a massage, too.


Honestly, she wasn’t great and didn’t rub hard enough. Oh well, it was free. We waited around for awards, and I was quite surprised when I heard my name called for 2nd in my age category!!! YAY!


They took pictures with 1-3rd in each category, (the 1st place girl in my category had already left, I would have gladly taken her medal ha!) All in all, good race. my only complaint is the bridge. The coast is a very flat area, so it’s frustrating they couldn’t find 1.55 miles of flat road for us to run an out and back on.

It was almost 11 by now, and so we drove to the next shopping center for some Mexican from my favorite place! I changed into our race shirts, and I thought they were really cute.

DSC_2715 DSC_2716

Bobby ran so well!


don’t ask. I have no idea.


BAHAHA I love the back. So funny! We ate, we came home, we walked the dogs for 20 minutes, and did some yard work (Hello, my second workout of the day!) And now I have another medal to add to my collection!


Sorry that was long winded, thanks for reading and all the support I got on Twitter and Facebook after I posted that I placed!

QOTD: Did you race this weekend? If not what it your next race or fitness workout if not a race?

Take a Day of Rest


Ah, rest. So nice but so frustrating at the same time, no? I have a love/hate relationship with rest days. I know my body needs them, but it seems the sunniest, prettiest days where I am ready to workout ALWAYS fall on rest days. Kind of like how I ALWAYS crave Chic Fil A on Sundays. Anyone else? no? Also, by about 2:00 pm on a rest day I am feeling SO sluggish and in need of  a nap.

Did you know that running too much can make you SLOWER? Check out THIS article from Runner’s World. Apparently some determined dude wanted to run Boston and needed to shave 19 minutes off his time so he started training more and more and skipping rest days and he got slower and slower. BUMMER.


One of my favorite lines in this article says “Don’t wait for aches or pains to take a recovery day, that’s a sign of overtraining.” Folks, there is a reason that training days are built into a training schedule, and no it’s not to add variety to the calendar on your refrigerator. Your body NEEDS rest days to recover and make you stronger. (No, Kanye, the things that don’t kill you will NOT necessarily make you stronger.)

On rest days when I am itching to work out, I try and look at my rest day AS a workout. Just like I have a schedule for running, I need a schedule for resting, because it as just as important in my training plan. So when I am sitting on the couch with my feet up, having my husband feed me grapes and wave palm leaves over me, I try to think about allowing my body time to get stronger and more healthy, and I don’t want to mess with that!

I personally don’t do well running more than two days in a row. I can tell that my body is sluggish and not performing well, and I need a rest day or a cross training day to work totally different muscles. Every now and then I can do 3 days in a row if they aren’t all difficult runs, but after that I am spent!

The article also talks about refueling quickly after a run to aid in recovery, and that massages (yyeeessss!) and foam rolling will also help, for the financially challenged folks. (raises hand)


sometimes I like to pretend that I am getting a professional massage and not just foam rolling…

The end of the article has a nice post race recovery guide starting with the second you cross the finish line you should really check out!

So next time you are “resting” but going bezerk inside, think about how what you are doing is actually making you a better runner, so don’t miss out on reaping the benefits! Take a day off, you will thank me later. Ok, now I really need an 8 pack of nuggets and some waffle fries….

QOTD: Do you take rest days? Do you find they help you?

A year Ago Today…May Edition

Every so often I like to do a flashback and see what I was doing this time last year. It usually elicits one of two responses from me. The first being “wow I am so happy I am done with that phase of my life/week/thing” and the second being “crap. Why can’t things be like they used to be?” Fortunately for me, this edition of flashback is the former (mostly.)

Check out this post from last May, almost to the day: Mish Mash

-I hosted a Shutterfly party (fun)

-Bobby surprised me with a new bed (fun)

-We ran the 2nd hottest and hilliest race of my life (not fun)

-I was stressed to the MAX with end of the year school stuff (WAY not fun!)

-it was REALLY hot outside (no bueno)


It got me thinking, I cannot believe it has been a year since I was a 5th grade teacher. Some days I REALLY don’t miss it, then others I really really do! So, I try not to think about it! One thing I DO NOT miss are the end of the year checklists. We would have pages and pages of items to do and check off before turning it in along with our keys for the summer (and after a room inspection.) You can sense the madness in THIS post. I can remember the last teacher workday, we would have a luncheon and I would be ready before the lunch and so excited to start my summer break! It’s weird now that summer doesn’t seem as exciting as it did last year. (If you will remember, I had full intentions of going back to my school this year before we decided to move.)




I also posted THIS about super skinny supermodels, and I still feel the same way. Smile

It’s so interesting to me to look back on what I was doing this time last year. it also really weirds me out to think that was a YEAR ago? Seems like I JUST got my new bed, or I JUST got out for summer from teaching. Life really does fly by, make each day count!

Today I ran 3 miles and it was 86 degrees and 95% humidity. I posted a picture on Twitter and Facebook of what I looked like after. yuck! Prepare yourself, you don’t want to stare at this beauty for too long. Your eyes might catch on fire…or something like that!


tomorrow is a rest day, 5k is SATURDAY! Let’s hope the weather isn’t like it was today…

QOTD: What were you doing in May last year?

Working Muscles


It’s not secret I have a VERY short attention span. Running three days in a row is no good for me. I get bored, overworked, and burnt out. This poses a problem since I am trying to tone and burn as quickly as possible before the cruise. (Once again for clarity sake, I do not think I need to lose weight. I would like to tone up and maybe burn a little fat off my abs so I can see them, but I am not concerned with dropping pounds on the scale. I weight myself once a week just as a measure on if I am staying in my happy weight range.)

I have talked many times before about doing something you love and enjoy as a workout, trying new things (you never know, you may find a new love!) and working out with friends. Last night, Bobby and I played volleyball for an hour, so I thought I would share some pretty hilarious pictures with you of me trying to relive my glory days!

Yes, they are fun to look at, but I really want to show you all the muscles you can work while doing something like playing volleyball.

DSC_2675 DSC_2679

DSC_2682 DSC_2685

Holy leg muscles. Look at all the squatting and bending. Legs always moving, knees bent, your butt and quads should be on fire! Also, arms up, constantly moving and working. (I know my form isn’t great but I was hitting the ball to myself chasing it all over the park!)


Setting….oh boy…Let’s be clear, I was a MB (Middle blocker/hitter) I am NOT good at setting. I tried my best when I had to, but it was not my strong suit, but, you get the idea for the sake of my muscle demonstration….

DSC_2672  DSC_2673

Once again, arms up moving and working, and then pushing through and up, working shoulders and abs!


last but not least, my favorite, hitting. Smile 

DSC_2686 DSC_2689

Stretching and reaching up with your abs, swinging motion is definitely a shoulder workout!

So my whole point of showing you these goofy pictures is that you do NOT have to be stuck in a gym all day to get a good workout. Yes there are some things done more efficiently in the gym, but you can also have fun doing something you enjoy! I was sweating like CRAZY after an hour of hitting the ball around with Bobby. I am a little sore, too. SmileRunning is a great workout and I enjoy it, but it works a select set of muscles, and others can be underdeveloped if you don’t throw other things into the mix as well (Hello, injury!)

QOTD: What is your favorite non running workout?

Doubling Up


Wa wa wa Wednesday! Ok not sure where THAT came from! (Probably the same place my dancing face came from…)

Anyway, yesterday I posted about my 2 week plan to get my body toned and ready for a swimsuit on our cruise. I mentioned working out twice a day. I haphazardly mentioned cardio and strength training without really thinking it through. YES I still plan to do both, but I will NOT strength train every day. I am thinking more like three times a week, and the other three would be double runs.

This works to my advantage for two reasons:

1.) It is HOT outside y’all. In case you missed my tweet earlier today, when I went to run it was 86 out with a “feels like” temp of 99!!!! Wanted. to. die. So I shortened my run and went back out again later instead of baking in the heat for too long.

2.) It will keep my energy levels up all day, and obviously, running for a longer amount of time will we beneficial. (maybe that’s three reasons?)

This article from the oh so wonderful and helpful Runner’s World gave me a few pointers when running twice in one day like building slowly, recovering right, and mix and match. Check it out, I found it very helpful! This article was also very insightful.


What I liked about the first article was how it explained the “benefit” of each “way” of doubling your runs. For instance, doing an easy 3-4 miler in the morning and an interval run in the afternoon gets blood flowing through your muscles, and provides extra aerobic work without fatigue. There are a few “combinations” given in the article that I will have to try.

I definitely only plan to run twice a day 2 days this week and 3 days next week, I don’t want to overdo it. My plan for the rest of the week is as follows:

Wednesday: cross train and weight lift

Thursday: Run twice (not sure exactly what my “plan” is for these runs yet. Suggestions?)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5k race with the handsome guy pictured below, and an easy afternoon run if I am feeling up to it. No pressure.


So, I am very curious to hear your thoughts on running twice a day a couple of times a week. have you done it? Did it work for you? What was your plan or goal? (by the way…that’s the QOTD in case you didn’t figure it out.)

Kick it into High Gear


Good morning!

In just a couple of weeks, I will be on vacation! I am so ready for it. The past couple months have been such an adjustment with moving, Bobby working at a new place, learning a new town, new, new, new. New is good but also scary and exhausting, so I am excited to get to unwind with my family in my favorite place on earth, DISNEYWORLD!


And staying at the Polynesian!


and then getting on the Mickey boat!!! (The Disney Dream)


This is actually a picture of the Magic. I don’t have any pics of the Dream since well…I haven’t been on her yet!

The fact that vacation has snuck up on me has put me in PANIC MODE. Why do you ask? I have not been in public in a swimsuit since last summer. AAAHHH! First things first…I do not think I am fat, and I am not going on a “diet” and I am not trying to get sympathy or fish for compliments. I am honestly just NOT READY to be in a swimsuit yet for the summer.

It’s so easy in the winter to hide the less toned or squishy parts with bulky sweaters and the like. It will be way hot in Florida and the Bahamas so I will be forced to show skin or die. I would also like to mention I am a generally pretty modest person so I feel awkward in a swimsuit in public no matter how I look. This is why I was PETRIFIED to post my before and after 6 weeks to 6 pack pictures! I don’t feel I am where I would like to be as far as the “firming up” goes, so I have put a plan into action for the next couple of weeks that will hopefully help me feel a little more confident. This is my “kick it into high gear” plan:

-Workout 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day (cardio once weights once preferably)

-food overhaul! I know I will eat AWFUL on vaca which is fine, but cutting back on stuff I love will be easier knowing I can eat whatever I want in a couple of weeks on the trip! So what am I cutting back on? Mainly sugar and white flour/pasta/etc. I have a massive sweet tooth and have been eating Easter candy and the like since April. I will be trying to not eat “dessert” after dinner or late at night. Making simple substitutions should really make a difference.

-work on the mental aspect of things (I will never see these people again, it doesn’t matter what I look like or what they think, I am beautiful inside and out, etc.)


Bobby brought me flowers he picked yesterday when he came home from work!

I want to be HEALTHY and TONED not “skinny” Smile

So, do you think I will be able to stick with this for two weeks? Any words or wisdom or tricks of the trade?

*I updated my workout log tab

*I still need ONE guest blogger, any volunteers? It doesn’t have to be fancy! Could be a race recap, recipe, etc. e-mail me!

QOTD: Any tips for me and my “plan?”