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Dance Fever


MORNING!!! How are you, dears? I had a great weekend and hope you did, too! Catching up?

Friday Favorites: Foam Roller

Team in Training is a go

Mother’s Day 2011

So, I had quite the fun weekend! Friday, after Bobby got home from work, we loaded up the car and headed to my parents house for the weekend.


Bella was excited to see grandma and grandpa

It’s so nice only driving a little over an hour to get there instead of over 2.5! I had one request, that on the way in we stop and get a sno-ball! (Yes, that IS what we call them in the New Orleans area, don’t make fun, it’s not nice). I got wedding cake with condensed milk YUM!!!

Saturday morning we woke and went for a three mile run. it was a great run! It was one of those rare ones where you feel really good and happy and you could just keep going and you smile the whole time. I did 3 miles in 28 minutes and didn’t really push till the last mile. I was a happy girl.

We had to hurry and get ready because we are going to a WEDDING for my cousin. Remember the bridal tea I went to awhile back? Well, now it was wedding time!


yes my hair looks straight out of the 80’s. I blow dried it straight, but didn’t have time to tame it…


Not really sure…I think I make that face a lot.One thing I do know is dad has a wide array of sunglasses. Dad, we are inside. No need for them just yet.


The five of us (my sister came with us) rode together to the plantation. (The ceremony and reception were at a plantation). The ceremony outside under a pavilion type thing.

DSC_2487 DSC_2488

we had a little fun waiting for the wedding to start…

DSC_2492 2011-05-07122223

Everything was beautiful, very sweet ceremony. After it was over we went inside and found a table. They had a buffet and servers came with pass around food, and we were strategically positioned right by the kitchen so we got a ton of food, and it was all amazing. I ate so much! (Glad I ran that morning!)

DSC_2494 DSC_2496

Bride and groom dancing! Danielle’s dress was beautiful.


Mother son dance. I was crying! Josh is actually my second cousin, and his mom Wendy is my first cousin. He is her only child, and their dance/song was so sweet!


Daniella and her mom danced to Carrie Underwood’s “Mama’s song” and I cried so much I forgot to take pictures! It was SO SWEET! If you have never heard the song, go take a listen, or at least check out the lyrics.


my mom, me, and my aunt (one of her sisters, grandmother of the groom)


me and my cousin, mother of the groom so pretty!


beautiful couple! it almost isn’t fair how beautiful they are! Ok, totally not fair!

Ok, now as promised. We did a little dancing…I must say I look QUITE ridiculous on the dance floor. As does my poor mother. Bless her heart.

DSC_2529 DSC_2531

Did I REALLY make that face? how embarrassing.

DSC_2534 DSC_2535

driving a car maybe? vroom vroom.

DSC_2575 DSC_2581

my mom, her two sisters, and a family friend dancing. It. was. hilarious.

DSC_2596 DSC_2597

My sister and I finally drug my dad on the dance floor….aaannddd there is that face again.


cousins! Love this picture!


yummy cookies they gave as favors.

We had a blast, ate way too much, and danced the afternoon away.

 Sunday morning we just relaxed and had an early lunch together so Bobby and I could get back home and get some things done before the week began. Bobby and I picked blackberries last night and I made a cobbler. Recipe to come later, it was so good! I was glad I got to see my mom on Mother’s Day! All around great weekend!

QOTD: Did you get to see your mom yesterday?

Mother’s Day 2011


last year, I didn’t get to see my mom on Mother’s Day, but this year I did! I hope you got to see your mom, or at least made a phone call (you can do more than send a text, people!) or how about a nice card? Either way, I hope you told your mom how much you love her and that you are thankful for her!

My mom wasn’t feeling great today, so I am glad we were there (both her children!) to hang out with her and have lunch before we headed home from the weekend festivities (more on that tomorrow).

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful amazing mom (who also is a cancer survivor!) and to all the other mom’s out there! You are very special people! Especially my poor mom who had to raise me and my sister. Yikes, what a saint! Bobby told me Happy Mother’s Day on behalf of the puppies since, you know, I am a mom too. Smile



Team in Training is a Go!


Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a fab weekend so far. So, Thursday night Bobby and I went to the Team in Training meeting in our area. We had already signed up, but we wanted to go meet our coach, etc. plus Bobby had not heard all the info, etc. I was a little bummed there were not that many people there. I was hoping for a big group to run with on Saturdays.

Anyway, the girl went through the whole thing and I think 4-5 other people signed up on the spot which was cool. I told them we had already signed up and we got a free gulf coast half marathon T-shirt for signing up for that race, and we got our official training tech shirts.



We also got a lot of info on fundraising, and these cute bracelets.


After the meeting we went to dinner and then to Barnes and Noble, and guess what I accidentally stumbled upon in the “new in paperback” section!

Do you see it? yay Tina!

I am really excited to get started. Bummer the next three weekends we won’t be here to run with everyone. We have 2 5k’s coming up and we will be out of town, but, they are starting off with 2-3 miles and we already have a bigger base than that, so it’s not like we will be missing much.

Also a huge THANK YOU to my anonymous donor from yesterday. Seriously EVERY little bit helps and means so much to me. So, whoever you are, we really, REALLY appreciate it! Remember, you can make a donation HERE on our team webpage.

We found out about our team’s honorary member, a little boy who was 3 when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. I figure, if he, at 3, can be brave enough and strong enough to go to chemotherapy, then I can get up and run a few miles, and try to raise some money to help fund research for people just like him. We can make a difference!

My next goal is to get our letters written so we can get them mailed out to friends and family. I am so excited!

QOTD: Have you ever thought about running with a charity? Have you ever done it? Did you have a good experience?

Friday Favorites: Foam Roller


Foam roller, how I love thee, let me count the ways!

Back when I first started running at the beginning of 2009, I had heard of this “thing” called a foam roller, but didn’t really care about it or feel the need to get one. I was running injury free, so why would I or should I be cautious or preventative? Oh, how naive I was! I can’t help but think if I had been proactive the whole time, I wouldn’t have had to go through the battle that is my IT band injury.

By the time I finally broke down and got one, it was too late to be preventative, and now I was having to use it to heal and loosen an already incredibly angry IT band. So, do I have your attention yet? So, let’s review. If you are NOT injured, I personally would still foam roll to loosen tight muscles and help prevent injury. If you ARE injured, you should be living on the floor and that thing should be welded to your body.

The best part about a foam roller is they don’t have to be expensive. I have the cheapest one from Wal Mart and it does the trick. (Was maybe ten bucks?) I am currently on my second one.


You know you are a runner when your husband gives you a foam roller for Christmas. Oh, yes he did! Smile

So, you may be wondering….how do you do it?

HERE is a good website to show you how to properly foam roll. There are tons of videos out there if you are looking for something specific.

Is it supposed to hurt? Yes and no. It is what I like to call “a good pain.” It should feel like you are getting a really deep massage. It will definitely hurt at first, but the more you do it, the less it will hurt and it will be more feel good than ow I am going to kill you for making me do this!

How long do I do it? I usually stay on mine for about 5-10 minutes after short runs, and if I am feeling super tight or doing a long run, I will use it on and off with rest breaks for about 20 minutes. I focus mainly on my IT bands, but I also roll other parts as well.

When do I do it? I personally roll before AND after a run. Before a run I just do my IT bands for a couple of minutes to loosen up (on top of stretching once I warm up) just for that “extra” loosening to help me not get tight as quickly while running.

Please don’t be like me and wait until AFTER you get injured. Sometimes stretching just doesn’t cut it and you need some pressure to loosen up those tight areas. (I have also been known to use a tennis ball on particularly tight days, but be careful it leaves bruises.) aannnddd your dog may think it’s playtime and try and snatch the thing right out from under you.


This is the half marathon I injured my IT band in. ug.

OK! So, I am thrilled it’s the weekend, we are headed to my parents this evening. My cousin is getting married tomorrow, so we are going to stay with the fam and go to the wedding outside of New Orleans together.

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QOTD: What do you do for injury prevention?

May Mini Goals


Happy Cinco De Mayo! Also, Happy National Day of Prayer! It’s another cool day today, I think I am about to go for a run before it warms up, then head to Target, where all of my money will magically disappear!


So yesterday I did a review of the results of my April mini goals, and told you I would come back today with May goals. (I am totally aware we are already 5 days into May, I am slacking a bit this month. Do as I say, not as I do, mkay?)

1.) Sell our dang house!!! As stated before, this REALLY needs to be done. We lowered the price again, and it has been on the market since September, and we really really would love to be free of this burden. Hopefully this is our month!

2.) PR in the 5k. As much as I hate May 5k’s because of the heat, this seems to be the official 5k month around here, so we are forced to race this month if we want to race at all. We will be running two 5k’s, one the 14th and one the 21st. I am excited about the one on the 21st because it starts and finishes at a waterpark and then after the race you get free admission to the park. FUN! To top it off, entry fee is only $13 including the race, t-shirt, and waterpark entry!

3.) Do more stretching. Right before the marathon, I was stretching a lot. I have been doing research and inflexible hips are apparently causing me a lot of problems. They lead to more injury (been there…) and because they are so tight my stride is SO SHORT. I have been trying to focus on stretching out my stride when I run and it makes me run faster and with less energy required, but I have to focus hard on every step in order to do this.

4.) Raise 1/3 of my TNT goal. I mentioned a couple weeks ago Bobby and I are running a fall race with Team in Training. I would love to get as much fundraising completed as quickly as possible so I can focus on training. You can donate HERE. I promise you EVERY LITTLE BIT helps and is SO appreciated! Please consider donating to the cause.

As I have stated in months past, I prefer to make small, very attainable goals as to not set myself up for failure and to boost my confidence in knowing I can “scratch something off my list.”

Just for fun….Here is Bobby hitting golf balls in the park in front of our house.


…and Bobby sitting on the fence in the backyard. It’s like having a 5 year old boy I tell you!


*A few things to mention…I added and updated some of my tabs on my blog yesterday! Take a look, I added an “articles” tab, and a “workout log” tab. I also updated my “about me” section.

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QOTD: Have you set any may goals? share!

Play Day and mini goal rewind


I feel like I say this every week, but…Wednesday AGAIN? This week has been good, yesterday in particular was super. On Monday, Bobby worked from 8:00 am and didn’t get home till almost 9:30 that night, so he stayed home Tuesday and did some work from home.

He was supposed to have a 2 hour conference call but it ended up getting cancelled, so I drug Bobby along to the grocery store, and to run some errands.  (He did do some work on the computer though!) We also went out to lunch and tried this new place called Villa Rosa. It had things like pasta, subs, salads, and pizza.


It was a cute little place, and the tables looked like they had old newspapers on them.


Bobby ordered the pizza of the day which had pretty much everything on it.


I had pasta and chicken with alfredo sauce


After lunch (which just HAPPENED to be right next to Frosting… and it just HAPPENED to be Tuesday, Wedding cake cupcake day…) we had to get dessert.


We all know what I got…


and Bobby got Boston crème pie.


I was so full I saved half of mine to eat later last night and I am so glad I did. I thought about the rest of that cupcake all afternoon and it was just as yummy!

When we found out Bobby’s call was cancelled, we went for an easy 3 mile run. I was feeling sluggish and heavy from lunch, and I ran hard the day before, so we took it slow. It was so nice having him home yesterday!

Ok, so onto my mini goal rewind. If you will remember, I set some mini goals for March and they went so well I decided to make some for April. HERE is the original post.

As a recap, my April mini goals are below, and results are in red:

1.) Finish all 6 weeks of my 6 weeks to 6 pack DVD. It’s important to me to finish this. A lot of times I have good intentions but don’t finish what I start, so I really want to do this (and because I want to buy a new swimsuit for the cruise and won’t let myself unless I finish this thing!) I am happy to report I FINISHED this! Review and pics HERE. I also bought my new swimsuit for the cruise!

2.) TOTALLTY unpack. I need an extra little boost to get the rest of this stuff done so it doesn’t end up hanging around for another month! I spent about an hour yesterday going through the last few boxes. I still have ONE box left, and its really just a box of sheets that needs to go in a closet, not really “unpacked” so I am basically done!

3.) Attitude overhaul. Due to some of the yucky things that did or didn’t happen this month, I feel like I need an attitude overhaul. Instead of focusing on my circumstances, I need to focus on having a better attitude and getting through the trials with grace instead of whining through them and wallowing in self pity. Thinking about how blessed I truly am and focusing on what I could be doing to help others is a good way for me to change my attitude. it’s hard to “find my place” in my “new” life, but I keep praying it will become clear to me! Still don’t feel very clear about finding “my place” here, but I do feel like my attitude was better this month. I still wish I had some direction and answers about some things, but I know that’s not always the way God works.

4.) Get our house sold! Yes…we still haven’t sold our old house yet. This would be a HUGE answer to prayer. I know this one isn’t really in my control, but I pray about it every day, and hopefully this will be our month! This one depresses me the most because I really don’t have control over it. House still not sold. Lowered the price yesterday. Again. Our neighborhood is building new super cheap houses by the dozen it seems, and several of them have sold, making it hard for our “used” home to sell. I really hope May is our month…we have GOT to get rid of this thing! It’s been on the market since September! UGUGUG!

So…not a totally successful month but not totally unsuccessful either. I will be back tomorrow with my May goals. Still thinking on these…..

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QOTD: How was April for you? Accomplish any goals you had set for yourself?

April Rewind


Hi there! Today is a good day. Since Bobby worked from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm yesterday, he isn’t going into work today yay! He still has to make some calls and do some work related things from home, but still. I am excited to get to see him since I literally did not see him until I was going to be last night.

So, I was a crazy person who had no one to talk to all day and evening, so I ran TWICE. yes twice. It was so hot when I ran my first 3 miler that I went back out about 4:00 and ran 2 miles of hills and speedwork. Don’t ask, I don’t have answers.


I also went to a meeting for our neighborhood about a new TV and internet service we will be getting in November. I am still on the fence with how I feel about it. It was fun getting to talk to neighbors and meet new ones though! Also, a heads up, remember the photo shoot we did for the new neighborhood website? it is supposed to launch this month. EEKK!

So I know I am a couple days late, but here is my April rewind! It was quite a busy month!

We kicked off April with a very fun day of Triathlon Spectating! Our neighborhood held our first annual Tri, and we had a blast cheering everyone on!



That weekend my parents also came for a visit. We had fun taking them out on the trails through the woods and hanging out on the porch.


I also felt like I had unpacked enough of the house to share some pictures with you!

Making a House a Home Part I

Making a House a Home Part II

More House Tour

We were lucky enough to get to participate in our neighborhood photo shoot and commercial shoot in April, too. You can read about it here.


I did a look back in time to my high school athletic days, so you can laugh at the way I looked. Please don’t make TOO much fun of me!

April was also the month I got into couponing! I have been having a blast trying to save as much as I can. It’s a fun and challenging hobby!

April was also a time of adversity, as I had a run in with a not so nice commenter on my blog. The love and support I received from so many of you was unreal, and I am so thankful for my readers! Once again, yall are amazing!

I also sprung the news that I will be running a half in October with Team in Training! Please consider making even a $5 donation. every little bit helps and I would be SO grateful! (donate here)

April was also the month of Birthday’s around here! My sisters was the 2nd, my dad’s was the 17th, and then my sweet baby Bella had hers!


At the end of April, we to participate in a service project at our church, by helping basically redo the walls of an elderly woman’s home. I love volunteering, it makes you so appreciative of what you have!

We also spent Easter weekend with my family, since I had not been home in two months. We had an amazing weekend and I was sad to leave.

DSC_2446 DSC_2442

The end of April also FINALLY marked the end of my tedious 6 weeks to 6 pack program. I post before and after pictures as well as my final thoughts on the DVD.

I celebrated the Royal Wedding by sharing some bridal portraits as well as a dream of mine!


Thanks for sticking in there is you read all of this! April was a fun month, hoping May is even better! (wel, it must be because we are going on vacation!)

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QOTD: What is your favorite thing you did in April?

Day at the Beach


Groan. The weekend is really over?!? Trying not to let it get me down! Monday’s seem extra hard after a kick butt weekend! Here is what you missed since Friday:

Friday Favorites: Weddings!

Spiders and Ticks and Wild Hogs…Oh My!!

That covers my weekend up through Friday night. I knew Saturday was going to be a beautiful day, so I made a plan for us to do a longish (for these days!) run on the Ocean Springs bridge and on the beach. I packed us a picnic lunch so we could enjoy the outdoors and the beach after our run. I love when I have a good idea! We had not yet run by the beach yet or the bridge, so I was excited!

We parked and headed towards the bridge first.


The bridge is around 3.5 miles long, and is a GIANT hill, but I was ready to tackle it! I had a hat on, and we got going and WOW the wind was CRAZY strong and I had to take my hat off because it kept trying to fly away! It was beautiful, sunny, and not too hot! The wind made it really bearable. The hill was a KILLER! It’s a .5 mile climb, and then there is a smaller one at the end. We made it to the other side by one of the casinos and saw there was some kind of car show going on.

2011-04-30_11.05.55 2011-04-30_11.06.27

I am NOT a car person. There were all just sitting there with their hoods popped. I guess I can’t judge though, people think I am crazy for running distance races!

We climbed the crazy hill again and made it to the top. There was a little place that went out over the water and had a bench, so we stopped and took some pictures of the ocean.





There were these cool mile markers along the way to help runners/walkers. Oh, and in case you were worried about our safety, there was a separate walkway for runners and bikers on the side of the bridge.

Here is a shot of a mile markers, and just to show you how crazy the wind was…check out my hair!


Oh, and just in case you were wondering about the ugly color of the water and lack of giant waves, the ocean on the MS coast is not as nice or pretty as the Alabama/Florida beaches. We are way close to the MS river here, and there are lots of islands, so it’s blocked/protected so there aren’t these massive waves, but there are some.

We made a quick stop back at the car to get more water, and then we headed back out, this time along the beach.



Heading out the wind was pushing SO HARD against us I was having to fight really hard just to keep a decent pace and I was getting frustrated! So we decided to take it slow with walk breaks and just enjoy being at the beach.


We made it to the end of this particular part of the beach and turned around to go back to the car. I didn’t realize Bobby was taking the picture yet. What’s new.


See the bridge in the background with the huge hill on it? Ya. That’s what we ran!

Running this way the wind wasn’t a factor so it was much more pleasant to actually run in. We ended up doing right at 6 miles in a couple minutes over an hour. I used to have to work really hard for 6 miles in an hour, so considering the massive hills, wind, and the fact that we took it slow and took walk breaks, I was proud of myself.

We drove about a quarter mile to a park right on the beach we had just run on. I had spotted some picnic tables on a hill facing the beach at the park while we were running, so that is where we planned to go.

Here is the cool park across the street from the beach!



one of my favorite beach houses!


the cool playground and water spouts the kids were playing in!

DSC_2462 DSC_2463


We ate our lunch at a table looking out at the beach. It was so relaxing and fun. I packed us turkey sandwiches, water, Gatorade, apple slices, and sun chips.


the huge bridge we ran again!




After we ate we headed home and did some yard work, then later decided to head back to the beach to eat dinner at a new casino buffet that had just opened. They had so many choices and it was so yummy! I don’t have pictures from inside. Casinos are so weird about you taking pictures inside! I did get a shot when we were walking out of the OLD Ocean springs bridge.

Katrina completely destroyed the old bridge, so they built the new bridge that we ran on that morning. Here is a shot of the old one destroyed by Katrina with the new one next to it.


crazy right? That hurricane was a beast I tell you!

So, that was our super fun Saturday! Yesterday, we went to church and played volleyball and threw the Frisbee in the park in front of our house. Bobby also worked on his golf swing, nearly killing Bella with a golf ball in the process! It was an overall relaxing and wonderful weekend! I hope yours was great too!

QOTD: Do you have somewhere scenic you like to run?