Tangled Royal Family 5k


As most of you know I was given the privilege of hanging out with some amazing bloggers at the end of February for the Princess Half Marathon thanks to runDisney and FitFluential. As soon as I got home I immediately had to go back out of town for RnR New Orleans, so I am just now able to sit down and write my recaps for the 5k and half marathon.

I ran the 5k with Meghann, Callie, and Theodora. We all decided we just wanted to have fun and take lots of pictures….and that’s exactly what we did.

Karen and her mom also ran the 5k.


The morning was chilly and dark, but we didn’t care. I said my goodbye’s to Karen and her mom when we got off the bus, and my running buddies and I headed up to the stage for some photos and a dance party.



Callie had way to much fun with her giant tutu.

We said hello to Carissa, who did an interview with Meghann who so graciously mentioned all of our Twitter handles.

2012-02-25 06.03.11

Before long, (and after the electric slide, of course) it was time to go to the starting line!

2012-02-25 05.58.11

We jumped in somewhere in the middle and were ready to go.

2012-02-25 06.51.22

People behind us

2012-02-25 06.50.25

The race starts by taking you out and around a large portion of the EPCOT parking lot.


Then we came into the World Showcase via a back door by Mexico. Shortly after, we started spotting characters heading around the World Showcase.


We stopped for everyone except for one I think. Pocahontas was in America


These two were in Morocco




Waiting in line for character pictures is FUN!

2012-02-25 07.23.08

Let’s try again.

2012-02-25 07.24.19

Callie was trying to show Belle that the underside of her tutu was yellow for the half the next day and Belle was very confused as to why Callie was flashing her…so she flashed us back. it was hilarious!


after the World showcase we headed back towards Future World.


In line for pictures with Mickey mouse.

2012-02-25 07.36.58

The big cheese himself




So….I saw a cameraman and got a LITTLE excited…



we ran around the left side of the Spaceship Earth


Then back around towards the finish line. (Sadly there was no gospel choir though.)

We finally made the last turn to the finish line! (which is the same finish for the half in case you were wondering.)




We did it!


I even got a shout out over the sound system from Carissa as I crossed the finish line!

I love that Disney gave out these little boxes, much easier to carry than ten mililon separate items! There was trail mix, hummus, and other great snacks inside.



I said goodbye to the girls, my mom was walking to the finish line (she just missed me crossing!) and we were going to wait for Karen and her mom. Thanks again girls had a BLAST! A big thanks to Meghann and Callie, most of these pictures are theirs.

I found my mom and we waited on the rest of our group.

2012-02-25 08.05.56

2012-02-25 07.51.03

We cheered them in, and headed back to the hotel for breakfast and a shower before a day in the parks!


I give the royal family 5k two thumbs up. After the very disappointing Halloween 5k, Disney really redeemed themselves! Loved this race!

*Keep in mind this race was not timed. It is a fun run, and the purpose of the bib numbers was for photo identification for the professional photographers.

QOTD: What park would you most want to run a Disney race through?

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  1. SO much fun! I love the idea of the little boxes. So convenient! Do they do that for all races now?

  2. Tara Burner says

    love all the pics, my daughter just told me she wants to run a 5K at disney!! whopeeeeee

  3. Looks like it was SO much fun!!

  4. I haev always wanted to do a Disney run but now I want to even MORE after reading all the race recaps. SO much fun.

    And too funny that Belle flashed you guys. Hahaha!

  5. Looks like y’all had a fun time!

    I really liked the boxes they handed out for the half too. Even so, I still had a billion things in my hands anyways!

  6. Wow! I love those boxes! They did not give those out at Tink. Maybe it is just a WDW thing.

    Looks like you had a blast!

  7. Ok seriously…how do I get your entire outfit to wear for the Georgia Marathon in two weeks?? Want to rock a skirt – but I’m not sure I could.

    • call running skirts (look on website) and ask for Michelle. She is SO SWEET and will hook you up with whatever she can as long as it’s in stock!
      you can totally pull off a skirt!

  8. So glad you had such a great time! It looks wonderful!

  9. The boxes were a huge improvement! You could put it on the ground. I nudged mine along with my foot after the 1/2 as I was texting waiting for my picture with the Rapunzel & Snow White.
    It is great that you were able to enjoy the race with great friends. My daughter & I had a fantastic 5K. We really had fun running it together and taking pictures along the way!

  10. I love all the pictures – it looks like you guys had a blast!!

  11. This is awesome, I love it! Once I was there I really wished id done the 5k too! It looked so fun!

  12. Jill Barnes says

    Thanks for RT’ing this link. I loved the WDWMarathon, my 1st marathon & 1st runDisney race) and will be running at Princess. As a last minute decision, I signed up for The Royal Family 5K with my husband and my 4yo daughter. I was pretty sure she would love the extra characters but after reading your recap, I’m confident she’s going to love it! Thanks Heather! -MRScrashmattb

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