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More Family Time

We are headed out of town to Louisiana today for my grandmother’s funeral t be held tomorrow. I was busy cleaning up the house and packing yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to write, but thought I would leave you with this link. It has some pictures (look below the main picture it says “view photo gallery”) of my grandmother, you can see how beautiful she was, and see some pictures of me as a wee one, too.

Joyce Goodwin Bridges

We have neighbors watching the house, so I don’t have to worry about anything and can just go be with the family. I will be back Monday, I promise I have some good posts this week. A couple of fun reviews of great products and another pregnancy update! I apologize for the lack of consistency lately.


Have a great weekend.

You are Blessed

I had plans to write a blog post today, until I read a story. After reading said story, I just couldn’t focus to write. Everything I thought to write about just seemed so….trivial after reading and crying over this post. Instead of spending 5 minutes today reading about me, I encourage you to click over and read about a devastating circumstance a family in Arkansas now faces after the tornados.

Please pray for this sweet family, and remember how blessed you are today. I will be back tomorrow!