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Big Changes (Again)

Ok guys, so it has been admittedly a bit insane over here this past week. There are still some logistics to work out so I won’t go into the whole long story just yet, but…we are finally moving!


from last time we moved in 2011. Oh, the boxes!

Yall, we have been here over three years, and it is three years too long. We realized quickly after moving this just wasn’t the place for us, but unfortunately is has taken all this time to work everything out, and there are STILL some kinks we are dealing with. However, the bottom line is we are moving back to Madison, MS (north of Jackson) TODAY!

It happened so fast after so long of NOTHING happening, and I have been slightly overwhelmed this week to say the least (packing, packing and more packing), but we are getting it done. I am quickly reaching my pregnant lady limits though and can’t do near as much lifting and packing as non pregnant Heather can do, and it has gotten me frustrated a few times.


Even though we don’t have it all figured out yet, I am ecstatic to be moving back to a town I love, and a church we miss so, so much and totally took for granted when we were living there before moving down here. I promise I will share more as things unfold. I will try to keep the blog posts coming on weekdays as I have been, but please understand if I miss a couple days here and there, as we try to unpack and settle in to a new normal. I will of course be posting pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter even on the weekends when I am not blogging.

We are so excited, please pray for us as we embark on a new adventure! Things have not exactly turned out as we planned, but even when we thought we couldn’t handle any more, God has always provided for us and we are so thankful!

QOTD: Have you ever moved on short notice before?

Flashback to June 2013

How is it already almost June? I’m not sure if things are flying by because of the pregnancy, or if this is just how life is going to be now, but slloowww down! It always makes me laugh when I talk about something that I swear happened “just a couple months ago” and no no, it was LAST YEAR. Hhhmmm… So I thought it would be fun to do another flashback (I love these, sorry guys!) and see what I was doing this time last year. Well, what I was doing in June, since it’s almost June now.

Last June, Bobby participated in his first Duathalon. It was actually a “summer series” where they had three sets of races, and it was about five minutes from our house with only a $10 entry fee. Score! He did great and improved his time each race.


Bobby and I went on a road trip with my parents to Atlanta to visit some old friends. (Fun fact, I lived outside of ATL from the ages of 2-7). We had a blast with no real “schedule”, it was nice to get away for a few days.


We found out that the golf course right by our house had $20 “twilight golf” where you could play anytime after 4:00, cart included, for $20. He hit the links a handful of times and I got to be his driver.


June 6 is Bobby’s birthday, so there was of course, cake.

photo (5)

He may have had cake twice. After all, it was his 30th!


QOTD: What were you doing this time last year?

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Pregnancy Update: Week 22

Seriously yall, this is getting crazy. I get my weekly update and say “wow that was a fast week!” So different from watching the days crawl by in the first trimester! I am now 22 weeks pregnant with baby girl, and things are going really well!

22weeks bump

Post Mexican food lunch. I think it makes a difference!

This has been a whirlwind of a week for a lot of reasons, but I will explain more about that in a later post. I am feeling really great, my mild symptoms are nothing much to complain about. I bought a support belt so that fingers crossed, I can try running again. Hoping maybe late this afternoon/early evening I can test it out. Let’s take a look at how this past week has gone:

Symptoms: Slight swelling when up for a long time walking around, round ligament pain, tired, forgetful, back starting to ache a good portion of the day, mild heartburn some days. Sleep hasn’t been very good though. Acne getting better but not gone, but I am overall very happy with the way things are going.

Baby’s Size: Papaya

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, but in going to the pool last week I quickly realized my bikinis from last year are not family appropriate for me to wear anymore! Must invest in one maternity swimsuit.

Stretch Marks: no changes

Sleep: Not so great. I have mentioned the past couple weeks I have had days where I wake up wide awake for a couple hours. Wwweeelll, last night was the worst. I was up from 1:30-5:15 and could. not. sleep. Preparing me for this fall I guess?


Miss Anything?: Seriously starting to miss sleeping on my stomach and a good hard run.

Cravings: Not really much. I haven’t really been stuck with the “gotta have it now” cravings like a lot of women experience.

Aversions: A few days have been up and down as far as nothing sounding appealing and not wanting to eat.

Looking Forward to: Going to the beach for a couple days in June and reading some baby books!

What I’m Loving: Lots and lots of baby kicks, especially at night. Getting stronger, too. Makes it seem so much more real!

Workouts: No running this past week but I have kept moving at least 5 days a week. I walked almost 2 miles with my dad Saturday, then again Monday with my mom. Walking with the dogs when I am at home. Attempting to run with my new support belt this week!

QOTD: Did you run with a support belt while pregnant?

Did the month of May fly by for anyone else?

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runDisney Star Wars Race!

It’s official! the rumors are true! There will be a new Star Wars runDisney race weekend during the “old” Tinkerbell date slot in January of 2015! There will be a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and a challenge (10k and half) for those bling lovers.

star wars race

A lot of people have been wishing and hoping and praying this would happen, and it finally has! I know my husband, a self proclaimed Star Wars geek, is super stoked. I really like that runDisney is catering to a lot of different types of Disney fans now, with such fun themed races.

My thoughts? I am really excited for something different and hope I am able to go. If I am being honest, I hoped and thought it would be in WDW during Star Wars weekends, but we have to remember there are a lot of logistics that go into these races with the parks, public streets, etc. that runDisney has to consider. I am a little bummed for people who want to do marathon weekend and Star Wars but can’t because of the close date proximity, however, it will be great for people who want to get a quick coast to coast challenge medal in January and visit the Disneyland resort during a much cooler (temperature wise) time of year. No matter what, it is bound to be a blast and be put on extremely well as only runDisney does! They can’t schedule things for everyone at every time of year, but now with SO many races there is something for everyone which is so awesome. The runDisney fan base is growing exponentially, and I love sharing my excitement and love for the company with like minded runners. I hope to see you in Disneyland in January!

Want the official info? Check out the press release from runDisney:

Four-day race weekend is first collaboration with Lucasfilm; Aerospace company Sierra Nevada Corporation to be inaugural event’s presenting sponsor; Race registration opens June 10


ANAHEIM, Calif. (May 27, 2014) – Joining forces with one of Hollywood’s most iconic brands, runDisney is creating another transportive race weekend – the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend presented by Sierra Nevada Corporation at Disneyland Resort. The intergalactic journey begins January 15 and runs through January 18, 2015.

The Star Wars event is the fourth runDisney race weekend scheduled for 2015 at Disneyland Resort, doubling the number of races held in 2013. The new race weekend offers runners a variety of race experiences for all levels, from Padawans to Jedi Masters – kids races, a 5K, a 10K and a half marathon. And for those who show an even greater strength for the Force, there will be a two-race challenge involving the 10K and the half marathon with a commemorative medal awaiting every finisher.

In addition, there will be a slew of family-friendly events throughout the weekend, including a Health and Fitness Expo and a Star Wars-themed pre-race party, plus popular Star Wars and Disney characters and other entertainment. Registration opens June 10 at

The Star Wars event at Disneyland Resort joins the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, the recently announced Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend.

“This melding of the iconic Star Wars franchise and the runDisney brand creates an ideal race experience that will resonate with core running groups as well as attract new runners to the sport,’’ said Maribeth Bisienere, senior vice president of Disney Sports Enterprises. “We will continue to identify opportunities to collaborate with other Disney franchises and partners to develop more unique runDisney race weekends that will appeal to an increasingly wider range of runners across the country and beyond.’’

“This is an ideal intersection of family, fitness and Star Wars fun for our global, cross-generational audience andrunDisney fans’’ said Howard Roffman, executive vice president of Franchise Management at Lucasfilm. “Star Wars is all about reaching deep within to realize your true potential and runDisney embodies that message in a very real way.”

As presenting sponsor of the race weekend, Sierra Nevada Corporation will have a presence throughout the event. Sierra Nevada Corporation, based in Sparks, Nevada, provides rapid, innovative and agile technology solutions and is best known for its Dream Chaser spacecraft, the company’s solution for providing the United States with human spaceflight capability.

“With the passion and creativity of runDisney and Lucasfilm, this race weekend is going to be out of this world, which makes it a natural fit for Sierra Nevada Corporation because we are in a race of our own to take humans into space with our Dream Chaser spacecraft program,’’ said Sierra Nevada Corporation president and chairman Eren Ozmen.

As with other new runDisney events, the inaugural Star Wars event sponsored by Sierra Nevada Corporation is expected to be an instant hit. The new Avengers race at Disneyland Resort sold out in less than two hours. In general, runDisney race weekends have regularly sold out in record time, and last year attracted more than 163,900 runners to Walt Disney World and Disneyland – a 40 percent increase over the previous year, making therunDisney series one of the largest in the nation.

The surging popularity of runDisney events has created significant economic impact on the surrounding communities. For example, in Anaheim it’s estimated that the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend drives approximately $20 million to $30million in additional economic activity locally by attracting thousands of runners to Southern California. In suburban Orlando, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, which is considered to be the largest race weekend in the country, attracts more than 50,000 runners and 50,000-plus spectators, for a total attendance of more than 100,000 in Central Florida.

Be sure to keep an eye out on for more details!

QOTD: Thoughts on this race? A good move? Would you run it?

Staples iTunes Giftcard Giveaway

I was recently contacted by Staples to be a part of a summer fitness initiative, #StaplesFitClub, and was generously sent some amazing gadgets to test out. These products all work together to make getting fit and recording everything/tracking your goals a cinch, and I am having a blast so far!

The items I was sent include the iPad Mini, the FitBit One, and the FitBit aria scale with wifi. I was so giddy opening up the box, I love electronics, and I love fitness! Staples hit the nail on the head with this amazing combination!

Ok, so let’s talk about each item individually. First, the FitBit One. This little gadget attaches easily to your hip and tracks your steps, mileage, calories burned, and flights of stairs traveled. You can also wear it to bed to monitor your sleep activity which I found super cool. I put it on in the morning and forget it’s there, it’s really a no-fuss product. It really helps me to have mini goals for the day, like walk so many steps or climb so many flights of stairs. Being able to “check in” on myself right on the device during the day helps me to stay on track.


I was also sent by far the coolest scale I have ever seen in my life! The fitbit Aria  has Wi-Fi, yall! It works in conjunction with the FitBit. Once you set up a profile with FitBit, the scale will recognize you when you step on, and tells you your weight, body fat %, and BMI. Them, the information is sent to your FitBit profile (privately) so you can easily keep track of your progress and even set goals for yourself.


Then there is the iPad mini, which rounds out the group and brings it all together. I downloaded the FitBit app from the app store (free) and so when I open my app on my iPad, it shows my profile for how many steps I have walked that day, distance, stairs, etc. as well as my weigh in info form my scale, all together in one place, it’s seamless! The iPad I received has 16GB of space, a 7.9 inch backlit display and a 5MP camera with HD video recording. I will be doing lots of Facetiming with up to ten hours of battery life (that’s a lot of facetime!)

Not to mention I went to the app store and downloaded some fitness apps to my iPad to help me with my fitness goals. There are a ton to choose from, and the iPad and iTunes make it so simple to purchase and download right to your device instantly.


How would you like to win a $25 iTunes giftcard to help you on your fitness journey? Simply follow the rafflecoptor instructions below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclosure: I was provided these products for free from Staples, however all opinions are my own

BIC Bands Giveaway

In honor of BIC Bands announcing their new ambassadors, they decided to host a big fun giveaway! They will be giving away $20 in BIC Bands store credit to 13 (number of ambassadors) lucky winners!


Wearing my first (and favorite) BIC Band when I raised money in honor of my mom for Team in Training.

There are two ways to enter:

No purchase necessary to enter.

-reply/leave a comment on one of our Ambassadors Blog posts (like mine, please comment below) with your favorite BIC Band (1 entry)
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Contest open 5-22-14 through 6-1-14. Winners will be announced 6-4-14. Email with any questions!


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I am so excited to be a part of such a great company that gives back to charity, it’s such a cool thing to me and I am honored to join these other lovely ladies!

Being Ok With the New Me

Ok guys, it’s time to get real about pregnancy.

I am so, so glad I am pregnant, and cannot wait to welcome baby M into the world in September, and am very aware of how blessed I am to be pregnant at all. However, I would be lying to you all if I, in my most perky, sparkly voice said I was totally and completely content with the changes in my body, and what I can do physically to sweat and stay in shape.

It’s hard, yall. I don’t just mean from an “oh my gosh my butt is growing as fast as my belly” sense, but also from a “why is it hard for me to power walk 3 miles, I am a marathon runner!” sense.

unnamed (11)

Even though I KNOW a changing shape is supposed to happen and is a GOOD THING, it can be difficult some days to step on the scale and see numbers I have never seen before. This is coming from someone who has a good relationship with food and has never suffered from an eating or exercise disorder. I’m just a regular girl yall, but going from running back to back races as a normal thing to huffing and puffing up the stairs to go put on maternity pants…because regular ones stopped fitting a LONG time ago…is a tough pill to swallow.

I know when I am holding baby girl it will all have been worth it, and I have some great friends who have been there done that and will help me get back into shape, but I’m still scared. I think the first time around will be the hardest because not only do I not know what to expect as far as what the heck my body is doing, but I also don’t know what to expect as far as how long it will take me to bounce back after baby arrives.

This is NOT me asking for compliments, or trying to sound vain or self absorbed in any way, I just wanted to be open and honest with what is going on in case there are other mama’s to be out there feeling the same way. You are not alone. Change is scary, especially when it is happening to your body and you have no control over it (people telling you that you look huge and “are you sure it’s not twins” really, really don’t help!)

So yes, I am only 21 weeks pregnant, and while I will do everything I can to stay healthy and create a safe and comfortable environment for baby M to bake for the next few months, I already can’t wait to do a really long run, sweat buckets, and not have to pee every five minutes while doing so. So for now, I try every day to love myself for what I am doing, bringing life into the world in my new shape, and will try not to worry about the rest. Some days will be easier than others, and that’s ok too.

14weeks bump3

I won’t wear maternity clothes forever, I will run long distances again, and I will have the best little cheerleader to meet me at the finish line.

QOTD: Mamas did you struggle with lack of tough workouts/fitness level as well as weight gain while you were pregnant?

Is this something non pregnant women think about? I don’t think I ever really did until it happened to me!

Pregnancy Update: Week 21

We are on the other side of halfway! Things are getting a bit more real. We started the baby registry process this week, and there is no denying my belly now. It’s starting to get in the way! Standing up out of a recliner is harder, rolling over in bed at night is hard, too. Honestly though, I will take these mild symptoms over what I know some people go to. I consider myself blessed for sure!

21weeks bump

Symptoms: This week has been a little different, and I definitely can tell I am slowing down. I had a few days again where I just didn’t want to eat and no foods tasted good, too. I am getting slight swelling in my feet when I am up and about all day, so time to bust out the compressions socks! The peeing thing has gotten to be a problem with workouts. I literally take a few steps and feel like I have to go. Definitely not ideal.

Baby’s Size: Banana? Carrot? I have heard a few.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new.

Stretch Marks: same

Sleep: Oy. Not so good this week. I had 4 days where I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back asleep for two hours. Of course the longer it took the more annoyed I got which I am sure didn’t help.

Miss Anything: Nothing new that I can think of this week. Just the same sleeping on my stomach and getting through a workout without needing to pee four times.

Cravings: It’s been getting hot here, so Gatorade has been good, and I had an icee from Target yesterday. Yum!

Aversions: Just not eating a lot of anything at once right now.

Looking Forward to: Picking out a name. Baby M is still Baby M for now!

What I’m Loving: While registering has been overwhelming, it is fun, too. I can’t wait to use cute baby items when she arrives!

Workouts: I only ran once this week, but walked at least 2 miles a day for 5 days. Didn’t do the strength work I planned to do. Oops. Will try again this week!


Huge shout out to Dr. Browns. They reached out to me on Twitter and sent me the sweetest most generous baby care package this week! Baby M is already so blessed and she isn’t even here yet. I am so thankful for great companies like this that are willing to have me try out their products. I will definitely be reporting back on how I liked this stuff in a few short months!

QOTD: Did you have pregnancy insomnia?

What are your thoughts on the first episode of the Bachelorette?

Baby Registry Madness

Well, I can’t avoid it any longer, it’s time for baby registering. I started a registry online, and did a fair bit of research…but I am still overwhelmed. An amazing mama friend has patiently answered my thousands of questions, but I am still at a loss on some things. Mainly, what are things I DON’T need.

Also, there are a few select “big ticket” items I don’t mind paying top dollar for to have good quality, but I also know there are certain things where brand name really doesn’t matter.

I took Bobby with me to Target last week and we just wandered the baby aisles looking at things I had already researched and just trying to get a better idea of what we want. Well…I think it was a bit overwhelming for poor daddy-to-be, and I sent him over the edge when I showed him how the “snot sucker” works.


Bobby in Target right after I showed him what a snot sucker was (the one you use with your mouth). I die.

So, this is what I have so far that I KNOW I need:





breast pump/nursing pads/supplies

medical supplies




baby monitor (plan to get video one)

baby wearing contraption of some sort (help?)

I KNOW I am forgetting things, this is more of an “off the top of my head” list. So, help me out mamas!


1.) What do I NEED

2.) What is a “maybe”

3.) What do I NOT need?

#DisneySide at Home Party

Last weekend, I hosted a #DisneySide at home dinner party for some friends and family. We had a couple of people not able to make it at the last minute, but we still had a lot of fun!

Travel With the Magic was sent a #DisneySide party kit which I then used to help decorate and prepare for the festivities, at no cost to me. (All opinions are my own).

I am sure you have seen that Disney launched it’s #DisneySide campaign earlier in the year. Basically, Disney is encouraging everyone to “show your Disney Side”, and that can mean so many different things. You can show it through food, a favorite Disney character, how often you visit the parks, watching your favorite animated classic, and more.



The colors were bright and fun, and I added a few of my own decorative pieces as well.




The kit included some party favors and door prizes which I handed out after dinner.


On the menu was pulled pork, chicken, corn, salad, potato salad, and cake! Do you see the hidden Mickey?


As we ate (oh by the way, I asked everyone to wear Disney clothing to the party to show their #DisneySide!) we all went around the table and shared our favorite Disney memory. It was so much fun to hear the similarities and differences in everyone’s favorite moments. I love that my friends and family love Disney as much as I do, and that we can all share magical moments and special times together!

Moments spanned from runDisney races, to watching fireworks with family, to getting some “extra” pixie dust from cast members. It took me some time to think about mine because I have so many favorite moments, I wasn’t sure which to pick!

After dinner, we played Disney bingo, and used Hershey’s Kisses as the game pieces.


Our winner! Bingo!


I took some time to thank everyone for coming, and handed out door prizes.


Karen won a prize!


Then, it was time for some cake! The plates, cups, and napkins were a big hit.


I even got my dad to wear his Mickey ears, his way of showing his #DisneySide.


*Be sure to check out the Disney Side home celebration page for ideas, activities, and themes for throwing your own party! Be sure to tag photos with #DisneySide, and I would love to see them as well! (@HeathersLG or @TravelwtheMagic and we can retweet your photos!)

QOTD: How do you show your #DisneySide? What is your favorite Disney memory?