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Working Moms Who Run


Greetings!  I’m Crystal and happy to be here guest blogging for Heather!  I have been running for about 3 years now, and have run 6 halfs and one full.  I even ran the 2009 Disneyland Half Marathon at 34 weeks pregnant!  

I have a 19 month-old son and work full-time in architecture.  He keeps me pretty busy before and after work, so the only time I really have to run is during lunch.  It is difficult to find time to work out at ALL when you have a busy toddler, so lunch runs and restroom exercises have to suffice.  With a bit of planning, though, you can definitely make it work…even if you are training for a race!  I am not currently training for anything right now, but run during lunch 2-3x a week to stay sane.
The key to a successful lunch run is to be relatively low maintenance.  I say this in all practicality.  If you must have perfect hair and makeup, perhaps the lunch run is not for you (for example, if you would spend more than 10 minutes fixing yourself up after your run).  Showers, while they would be welcomed, can be done without, as most offices do not have showers.  Pretty scenery is nice too…but I digress.
At the start of your lunch hour, go change into your running clothes.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!  Running at lunch puts you at the worst time of day to be out in the sun, so cover up.  Long sleeves with an SPF if you can stand it, otherwise use the highest SPF you can.  I use a lotion with SPF 30 in the morning, and touch up with an SPF 55 spray before I go out.  Sunscreen needs to be applied 30 min before you go out, which is hard to achieve when you are doing your lunch run.  Do the best you can.  I wear a hat and sunglasses, too.  Don’t forget the lip balm, either!  I strap on my Garmin and SPIbelt, then head out. 
At my current pace, I aim for 3-4 miles in 30-40 min, depending on how I am feeling and the weather.  Use your own discretion.  Sometimes I will work in speedwork.  Other times, I will just enjoy being out of the office.
Cleaning up afterwards may be a daunting task, but fear not!  Once you get the hang of it, it’s a snap.  First cool down with cold water and some body wash.  You can use paper towels, but if you bring your own towel, it is nicer.  Completely change your clothes, even your underwear.  It’s amazing how just a change of underwear can make you feel like you’ve showered.  Body powder like Shower-to-Shower, lotion, and deodorant are also necessary staples.  A quick touchup to your makeup and a brush through your hair and you are done!  Go rehydrate with water or an electrolyte drink and heat up your lunch.  Feel good that you have gotten in your workout without taking any time away from your child or spouse!
Supplement your lunch runs with restroom exercises.  Whenever you need to use the restroom, take a couple minutes afterwards to get in a set or two of exercises.  Great ones to do are sink tricep pushups, sink regular pushups, squats, and/or lunges.  It’s a good way to get in some strength training on the side.  They say that exercise is cumulative, so if you do 3-5 sets of 10 sink pushups in a day, look how many you have done!  
If you are training for a race, the only time you will have to dedicate outside of work would be your long run on the weekend.  If you have a jogging stroller, you can put the kid in that and spend some quality time out on the road or trail with him/her.  If your spouse runs too, that’s some bonus family time!

For fun, I took this sweaty, post-lunch-run Heather tribute pic.  It was actually a really nice day to run, so I’m not as red/sweaty/gross as I could be.  LOL.  In case you were wondering, yes, that is the strappy tank from 😉  I love it, even if it is a bit snug (should have sized up).

Well, I hope this has helped some of you working running moms out there figure out how to get in your runs.  Come visit me at Preparing for the Next Adventure!  I am trying to work on being a better blogger, but alas, like most things these days, blogging has fallen victim to everything else I need to do.  At least I can still run! 
Have a great day!

Playlist Science

Hi everybody! My name is Katy and I blog at The Singing Runner!

I am thrilled to be a guest blogger for Heather today! I have been reading Heather’s blog for a while now and I am almost as obsessed with Disney as she is. 😉 Her recap for the 2010 Disney Half-Marathon was one of a few that I read before I decided to finally sign up and run it! I was scared to tackle my first half-marathon but I ran the 2011 Disney Half-Marathon this January in 1:56:20!

I’m currently training for my first marathon (Chicago!) but I hope to return to Disney in January to tackle the full marathon!



As it may be implied by my blog name, I love singing and music in general. I am pursing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre and will be graduating this December, a semester early! While I no longer foresee myself pursuing a career in professional theatre (I’m looking to go to graduate school for Nutrition), music will always be a part of my life.

Go to any local or big race, no matter the distance, and you will see a lot of runners with iPods and headphones. For many runners, music is essential to their runs. While I am trying to not be so reliant on my music, I will admit, that the right songs help me push through my most difficult runs.

What if I told you that, by choosing the right music, that you could be a faster runner?


Well, this is sort of true. There are no guarantees, but there is a little science behind this.

It all boils down to Beats Per Minute, or BPM. Without getting too “music theatre major” on you 😉 BPM measures the tempo, or pace, of music. There are different tempos and time signatures for music and it can change throughout a song. However, to keep it simple, we will define BPM as “the number of beats occurring in 60 seconds.”

So how many BPM should you aim for in a song and how do you measure it?

Here’s an example. Let’s say someone is looking to run an 8:00 mile, -that person would shoot for music with around 170 BPM. Some examples of songs with around 170 BPM would be “Paper Planes” by M.I.A and “Livin on the Edge” by Aerosmith. For every beat, you should be taking a stride. If you stay at this tempo, you should have around an 8:00 mile.

There are many tools out there to help you figure out the BPM for your favorite song. There is the tap test, where you listen to 60 seconds of your song and tap for every beat.


However, to keep it simple, there is an AMAZING website that I came across recently that does all of the work for you! It’s called and it is as simple as 1,2,3! At the home page, you put in your desired mile time and it spits out a whole playlist of songs. You can also find music for spinning/ cycling and walking!

The playlist has different genres of music from hip hop/ R&B to country to alternative! I highly recommend this site if you are looking for new music for your running playlist!

So there you have it! Running and music can go hand in hand!

If you have any questions feel free to come by my blog and say hi (I love connecting with other bloggers!), send me a tweet, or post on my Facebook page!

Happy Running!


What are your favorite workout songs?

Guest Post: Shannon


Right now I am training for my first triathlon. I was a competitive swimmer for 12 years so I am not worried about the swim leg. I have been running a lot lately so I am not too worried about the running leg. I am, however, pretty worried about the biking leg, especially since it is a pretty hilly course. I have made a training plan to help whip me into triathlon shape and since it is summer you would think I would have bundles of time to do this. Wrong. I am still in college so I am going to be taking classes this summer, plus working part-time for my neighbor. This may not seem like a crazy busy schedule but it is enough to leave me thinking about how I will find time to fit everything in. But then I remember what it was like to be a national-level swimmer throughout high school. I had morning practices 5:30-7:00 every morning, school 8:00-3:00, and then evening practice 4:00-7:00, followed by Saturday practice 8:00-11:30. Plus I was taking all honors and AP classes plus some college classes. This was definitely a full schedule, but I managed to find time for everything and was able to succeed (most of the time).

In order to balance everything, I had to decide what was going to come first for me: school or swimming. I knew how important both were to me to I found a way to make them both equally important. After morning practices I would work ahead on homework assignments, and then get as much schoolwork done during the day as possible. I would squeeze in any bit of homework that I could throughout the day. And when I came home from practice in the evening I had a few hours where I would watch my favorite TV shows while doing more homework. Staying so busy actually kept me accountable because I knew that I really didn’t have time to waste.

Sometimes, however, everything became too much and I needed to just let loose. Luckily my swim team was very close so on most weekends we would get together and just relax. It was the perfect way to de-stress and have a great time. Plus, we knew what everyone was going through so it was easy to find advice from others trying to balance everything also. Try scheduling a weekly night out with the girls or weekly date night with the boy to ensure that relaxation and fun are always included in your schedule.

Don’t feel bad when you need a break. Even though I was in love with swimming, sometimes those hours ran my body and mind down. It is important to realize when your body is asking for a break and to give it that break. You don’t need to skip a bunch of workouts, or even any. Try taking one day off and your body will thank you for weeks. If you don’t want to skip a day, try going easy during your workouts and focus more on your technique and breathing. Really tune in to yourself and make sure you appreciate everything that your body does for you.

Finally, make sure that if you are putting in all those hours you really love what you are doing. I cannot see any reason to spend so much time and be so dedicated to something that you aren’t really interested in. If training for that race really means that much to you than you will feel the rewards of working so hard after the race. Same goes for school. There is a reason why you are putting so much time into your studies. Just remember it when you land your dream job or get into that grad school program.

How do you find balance with life and workouts?

Fighting Against Workout Avoidance (Steps to Successful Behavior Change)


Gaining and maintaining health and wellness is not the easy choice. Nor is it the passive choice. Health is an active and intentional process that takes awareness and work. If we blissfully go through life without intentionally being aware of and working toward health, we will not have a very high level of wellness. As a counselor, I often have to fight with clients to get this through their head. Let’s face it- most of the time we want the easy and convenient route, but that’s not usually the healthiest route.

I don’t like working out. If I am a professional in anything, it may be in coming up with excuses to avoid working outJ Much to my chagrin, my research in holistic health and wellness has led me to believe wholeheartedly that to be a healthy person, I must include physical health. So, while I may not enjoy exercise, I know that if I want to be healthy, I need to choose to engage in it.

So what’s a girl to do? While I dislike exercise, I choose to do it to be healthy. Here are some of the steps I’ve taken to try to ensure the greatest level of success in this area of wellness:

1. Track the Reasons You Don’t Work Out: Know your enemy. In my case, the enemy is my excuses. So, before I created my workout plan, I tracked my behavior (and lack of it) for about a week. Once I knew what my excuses were, I created statements to fight back at these. I also tried to find patterns that made it more difficult to work out, and then avoided these.

2. Set behavioral goals: Set SMART goals for yourself. You can go here ( to see my post on how to write goals for successful behavior change. Don’t write your goals like most people write New Year’s Resolutions (i.e. “I’m going to work out more”). This most likely won’t lead to success.

3. Develop a Support System For Your Resolution or Behavior Change: Filling out a contract may be helpful to establish your commitment. Every day you will see your goals and commitments to yourself, with your name signed to it. Get a few witnesses to sign it as well. Even better- try to find someone else who will work on the behavior change with you. This will make it much more fun! I found a walking buddy, and we’ve walked up to 25 miles a week before. It’s fun, we laugh, and it hardly feels like I’m working out!

4. Program for Success and Maintenance: It’s crucial when changing a behavior that you think positively and expect success. If you believe that you will fail, then you will fail. Engage in positive self-talk! Set backs will happen, but pick yourself back up and continue forward.

Remember the following quote: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.” Focus on the next step ahead of you. When the journey seems long and tiring, remember that it’s just a series of small steps that you can accomplish! Don’t expect perfection, because no matter how hard you fight for it, you can’t achieve it! Strive for excellence, because that is attainable. Good luck!

Here’s my Bio:

Hey I’m Karolina (aka Counselor Musings). I have my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Addictions Counseling, and I’m currently a Counselor on a college campus. My thesis in my graduate program was on Wellness & Behavior change, and how this interacts with levels of depression and resiliency. Favorite topics to discuss are healthy boundaries, wellness, anxiety, depression, negative thinking/self-talk, perfectionism, and self-esteem. Other interests include traveling (you can see pictures on my blog from my January trip to Ecuador), public speaking, spending time with friends, coffee, dance, and working on my own levels of health and wellness.

I blog over at where I discuss the topics I see many of my clients struggle with, give practical advice you can easily implement into your life, share the occasional recipe, and discuss my own wellness journey! Stop by and say hi!

Fueling your body for exercise

Hi Running with Sass readers, my name is Kate over at A Healthy Passion. I originally started my blog to share my passions for good food, fitness, and health with the world and in the meantime found my love for writing. I am excited to be blogging for Heather today, she is one of my favorite bloggers and I am always inspired by her running accomplishments. Although I’m not a runner myself, I do love to exercise and believe the key to achieving your fitness goals depends strongly on how you fuel your body. So today I thought I would share with you some tips on nourishing your body for peak performance.

#1 Get Your Greens: Alkaline forming foods balance the body’s pH therefore improving recovery time and decreasing fatigue. Consume highly alkalizing foods rich in chlorophyll such as green vegetables, seaweed, alge, chorella, and spirulina for best results!

#2 Focus on Antioxidants: Antioxidants protect your cells from oxidation which can create free radicals. Damage from free radicals has been linked to cancer as well as other serious diseases. Antioxidants help rid the body of free radicals escorting them out of your system. Choose berries, fruit, and green tea to help protect your cells and speed up recovery.

#3 Include Healthy Fats: Essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the body and are important in cardiovascular, immune, and nervous system function. Combined with proper endurance training, a diet with adequate essential fatty acids can increase endurance. Increase flax and hemp see consumption for a healthy balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

#4 Incorporate Raw: Raw food takes less energy to digest because the enzymes in the food are still active. It also typically has a higher nutritional value because nutrition is often lost in cooking. Consume raw fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables for higher net nutrient gain as well as increased energy.

#5 Hydrate: The human body is 70 percent water and if you don’t get enough fluid or aren’t drinking the right things it can severely compromise your health. The body uses water to neutralize acids, dilute excess acid, and wash toxins out of your body via sweat or through urine. Without enough water your body becomes acidic going into preservation mode which leads to fat storage and fatigue. Most health experts recommend consuming 2 liters per day!

#6 Snack Properly: Consume an easily digestible form of carbohydrate before workouts to increase your energy and endurance. Focus on fruit and sprouted seeds such as dates and sprouted buckwheat for optimal pre workout fuel.

#7 Up Your Calcium Intake (from plants): Calcium in the blood stream can be lost from sweating and muscle contractions so more active people need higher amounts of calcium. Acidic environments in the body often caused by over consumption of animal products cause calcium to be leeched from the bones and lost by the body. Consume a large supply of organic calcium from green leafy vegetables to ensure that the bones stay strong and the muscle contractions remain smooth and efficient.

#8 Include Iron: According to Birthorderplus, iron helps maintain red blood cell health so that the body can deliver oxygen rich blood to the muscles. Iron also helps build blood proteins essential for digestion, metabolism, and circulation. Focus on leafy greens such as kale and pumpkin seeds rather than red meat for increasing iron consumption.

Sources: Thrive & The pH Miracle


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all soon over at!



I am writing this Wednesday night but posting it Thursday morning, so when you read this, I will be halfway to Disneyworld, about to check in here:


and look out of my room at this view


and then Sunday we will be getting on this


well, the Dream not the Magic, but you get the idea! Be sure to come back everyday as I have some great guest posts lined up for your enjoyment, so be sure to show them so love! I will miss you guys and will take lots of pictures, and I will be around on Facebook and Twitter posting and showing pictures so if you don’t follow me on twitter or Facebook, be sure to do so by clicking the buttons on the right sidebar.

See ya real soon!


QOTD: are you going on vacation this summer? where?

Zero Days!

Good morning!!! Why am I so chipper today? because I go on VACATION tomorrow!


The house sitters are lined up, security guards are informed (yes we have security guards that drive around in a car at night, ha!) and the bags are packed….oh, wait….no they aren’t….

well, MY bag is, almost ready


Bobby’s bag, well….I think it speaks for itself!


getting slightly overwhelmed, I needed to clear my head, so I went for a three mile run. Boy is it humid!


I have to do a bunch of laundry, check off some things off my packing list, do some dishes, and a few other odds and ends. I am getting so excited!!!

Ok, so a couple of things….

I will post again in the morning, and I have a bunch of great guest posts lined up for while I am gone, so don’t forget to stop by RWS everyday while I am gone!

If anyone has anything in WDW or on the Disney Dream they would like me to take pictures of, let me know and I would be happy to do so and then post when I get back!


I have some exciting news to share with you when I get back, you won’t want to miss this!!!

QOTD: Do you pack last minute, or way in advance?

Fitfluential Ambassador

Hiya! I am so excited to share with you why I think I should be considered for Fitfluentials ambassador program for 2011! When I first heard about this my mind started racing, thinking of all the things I wanted to share about my passion for fitness, health, and representing the SOUTH! (Which just happens to be the best place to live, in case you didn’t know…) First things first….

I currently live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, about an hour or so from New Orleans. I grew up in Louisiana outside of New Orleans, and my family still lives there, so I am in town all the time. I love the south and hope I never have to leave it. We have the most hospitable people here (as well as the most humid summers, which I could do without….and the hurricanes….but you have to take the bad with the good, right?)

I currently work from home as a blogger which I LOVE doing. It allows me to be home with my puppy dogs, and gives me the flexibility to workout pretty much whenever I want, and, AND, flexibility to be your ambassador! This is where my butt is parked for a good portion of the day:


note the sweet puppy who loves having mommy at home!

As I said before, we live on the Mississippi gulf coast, just a quick 15 minute drive to the beach!


But I also love being close to New Orleans. There are a lot of great races there.

DSC_0712 DSC_0719

Of course, my family is there, too.


We also got married in New Orleans, and had a Jazz band at our wedding, and of course danced in the traditional New Orleans second line dance!

wedding10 wedding11

wedding28 wedding22

So we run around the neighborhood, and play volleyball and throw the Frisbee in the park that is right in our front yard! Having a park in our front yard is what ultimately drew us to building on this particular lot.


Yes that is our house in the background!

We also have enjoyed running at the beach. People watching makes running more fun!

2011-04-30_11.49.40 DSC_2467

It’s no secret I love to run and race even though it gets to a million degrees here in the summer which makes running more…difficult.

230403_570152787698_61700476_31939537_7563477_n 2011-04-181233452011-04-25104220

If Fitfluential were to have an event around here, there would be so many options of places to go, things to see, I just can’t name them all!

On the gulf coast, there are condos on the beach to stay in, and plenty of casinos with banquet halls and conference rooms. There are also concert halls at the casinos, great bands, singers, and comedians come here all the time! (Trust me, they are on EVERY billboard!)

In New Orleans, what can I say? Pick any beautiful French quarter hotel and there is space for events! SO much to sightsee and do, places to eat, history to learn about. Not to mention New Orleans is extremely walkable, which is a nice touch for a gathering of people. The music and food is not to be missed! (Did you not see the picture of me with the beignets from Café du Monde earlier?!) If you don’t know what a beignet is, don’t worry about it. It’s ok. I will try not to be insulted.

So why do I even care about all of this? Because I LOVE helping people. I love to inspire, to teach, to coach. (Hence why I used to be a teacher and a coach!) I love helping people get started with a running program. I love getting e-mails form people asking how to get started, telling me I am an inspiration. I was honored in February to be named the New Orleans Times Picayune Fit magazine role model. The tag line they use is “if she can do it, so can you!” and I honestly BELIEVE that. Never did I think I would run marathons, blog everyday, or be an inspiration to ANYONE! I was so honored to be on the cover of the magazine and have an article inside.


I really don’t get nervous public speaking, I am so passionate about sharing the knowledge I have that it just overtakes any fear. It is a true joy to see others succeed, and know that you were a small part of it. The awesome readers I have is what keeps me blogging. the support and encouragement I have received makes me just want to pay it forward to anyone who will listen!

Check out this video I made of why I should be a FitFluential Ambassador!

and check out this slideshow I made! I’m pretty proud of it.

Pursuit of Fun 5k


Oh goodness what a race! I normally hate to race this late in May, but was persuaded by the free entry to the waterpark that usually costs $29 dollars to enter. Race registration was $13 dollars for the run, t-shirt, and waterpark, so heck ya I’m there!

I would like to know how we can go from BEAUTIFUL non humid, but warm, weather to scorching hot and humid in 7 days? GAH!!!

Ok, so here we go….

The night before the race we made a big boo boo by stuffing our faces at a casino buffet with my parents. Clearly, I didn’t think this thing through and knew it was going to hurt us the next morning. We rolled out of bed at 6, and I was already SO not feeling it. We headed to the race and stepped out of the car…Oh. my. gosh. I started to INSTANTLY sweat and couldn’t breathe from the humidity. I checked the weather on my phone…it was 87 degrees with 94% humidity, and sunny. Awesome. I already felt yucky from all the bad food, and now I was sweating in the hot sun before the race even started. This was NOT going to go well!

The gun went off, and I took off. I did a better job of not starting out too fast this time, I think my first mile was around 8:45. I felt like I never really warmed up or got in a groove. My legs felt so heavy, and my lungs felt like they were filling with water, and I couldn’t get a good full breathe. I made it to the turn around and got some water and dumped most of it on my head. I had been keeping up with an older man, one step behind/beside him for the whole race. When we hit mile 2.5, I just couldn’t keep up anymore. I was cramping so badly and had to walk for a second. he turned around and motioned for me to come on, I gave him the thumbs up and told him to go on ahead. At this point I pretty much lost motivation. I just didn’t care anymore and wanted to be done. I kept a slow jog after that, and finally saw the finish line


I did manage to pass someone right at the end, but had that awful “I’m going to vomit” feeling the last mile of the race. Oh boy I hate that feeling!


Bobby, keep your day job. Photography isn’t your thing.

I crossed the finish line in 29:29 says my Garmin. There were 360 people running, so I started a few seconds back. (No timing chips)


I was SO happy to be done! I was literally covered in sweat from head to toe. Misery!

Bobby took this RIGHT after I finished.


Don’t you like how good I am at putting my race bib on straight? awesome. The face says it all, people.

5k1 5k

We got a towel from the car so I could dry off, it was like I had just gotten out of a swimming pool. Yuck. Bobby said he felt awful from the get go as well, and ran over a minute slower than last week also. Wew ere a pathetic pair. When we got back to the car he felt like he was going to throw up, and he had to sit down. I had a picture of him, but for some stupid reason when I sent the pictures to my e mail they didn’t come out, and I deleted the pics from my phone gggrr….

We got our swimsuits etc. out of the car and headed into the waterpark to change and get some refreshments they had for us before the awards were handed out. As we were walking out of the parking lot there was some poor girl about my age puking her guts out. It was that hot and humid folks. No one was handling it well!

When I changed clothes my shirt was so wet I literally could wring it out and water dripped off. SO gross! We got some fruit and Gatorade and waited for awards. Out of 360 people, Bobby came in 77th, and I came in 126th. I was 5th in my age group. Of course the girls who were 1st and 2nd were 2nd and 3rd female overall, running in 21 and 22 minutes. I didn’t have a chance ha! But, the winner of my age group won last week with a time of 19 something and she ran a 21 something so it looks like everyone was a couple minutes slower today, which made me feel a little better!

I already posted about the waterpark on Saturday, so all in all it was a good day. Not exactly how I had hoped the race would turn out, but it used to be a “bad/slow/hot” race for me was 32-33 minutes, and now its 29:30, so I will chalk that up to improvement and be happy with it!

QOTD: Do you run races when it’s really hot out? I GENERALLY don’t race June-August, unless it’s something really special or just for fun, not trying to “race.”

Splish Splash


Oh boy what a day!!! I am wiped! before I tell you about it I will tell you a little about yesterday. My parents drove over this way and we went to a graduation ceremony at Bobby’s work, and they wanted to see the campus/where he works etc. Then we went to dinner at the buffet at the Palace casino which is so yummy! It was our second time, and my parents liked it, so we have a winner! About halfway through the meal it dawned on me we were running a 5k the next morning at 8:00 am. Here we were stuffing our faces with things like fajitas, mashed potatoes, and ice cream. Oh yes, we were doomed!

This morning we ran the miserable race (recap will be up Monday!) and then we got free admission into the waterpark for running the race, which was cool, because the race entry fee was $13.00 and that included a t-shirt and waterpark admission (which is usually $29!) I love waterparks so I was excited to basically get a “free” day at the park after a hot run.


no this is not the entire waterpark, just part of it!

After the run they had refreshments inside the park, and we changed into our swimsuits and claimed two chairs. They did the awards ceremony then opened up all the rides.


We got in line for this really cool looking water coaster that shoots you up and then you go down crazy drops all in a double inner tube. It was a lot of fun! After that, we floated around the lazy river, twice, before deciding to get some lunch. We sat under a pavilion and ate our overpriced sandwiches, before settling in in the sun and reading our books. We were lounging right by the wavepool, and kids kept running by and slipping and wiping out on their butts. We counted, and about 9-10 kids did this in the span of an hour, right in front of us!

We occasionally got in the wave pool to cool off, too. Around 12:25 it was getting REALLY hot, and I could feel myself baking even wearing SPF 45 sunscreen. We were zonked from the race and the sun, so we decided to call it a day and go home to the puppies. (I took more pictures but somehow they got deleted…ug!!) Anyway, it was fun. The waterpark is small, so the lines for the rides were all really long and we didn’t feel like standing in them. We enjoyed it just long enough to not get sunburned or bored, which works for me. I love a good waterpark, and sadly this one was just meh, ok. I wouldn’t pay the $29 to get in for sure.

Now I am about to start packing!!!! It’s almost here!!

QOTD: Do you like waterparks?