runDisney Star Wars Race!

It’s official! the rumors are true! There will be a new Star Wars runDisney race weekend during the “old” Tinkerbell date slot in January of 2015! There will be a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and a challenge (10k and half) for those bling lovers.

star wars race

A lot of people have been wishing and hoping and praying this would happen, and it finally has! I know my husband, a self proclaimed Star Wars geek, is super stoked. I really like that runDisney is catering to a lot of different types of Disney fans now, with such fun themed races.

My thoughts? I am really excited for something different and hope I am able to go. If I am being honest, I hoped and thought it would be in WDW during Star Wars weekends, but we have to remember there are a lot of logistics that go into these races with the parks, public streets, etc. that runDisney has to consider. I am a little bummed for people who want to do marathon weekend and Star Wars but can’t because of the close date proximity, however, it will be great for people who want to get a quick coast to coast challenge medal in January and visit the Disneyland resort during a much cooler (temperature wise) time of year. No matter what, it is bound to be a blast and be put on extremely well as only runDisney does! They can’t schedule things for everyone at every time of year, but now with SO many races there is something for everyone which is so awesome. The runDisney fan base is growing exponentially, and I love sharing my excitement and love for the company with like minded runners. I hope to see you in Disneyland in January!

Want the official info? Check out the press release from runDisney:

Four-day race weekend is first collaboration with Lucasfilm; Aerospace company Sierra Nevada Corporation to be inaugural event’s presenting sponsor; Race registration opens June 10


ANAHEIM, Calif. (May 27, 2014) – Joining forces with one of Hollywood’s most iconic brands, runDisney is creating another transportive race weekend – the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend presented by Sierra Nevada Corporation at Disneyland Resort. The intergalactic journey begins January 15 and runs through January 18, 2015.

The Star Wars event is the fourth runDisney race weekend scheduled for 2015 at Disneyland Resort, doubling the number of races held in 2013. The new race weekend offers runners a variety of race experiences for all levels, from Padawans to Jedi Masters – kids races, a 5K, a 10K and a half marathon. And for those who show an even greater strength for the Force, there will be a two-race challenge involving the 10K and the half marathon with a commemorative medal awaiting every finisher.

In addition, there will be a slew of family-friendly events throughout the weekend, including a Health and Fitness Expo and a Star Wars-themed pre-race party, plus popular Star Wars and Disney characters and other entertainment. Registration opens June 10 at

The Star Wars event at Disneyland Resort joins the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, the recently announced Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend.

“This melding of the iconic Star Wars franchise and the runDisney brand creates an ideal race experience that will resonate with core running groups as well as attract new runners to the sport,’’ said Maribeth Bisienere, senior vice president of Disney Sports Enterprises. “We will continue to identify opportunities to collaborate with other Disney franchises and partners to develop more unique runDisney race weekends that will appeal to an increasingly wider range of runners across the country and beyond.’’

“This is an ideal intersection of family, fitness and Star Wars fun for our global, cross-generational audience andrunDisney fans’’ said Howard Roffman, executive vice president of Franchise Management at Lucasfilm. “Star Wars is all about reaching deep within to realize your true potential and runDisney embodies that message in a very real way.”

As presenting sponsor of the race weekend, Sierra Nevada Corporation will have a presence throughout the event. Sierra Nevada Corporation, based in Sparks, Nevada, provides rapid, innovative and agile technology solutions and is best known for its Dream Chaser spacecraft, the company’s solution for providing the United States with human spaceflight capability.

“With the passion and creativity of runDisney and Lucasfilm, this race weekend is going to be out of this world, which makes it a natural fit for Sierra Nevada Corporation because we are in a race of our own to take humans into space with our Dream Chaser spacecraft program,’’ said Sierra Nevada Corporation president and chairman Eren Ozmen.

As with other new runDisney events, the inaugural Star Wars event sponsored by Sierra Nevada Corporation is expected to be an instant hit. The new Avengers race at Disneyland Resort sold out in less than two hours. In general, runDisney race weekends have regularly sold out in record time, and last year attracted more than 163,900 runners to Walt Disney World and Disneyland – a 40 percent increase over the previous year, making therunDisney series one of the largest in the nation.

The surging popularity of runDisney events has created significant economic impact on the surrounding communities. For example, in Anaheim it’s estimated that the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend drives approximately $20 million to $30million in additional economic activity locally by attracting thousands of runners to Southern California. In suburban Orlando, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, which is considered to be the largest race weekend in the country, attracts more than 50,000 runners and 50,000-plus spectators, for a total attendance of more than 100,000 in Central Florida.

Be sure to keep an eye out on for more details!

QOTD: Thoughts on this race? A good move? Would you run it?

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  1. That is definitely a way cool addition to the runDisney franchise!!! And I know that I am selfishly THRILLED to see them add it to the West Coast parks as the East Coasters already have a ton of great race weekends…we have a lot of catching up to do over here. 🙂

  2. I am SO excited about the announcement. I really hope I can do it in 2015, but since I’m doing Dopey, it’ll probably be 2016. I can’t wait to see what the medals will look like though!

  3. As a Californian, I am thrilled that they are adding a new race to Disneyland. I always feel like WDW has most of the races, so it’s really nice that they are creating more races for the west coast.

  4. I am beyond excited about this new race! I love that it’s close to home for me and that it’s Star Wars themed! As a West Coaster, I’m glad to see that runDisney is showing us some love. 2015 will showcase 4 runDisney races at Disneyland and that makes me a happy camper. The Disneyland races have been selling out so fast that it makes total sense for runDisney to add more races out here. Hopefully, it will make getting into at least 1 of the races easier and allow more people to have the runDisney experience. For me, the Star Wars race will replace the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2015. The Star Wars Rebel Challenge will replace the Dumbo Double Dare. I’m sure that I won’t be alone in giving up races I’ve already done for the newer races. It’s okay that folks can’t do all the races. By adding this race, runDisney has given us on the West Coast more options. That’s a good thing. I’m hoping that runDisney gives the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend more love than they gave to Tink when it held the same slot in the calendar.

  5. I love this idea. I listen to a few Disney podcasts, most who seemed sure this would be in May/June in Florida. I couldn’t see the logic in that since it wouldn’t work weather-wise. I’m glad it’s in California and I hope it is very well planned. I think this will be a swamped expo.

  6. I’m really looking forward to a runDisney Star Wars themed race! What I don’t like is the timing of it. I also wish that the public would have been given appropriate notice since I’m sure it is bound to sell out fast (as usual).

    I’m hoping to register once it opens. I truly love races in Disneyland! 🙂

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