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Weekly Recap: March Week 2


Did you remember to spring forward this morning? I know a lot of people groan at the thought of an hour less sleep, but I don’t mind, I am just so happy it will be getting dark later! More time outside, more sunshine, I like it! This past week was an interesting one for me. On Sunday, I ran the Rock n Roll New Orleans half marathon and PRed!


I took Monday off, Tuesday I just lifted weights, and Wednesday my plan was to run and do yoga that night, but that didn’t happen. I did run 3 miles, yes…but I also took a tumble down the stairs that afternoon. I mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter but kind of forgot to mention it here I think.

Yup, lived here exactly a year and finally fell. I had socks on because I was cold, and I was carrying laundry down the wooden/varnished stairs. I slipped, my feet flew out from under me, and I landed straight down, flat on my back on the stairs. It. Hurt. I managed to scoot down the hall to my phone and call my husband. I got really nauseated and almost passed out! Luckily, I am “ok” relatively speaking, but my back is bruised and hurts pretty badly across the lower/middle section, and right on my spine where I hit. So…obviously no yoga that night….and Thursday and Friday I did light lifting and cross training, with a run yesterday. The run really made my back sore, so I did some icing and took some pain meds. So, here is the official run down:

Sunday: RnR NOLA half marathon

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Biceps, abs, and legs

Wednesday:  3 mile run, fall down the stairs

Thursday: Biceps, walked 1 mile on the treadmill

Friday: Triceps, chest, 20 minutes elliptical

Saturday: 6 mile run with Bobby

2012-03-03 09.18.39

From day two of the RnR NOLA expo


Miles run: 22.1

Cross training: 2 X’s

Weights: 3 x’s

Yoga: 0  <——sad times.

I had a good running week but with no yoga and only 3 days of weights, I need to rev it up again for next week. Oh, did I mention I signed up for another half marathon? Yes! I will be running the Gulf Coast half in Pensacola in April! That will be my last half most likely until Fall unless I can get away to run in a cooler climate.

I hope you all are having a great weekend. We are going to church and working in the yard today, it’s been a beautiful weekend!

QOTD: Have you ever done something klutzy like fall down the stairs?

RWS Features #15

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Happy Saturday! This week flew by for me, I had so much catching up to do after being out of town for so long. I am happy to be home this weekend and next before heading out of town again. Where am I going next? You will have to wait until early next week to find out!

I am featuring another blogger today, a fellow FitFluential Ambassador and all around sweetheart, Carissa from I  got to meet Carissa at the Disney Princess half marathon. She had the coolest job, she is one of the ones who stands up on the stage before and during the race getting everyone excited. Fun!! She is beautiful and outgoing and just PRed in a recent half marathon!


Why did you start blogging?

1. I started blogging about a year ago.  My husband & I are both personal trainers and people were constantly asking us how we eat healthy and commit to working out.  We thought the best way to inspire others was to be transparent and show our clients and readers just how we live “Fit2Flex”. That includes a commitment to clean eating, working out, and also moderation with some fun treats!

Sum up your blog in a couple of sentences:

2. Fit2Flex is all about fitness, healthy eating, and living an active healthy life! Kyle & Carissa are a married duo of personal trainers who share their secrets for fitness success along with travels, treats, and the everyday trials of life in Fit2Flex. Fit2Flex gives you workouts, cardio plans, race training tips, and healthy recipes.

What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging?

3. Fit2Flex is aimed to show people that fitness and clean eating isn’t punishment! We don’t deprive ourselves, eat 800 calories a day, or spend hours working out in the gym.  We practice what we preach and we want to show how a few changes and preparation can make healthy living your daily way.

What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment?

4. My personal biggest fitness accomplishment is appearing on the Home Shopping Network as a fitness expert, and for Kyle it was having a swimmer he trained take home the Y-USA National title. Carissa is also studying to be a registered dietitian and can’t wait to add the initials RD to her resume!

Thanks Carissa for sharing! Everyone be sure to stop by her blog, say hi, and say congrats for her PR!

QOTD: What is your favorite treat to “splurge” on?

Disney Princess Blogger Meet Up Recap

I was nominated for a Fitterati, a blogger award for Fitness magazine, in the running blogs category. I would LOVE if you took a minute and voted for me, would mean so much to me and my blog! VOTE HERE.

I love Disney, I love bloggers, and I love being social, so a few months ago I decided to host a Disney Princess blogger meet up. I conducted a poll on my blog with possible dates/times, made up a schedule and location, and got together some giveaways.

I knew it would be hard for a lot of people to make it. After all, most were in Disney with families and kids, and I knew it would be hard to get away, but I still wanted to try. Let’s just say I am so glad that I did!


these four came after our picture, so I just took a photo of them to add to the post, ha!


Several of the girls who came I have been “online friends” with for a  long time, so I couldn’t wait to meet them. The meet up was on Saturday at 3:00 at the Grand Floridian. I thought this would be a great location because it is on the monorail, and has a great outdoor space for chatting and picture taking.




I hosted some giveaways as well. A huge thanks to my boss and owner of Travel With the Magic, Kelly, who supplied many of the giveaways.

Janet had approached me via e mail before the meet up and asked if she could share her story and do two giveaways for her book. I was thrilled! I loved hearing her amazing and inspiring story. You should go check out her website to see what I am talking about!


We chatted some more, traded business cards so we could all go check out each others blogs later, and of course…took pictures in front of the castle!



We chatted a bit more and wished each other luck in the race.




It was so great to put so many names with faces/blogs/twitter handles. The power of social media is amazing, and I love how warm and welcoming bloggers are. Connecting and networking is great, but making new friends is awesome, too.

Megan compiled a good list of some of the girls that were there, be sure to check out their blogs!

One reason I wanted to discuss this is because another great way to network and make friends is through going to blog conferences. I have only been to one blog conference, but I had an amazing time, and would love to go to another one.

Just my luck, there is one this summer in Colorado called the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference. I was eyeing this conference last year, but simply couldn’t make it work with my schedule. This year is a different story, and thanks to the amazing generosity of the conference, as well as the amazing companies FitFluential,  and Refuel with Chocolate Milk (who I love, by the way. They had chocolate milk for us at the finish of the Rock n Roll New Orleans half, loved it!), 40 FitFluentials will be given the opportunity to go to this conference via a scholarship.


I would love the opportunity to meet and network with other bloggers, as well as learn. I have by no means arrived and never will, and I am totally one of those nerdy girls who loves to learn! My fingers are crossed for this one!

QOTD: Have you ever been to a blogger conference? If not, what one would you go to if you had the chance?

Rock N Roll New Orleans Half Marathon 2012


Sunday, I ran the Rock n Roll New Orleans half marathon (formally Rock N Roll Mardi Gras) This is the third year I have run this race. (You can check out my recaps from 2010 and 2011 1 and 2)

Last years race was not the best experience. My IT band was VERY angry, and I ended up crying during the race and hobbling across the finish line. This year, I was determined to do well. Then I realized it was the weekend after the princess half, so I would be doing back to back races. crap. THEN, I ended up working the Running Skirts  booth at the expo. hhmm…not shaping up to be a PR race I would say! With the odds stacked against me, I signed up due to a super discount and an awesome New Orleans saints win. ($37 or so dollar entry fee!)

My already tired legs became exhausted (specifically my knees and heels) after a day of expo set up, and two long days of working the expo. We didn’t finish until almost 8 pm on Friday and after 6 on Saturday. Walking around for an hour looking for a place to eat, I was really feeling it and it was not looking good.

Sunday morning I woke up fairly easily and was ready to race. The start line wasn’t far from the hotel, so we waited to go down until 6:45 for a 7:00 start.




We got into corral 12, and I heard a voice behind me say my name. It was Samantha!

2012-03-04 07.04.21

She was running the full, and I tried to fill her in a bit on the course. It was time to move up, and so we said our goodbyes and good luck.

2012-03-04 06.58.00

2012-03-04 07.10.53

Before I knew it, I was running under the start sign, Garmin started, an running.

2012-03-04 07.17.51

Poor Bobby was getting over a nasty cold, so he knew he wasn’t going to PR. He decided to run with me and make it his goal to help me PR.

My first goal for this race was to not start out too fast. Mission accomplished, it was sooo crowded I couldn’t go fast even if I wanted to. Since I was running with Bobby, I didn’t do as much weaving so we could stay together. I immediately got annoyed though because we started in between some tall buildings and my Garmin was off from the start, so I had to keep subtracting from my distance the whole race.

I felt really good starting out, an since the course was different this year, I was distracted having new things to look at, and trying not to plow into the back of someone. We made a turn and I was able to jump up in the median on the street car tracks/grass. My knees were killing me and this felt so much better (plus I was able to pass without weaving.) We were sure to jump down when we needed to in order to cross all the timing mats.

We passed these guys about mine four and told them to keep it up and that they were awesome.

2012-03-04 07.57.12

Soon, I saw the first runner coming back the other way. NO WAY! but yes way, the lead car was right there with him. Unreal! Granted, I started twenty minutes after the gun, but still unreal. I kept trucking along, only stopping at water stops to drink. Bobby kept at my pace (I told him nothing over a 10:20 to PR) and we stayed pretty quiet.

About mile 5, we hit the sunshine and I instantly got very very hot. I was in a long sleeve shirt and felt like I was suffocating. I decided to pull it off and tie it around my waist. I didn’t care that my bib wouldn’t be on the front anymore, I needed to stay focused and didn’t want to stop and waste time re-pinning it.

About mile 7 I was still feeling really good, which almost made me nervous. I hadn’t even taken a single walk break except for water stops, and aside from tired legs, I felt great. We came back through towards the French Quarter and down Decatur street. We passed Café du Monde and the French market before turning onto esplanade. This is when it got hard.

I think I officially REALLY for the first time ever hit a wall at mile 10. It got MUCH harder to keep the same pace I was keeping  before, and I started to panic. I wanted to stay focused, so I tried to block out the pain and keep one foot in front of the other. The streets at this point had a LOT of pot holes so I literally just looked straight down and ahead, like I was in a tunnel. I was really feeling the fact that I had been on my feet and lifting heavy objects for the past three full days, and that I had run a half marathon a mere 7 days earlier.

Normally in races I look around and soak it all in, look at spectators, signs, etc. This race, I did not. I kept repeating things to myself like “if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it” and “you are stronger than you think” and “fight through the pain”. Bobby was a GREAT encourager telling me I was doing great, and my pace was good, and I had this, that I WOULD PR. I took one short walk break to catch my breath and my bearings, and took off again.

We hit mile 12, and I knew I could do it. I kept thinking “You have busted your butt for over two hours, you CANNOT give up now!” we headed towards City Park and I kept ticking down the tenth’s in my head. At about mile 12.7, I saw a familiar face on the sidelines. Brandon from Claim Your Journey was there taking pictures. I got his attention and waved as he took my picture. I gave him a thumbs up, but really I felt like I would keel over at any second!


We were SO CLOSE I could taste it. I told Bobby I could NOT go any faster and he told me I didn’t have to, that I was going to make it at this pace. I really needed to hear that, but, still kept asking periodically if I was going to make it. We hit mile 13 and rounded the last corner.


I kicked with everything I had left (which wasn’t much!) and grabbed Bobby’s hand as we crossed the finish line.


I looked down at my Garmin, and I had done it. Not only did I PR by over 2 minutes, but I met another small stepping stone goal of mine, to run a half in 2:15.


We got our medals and funneled out of the way (more like shuffled, it was so crowded!) and headed into the after party area. We immediately put our mylar blankets on the ground and laid down. It was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day in the mid 60’s.

Number 11, in the books.


As I was sitting there taking in everything, I happened to notice someone familiar. It was my sister! She is super speedy so I figured she would be gone by now and never would I have imagined I would pick her out of thousands of people. She, too PR’ed by about 5 minutes and was very happy with her time.

2012-03-04 10.02.39

photo (7)

We chatted for a few minutes and then she left, and we hung out on our blankets snacking and stretching before deciding to head to the busses and back to the hotel.

I would definitely say this years race was a BIG improvement over last year’s for me. Last year I was very injured, and hobbled across in about 2:26. Elven minutes faster even with back to back weekend halfs and being on expo legs? I’ll take it! Did you know I haven’t run a half NOT on expo legs since this race last year? Well except for Princess but we weren’t racing that one. I can’t wait to see what I can do on fresh legs!

2012-03-04 09.55.11

A huge thanks to my sweet husband who paced me, and to everyone else who has helped me along my journey. I am starting to feel strong, and determined. (My word of the year). I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

QOTD: How are you doing on your goals for the year, now that we are three months into 2012?


***I have been nominated for a Fitterati award for Fitness magazine in the category of best running blog! I would LOVE it if yall would vote for me!***

Disney Princess Half Marathon

So, I ran the Royal Family 5k on Saturday, and then had to get up at 2:45 Sunday for the Princess half marathon. After only four hours of sleep, I wasn’t too thrilled to hear my alarm. I got up anyway, and put on my tutu.  It was if the world was instantly more fun! I was so excited to wear it.


All 3 of us ready to run


We made our way to the start line


and since I had a free pass to the race retreat (thanks runDisney and FitFluential!) I left my mom and Karen outside for a couple of minutes so I could go inside and take pictures. The race retreat isn’t cheap, but I can see why. It has a private bag check, potties, tables, food, couches, TV’s, computers, and character photo ops!



I grabbed a banana and a half of a bagel and some hot chocolate to warm me up.




I quickly spotted my blogger group of friends and sat with them for a few minutes. Me and my fellow Belle, Meghann.


Of course we had to get a Belle picture! Meghann, me, and Callie.


I definitely will consider the race retreat next time, especially if it’s really cold. It was nice to not have to stress about breakfast or the bathroom!

I headed out and wished them luck, and met up with my mom and Karen right at 5:00. We decided to join the masses of people heading to the corrals. We came to a standstill for a long time, and then realized the culprit. Disney did something I don’t remember them doing at the past two marathon weekends I participated in…they had a row of port o potties on the way to the corrals…so the lines for them were literally blocking the people trying to get to the corrals! It was a bit frustrating and poor planning in my opinion. (But hey if that’s the worst Disney does, then that’s not too shabby!)


We made a quick bathroom break ourselves, then headed to our corral. We got in about five minutes before the start, and had plenty of room to move around and take pictures.



People behind us


Before long, the fireworks went off, and it as time to run! There was so much excitement in the air, and of course, lots of tutus!



As we passed the start, I yelled to Carissa who gave me another shout out. One for each race, I’ll take it girl! The first couple of miles were pretty uneventful. We tried to keep a good pace to clear out from the crowds. Unfortunately, that never really happened.


We saw our first set of characters and had to stop. After all, our goals for this race were to have fun and get lots of pictures. The line was already really long, but we didn’t really care.


As we were standing in line, look who I spotted in front of us! Dave Mari, who I ran Disney’s Wine and Dine with, Brandi, who I also ran with and who was my skirt helper for the booth at Wine and Dine, and Juli, who is a fellow Running Skirts sales rep!


We took a picture with some of the men


I had to take a picture with the Beauty and the Beast mile marker

2012-02-26 07.08.39

We then ran into these awesome ladies


We finally made it to the Magic Kingdom and I started getting excited about running through the castle!


We made it around to the TTC where these awesome drummers were playing.


and then up the dreaded hill.


During the full marathon, Bobby loved watching the tumble monkeys, and asked them if he could get on their trampoline, so I took this picture for him.


We lost a lot of time stopping for pictures, and it was SO congested. I do not remember it being this bad for the half and full. I was constantly stopping, weaving, and bumping into people. It was impossible to even run two across, although some groups were walking 3 and 4 people across the road. oy.

I can see the castle!


About to head into the Magic Kingdom


About to turn onto Main Street USA!




I love love love this part of the race, but not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I have in the past. When I turn onto Main street and see that castle I am bursting with emotion and I want to run…fast! There were sssooo many people I was basically at a walk the whole time, and spent my time going down the street a little frustrated that I couldn’t move.


So I just took a bunch of pictures.



We of course had to get the castle in the background

2012-02-26 07.31.15


We had to go to the bathroom, so we hit up the same one we used during the full marathon, the one in Tomorrowland. We were laughing because the women had taken over the men’s bathroom, too!




Since mom was Cinderella I made her take her own picture with Prince Charming


I’m ffllyyiinggg through Fantasyland!


We made it to the back of the castle and this was actually one of I think three photo op’s we skipped. It was for Minnie and by time we realized it, we had missed the back of the line and didn’t dee it safe to swim upstream around all those people.


We ran through the castle and out the other side and headed into Frontierland.



Can you see me?





and of course made a few stops along the way.

When we got to the backside of the Magic Kingdom, we saw a line for characters that was WAY long. My mom was getting tired and had a good idea. She said for us to stay in the line, and she would start walking and we would just catch her. Worked for us, so off she went. AAAAnnnddd we stood here for a long time.


About this time, Jen texted me and I sent her this picture to show her how crazy long the lines were!


We exited the Magic Kingdom and headed out on the skinniest portion of the race. The past two times I ran on the grass just so I could pass people. I think this part is dangerous and needs to be changed! We hit the halfway mark and the STRONGER sign with Kelly Clarkson’s song blaring. Loved it!


We got to the Grand Floridian and I saw Belle! There was a cast member standing there telling me the line was closed. Huh? She said Belle had to go get ready for the day and go to the park. I got very frustrated. We pay a lot of money for this race and should have the characters there until everyone is done. I was about to burst into tears. After all, she was the only picture I really wanted! A sweet girl at the back of the line offered me her spot! I was so grateful! Just then, the cast member decided to let us in anyway.


Belle told me I must have been rummaging around in her closet haha.

We caught up with my mom about mile 8.

photo (7)

This is the boring part of the race (comparatively) but it was still full of people and we were still weaving around to pass. We did a few run walk intervals, and finally made it to the overpass heading to EPCOT. The skies were looking mighty dark and you guessed started raining. hard. I stuck my camera and my phone under my tutu and we kept going.


We could see the entrance to EPCOT, and knew we were getting close. Poor mom was wearing down, so I had to keep telling her to come on, and keep up. I wasn’t going to let her wimp out now!


We made it over the last hill, and I could see the EPCOT ball!


We made it into EPCOT and I told mom we were going to run the rest of the way. She didn’t seem to keen on the idea but I knew she could do it.


People kept telling Karen “I like your frog!” No one seemed to get it was Pascal from Rapunzel!


I kept telling my mom we were almost there, and to finish strong. I told her she is stronger than she thinks and that she was ALMOST DONE! We passed the gospel choir right as they started to sing “Joyful Joyful” and I ran by and slapped all their hands.


We saw Karen’s mom as we made the last turn.

We could SEE the finish line. I told her we can’t stop now, we are so close! We picked up the pace and ran it in.



My favorite race photo of me, ever.



That is…until we saw Mickey mouse! We stopped dead in our tracks and I think my mom was about to kill me!


We regrouped, and crossed the finish line together. I always get emotional when I cross the finish at a Disney race, and this one was no different.





Of course, my mom started crying, and I told her she DID it!



Medals, and pictures all around



Number 10, in the books.

2012-02-26 09.50.27

It started raining again, and we couldn’t find Karen’s mom. I was supposed to go back to the race retreat but everyone seemed a little stressed out so I didn’t say anything. Come to find out, they got breakfast, mimosa’s, and cute Princess flip flops. So sadly, I didn’t get any. Bummer, but it’s my fault.

We got on the monorail to go back to the resort and Princess was officially over.

This race gets two huge thumbs up from me. The organization is great, the characters are fun, and where else can you run in a tutu?!? I know for a lot of people, Princess was their first half. I was so proud of EVERYONE out there on that course, bettering their bodies, and becoming more healthy. That’s what it’s all about. PR’s are great, running your butt off is great, but you don’t HAVE to do those things to be a runner, or a half marathoner. It took us well over three hours to finish this race, and I don’t really care! I am strong, I am healthy, and I am happy. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be working on half marathon number twelve. I feel so blessed to have the ability to run, and a healthy body to carry me through each and every race. I never dreamed it, but it is HAPPENING! If your goal is to run Princess next year, do it! Don’t put it off. Start your journey TODAY. We aren’t promised tomorrow. Start with a 5k, work your way up if a half marathon is your goal.  It will be tough but I know you can do it. Disney is a place where dreams come true, and I highly recommend all of the Disney races.

As a very wise man once said, If you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT!

QOTD: What is something you have done that you never thought possible?

*If you love my tutu you can have one made of your very own! My friend Rachel makes them, check out her shop. She can personalize one for you!

I was always planning to go to the race, but a couple of weeks before I left, I was asked by runDisney and FitFluential to come as a part of a group of blogger media. Part of my expenses for the trip were covered. However, I am obsessed with Disney and their runDisney races, so all opinions are 100% my own.

Tangled Royal Family 5k


As most of you know I was given the privilege of hanging out with some amazing bloggers at the end of February for the Princess Half Marathon thanks to runDisney and FitFluential. As soon as I got home I immediately had to go back out of town for RnR New Orleans, so I am just now able to sit down and write my recaps for the 5k and half marathon.

I ran the 5k with Meghann, Callie, and Theodora. We all decided we just wanted to have fun and take lots of pictures….and that’s exactly what we did.

Karen and her mom also ran the 5k.


The morning was chilly and dark, but we didn’t care. I said my goodbye’s to Karen and her mom when we got off the bus, and my running buddies and I headed up to the stage for some photos and a dance party.



Callie had way to much fun with her giant tutu.

We said hello to Carissa, who did an interview with Meghann who so graciously mentioned all of our Twitter handles.

2012-02-25 06.03.11

Before long, (and after the electric slide, of course) it was time to go to the starting line!

2012-02-25 05.58.11

We jumped in somewhere in the middle and were ready to go.

2012-02-25 06.51.22

People behind us

2012-02-25 06.50.25

The race starts by taking you out and around a large portion of the EPCOT parking lot.


Then we came into the World Showcase via a back door by Mexico. Shortly after, we started spotting characters heading around the World Showcase.


We stopped for everyone except for one I think. Pocahontas was in America


These two were in Morocco




Waiting in line for character pictures is FUN!

2012-02-25 07.23.08

Let’s try again.

2012-02-25 07.24.19

Callie was trying to show Belle that the underside of her tutu was yellow for the half the next day and Belle was very confused as to why Callie was flashing her…so she flashed us back. it was hilarious!


after the World showcase we headed back towards Future World.


In line for pictures with Mickey mouse.

2012-02-25 07.36.58

The big cheese himself




So….I saw a cameraman and got a LITTLE excited…



we ran around the left side of the Spaceship Earth


Then back around towards the finish line. (Sadly there was no gospel choir though.)

We finally made the last turn to the finish line! (which is the same finish for the half in case you were wondering.)




We did it!


I even got a shout out over the sound system from Carissa as I crossed the finish line!

I love that Disney gave out these little boxes, much easier to carry than ten mililon separate items! There was trail mix, hummus, and other great snacks inside.



I said goodbye to the girls, my mom was walking to the finish line (she just missed me crossing!) and we were going to wait for Karen and her mom. Thanks again girls had a BLAST! A big thanks to Meghann and Callie, most of these pictures are theirs.

I found my mom and we waited on the rest of our group.

2012-02-25 08.05.56

2012-02-25 07.51.03

We cheered them in, and headed back to the hotel for breakfast and a shower before a day in the parks!


I give the royal family 5k two thumbs up. After the very disappointing Halloween 5k, Disney really redeemed themselves! Loved this race!

*Keep in mind this race was not timed. It is a fun run, and the purpose of the bib numbers was for photo identification for the professional photographers.

QOTD: What park would you most want to run a Disney race through?

Number 11

Half number 11 is in the books. It was a great race with great weather. Also, I got to run with my husband which made it so much better. I am exhausted after expo plus racing, but promise a full recap is coming. Disney recaps are first though. I am home for three weeks so hope to get a sense of normalcy back to the blog…and my life! For now I leave you with a couple of images from rock n roll New Orleans.




Also a huge thank you to those who have been so supportive on Facebook, twitter, and here commenting on the blog. I am sorry I haven’t gotten around to responding to things yet, I start playing “catch up” today!

QOTD:  what is your favorite temperature to race in?

Race Day

Sorry for the lack of social media updates the past few days. Things go back to normal tomorrow,  but today its race Day!  Lord help me, my legs ache so badly from the expo!


Here we go with half number 11!

RnR NOLA expo day 1

Good morning! Yesterday was quite the doozey. The expo was open until 7 last night. Then we ended up having to move our entire booth after the expo was over for the night. Lets just say its been a long day.
I got to meet several Blog readers and expo workers I have seen at other races. I love all the people I get to meet through working expos!


Hello NOLA!


Oh and by the way…I didn’t think everything was going to fit in my 4Runner!



Onward to day two we go, and then on to the race! Good luck to everyone running tomorrow, and if you are coming to the expo swing by the running skirts booth! Skirts are on sale!

QOTD: what destination race is at the top of your wish list?

RWS Features #14


Good morning from New Orleans! Yesterday was set up for Rock n Roll New Orleans, and today is day one of the expo. It doesn’t open till noon, but I have some last minute touches to fix up. I am sorry I don’t have my Princess 5k or half recaps up yet. I was literally home for a day, and had to work, do laundry, and repack before coming to New Orleans. I promise when I get back home I will finish up all of my princess posts so stay tuned!

Today I want to introduce you to Stephanie. She is a FitFluential ambassador, and a mommy to two little boys (one of which is the cutest little baby!) Pregnant fitness fans and those getting your body back will love her blog!


1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging nearly 2 years ago when I was knee deep in Post Partum depression and needed an outlet to get my thoughts out of my head and onto “paper”. As I recovered and found myself again, I rediscovered a love of running, fitness, healthy eating and my posts gradually turned from the dark side of depression to the passion of healthy living as a wife, mom, friend etc.

2. Describe your blog in a sentence or two:

Fit Mom in Training follows my journey to better health, better fitness and the occasional PR along the way. I’m not an expert by any means but I am living, functioning proof that even the most average person can achieve the extraordinary with commitment, determination and dedication. I keep it real so you get the good, the bad and even the ugly with no sugar coating.

3. What do you wish to accomplish or achieve by blogging?

My goals with my blog is to create and publish quality content that resonates with my readers but that doesn’t ever speak down to them. I’m just as flawed as the next person and I suffer from all the same obstacles as most people (lack of motivation, time crunch, injuries, you name it) but I make sure I’m open and honest about them. I love interacting with my readers and sharing some of the great advice, sites and products I’ve come across to help others in their own journies.

4.  What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment?

My Biggest healthy living accomplishment to date would be learning how to swim at the age of 30. Having never taken more than a handful of swim lessons as a child and being relatively afraid of the water and somewhat embarrassed to be the age that I was and not being able to swim, this was huge for me. Not only did I do it, but I’ve fallen in love with it. It never fails to kick my butt and as I get stronger, I hope to put this skill to use and one day compete in a triathlon.

Thank you so much for sharing! I think it’s awesome that you learned to tackle swimming and now love it. Everyone be sure to show some love! You can find Stephanie on Twitter as well as on her blog at Fit Mom in Training

QOTD: What was your healthy living “turning point” that made you change some of you unhealthy habits?