Potato Soup

Here we go with another not so healthy, but very yummy comfort food recipe.

Cheesy Potato Soup
5-6 potatoes
1 12 oz can evaporated milk
1 lb. 2% milk velveeta cheese
salt and pepper to taste

-peel and cut potatoes into small chunks
-barely cover with water and boil until cooked but still firm
-pour out 3/4’s of the water, add evap. milk and cheese, garnish with salt, pepper, more cheese, green onions, etc.
that’s it! so easy, and makes a lot so plenty for leftovers.

oh also here is our backyard all finished

Today is my rest day from cardio, I may lift sme arm weights later but that’s it.

Yard Day

Today has been a really good day! Well, this weekend has been a really good weekend! The weather has been sunny and upper 70’s, just beautiful.
Yesterday I ran and read in the backyard, and I told you all Bobby was going to shoot a commerical. Well I was wrong, he was wrong. It was actually a print ad. But, what was cool, we assumed it would be a bunch of people, it was just him and this one other girl. I will try and figure out where this is going and get a copy. Blue cross Blue shield of MS is part sponser of let’s go walkin’ Mississippi, so maybe something for them? Who knows!

So after that I met Bobby at Home Depot and we got some flowers and plants. Bobby wanted to plant some veggies in pots and I wanted some flowers. Then we went to eat at this cute littl Greek place. It was so beautiful, we ate outside. I love eating outside so I was happy. The food is bad for you but the portions are smal so I didn’t feel too bad. I had a ham and cheese pita and we split some fries, and I got water.

Then we went grocery shopping and that was our exciting Saturday!
This morning I got up and ran a good tempo run. I ran 3 miles like my last tempo, but I ran my first mile 45 seconds faster than last time and still managed to hang onto my 9 minute mile. I was running 8:30 a good amount of the mile, but that mile has two big hills. Maybe I should pick a different route for my tempo runs ha. then I ran my 3rd mile in 11:00 just like last time, so I felt good about that.
When came home Bobby was up and we started to work in the yard. The pollen has been so bad and our patio gets black and yellow accumulating dirt and grime from the winter. Every spring we use the hose nozzle thing you attach an kind of “pressure wash” the patio and it looks much better!
Bobby started planting

I was supervising

So was Bella

We left to get some pine straw, more veggies…and took a detour so i could get my first snowball of the season! Wedding cake with extra juice, YUM!

We got back to work in the yard. Front yard before pine straw

and after. Much better!

SO basically I will probably be very sore tomorrow between my run, and all the bending over in the yard, good! I love sitting on the back patio so i am happy it’s all clean now. I will have to take pictures of everything and post this week!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday afternoon!

Let’s go Walkin’ Mississippi!

Our state started this program in 2006. Mississippi is sadly the most obese state in the US. As a resident here, it really makes me sad and very very angry!!! We have some beautiful waling trails, bike paths, parks, great heath clubs, etc. Whya re people not using these things?!? Anyway, you can visit the website for the program HERE
It’s really actually kinda neat. Schools and classrooms can participate, as well as individuals. The website lists all the places you can walk in the area,and there is also a calendar of all the local races so you can run or walk in a 5k or other races.
So why am I talking about all of this? Well, Bobby just left a few minutes ago to be in a new commerical for this campaign. He gets paid, too, woo hoo! I don’t know what it will be like or if you will even be able to see him, but I will try to find a video of it when they air it and show everyone. It was really funny, he had to wear a suit, and running shoes HAHA. He looked really dorky, but money is money! So, here is my attempt to spread the word, so, go walkin’ today!!!

It is BEAUTIFUL here. 75 degrees, no clouds. I wanted to do 5 miles this morning, and right when I was about to go at 8:45, Bobby wakes up and decides he wants to go…so we didn’t leave till 10:15…well, by this time it was REALLY hot out so we only did 3.5 miles. I was not having a good run. I was etting really frustrated because I was going so slow! Oh well, at least it’s over. Then Bobby worked in the yard and I read runner’s world in the sun out back haha!

Later going to Home Depot to get pots for our tomato plants and okra Bobby is trying to grow. I am going to get some flowers, too!

Have a great Saturday afternoon!

Cake Balls

I was obsessed with cake balls last spring, and haven’t made them in quite awhile. I had to bring a treat to school for a coworkers birthday so I thought “why not?’ Yes yes I know they aren’t healty, BUT in a way they kind of are because they are small, so you can just hav one to satisfy your sweet tooth instead of a whole piece of cake! Also, they are super easy and there are so many different kinds to make!

you will need:
boxed caked mix and other ingredients needed for the mix (usually eggs and oil)
can frosting
almond bark or some other kind of melting chocolate
I like to add almond extract to mine.

-bake cake according to directions on box (I add almond extract to batter here)
-let it cool, then crumble into a bowl
-add entire jar frosting, mix until, well, mixed!
-make into little balls (I use a cookie scoop)
-put in freezer for a few hours
-melt amond bark in a bowl
-dip frozen cake balls into chocolate
-add sprinkles if desired quickly before they dry!

I have done white cake, choc. cake, red velvet cake, white almond bark, choc. bark, whipped frosting, cream cheese, and buttercream. the whipped isnt as sweet as the others.

here are the ones I just made (ignore the chocolates in the middle)

Everyone raved about them and asked me for the recipe. yummo!

Bobby and I just went on a walk. Poor sweet Bella wants to go back outside so she sat by the door and whined.

Taking today off, running tomorrow morning. Bobby is in a commercial tomorrow afternoon so I won’t see a lot of him. I will blog more about that tomorrow 🙂

Have a great Friday night all!

Wedding Season

Well folks, it is definately wedding season!! We have gotten several invites in the past month of two, love is in the air!! All this wedding talk got me thinking about my wedding from over three years ago. I LOVED my wedding. I am pretty obsessed with it. It was fabulous, except for the fact that I scratched my cornea the morning of so I was miserbale and in pain all day until my reception when I got some medicine…but other than that it was awesome! I look at my pictrues and videos sometimes, but it had been awhile since I had seen my bridal prep recap and wedding recap, UG that wedding recap makes me cry eery time! See for yourself! Chad Dyle did an awesome job! go to this link and go to about the 4th or so wedding down to where it says "Heather and Bobby" and you will see my bridal prep and recap videos. Love them!! WEDDING RECAPS Thoughts?

So what does this have to do with fitness, health, or anything other than just plain fun? Well, I know a lot of brides stress out about how they look for their wedding day. Looking back, I am very quick to critique myself. My hair wasn’t right, my dress was too big, why did I wear my veil like that? etc. etc. Well none of this is a good thing. I think sometimes we get so obsessed with what others think about how we look, we forget that they probably really don’t even care! Not saying you shouldn’t care at all how you look, but don’t stress or obsess about it. My wedding was a blast, it was fun, it was beautiful. Some things weren’t “perfect” but that’s ok. Life isn’t perfect! If we don’t stop ourselves as women from freaking out so much about things like this, then we will never ever be happy! So, if you are married, go back and look at your wedding pictures and videos, and smile! If you are getting married, take a deep breathe, and enjoy every second because it flies by. You are beautiful! Also, if you have no prospects exept for the creepy older guy your mom keeps pushing on you, it’s ok! You are beautiful and enjoy your singleness!

Have a good evening everyone!

I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the eliptical 🙂

A yuck day

Today has just been one of those days. You know what I mean, the one where you want to go home, get in your PJ’s, not talk to anyone, and maybe eat a gallon of ice cream. (don’t worry, I am not doing this!)

So, that got me thinking about emotional eating. When I get frustrated, stressed, and bored, I eat a lot of junk, and I am not even hungry. Then, I realize what I did, get mad at myself, and it starts all over again. Now, I don’t do this very often at all, especially in the past 6 months or so. But when I do, it tends to be bad.

So I decided to talk about a few things to do, that I do, when I am tempted to emotionally eat. I will be honest, these things do not ALWAYS work, but more often than not, they do. Hope maybe these tips help someone!

First i try to figure out what is really bothering me, and then try and solve my problem in a way that doesn’t involve food! Sometimes if I take a walk, play with my dogs, etc. I have time to calm down and then reacess. If I am still upset/mad/frustrated/bored I try to figure out if maybe ai REALLY am hungry. I take a few bites of something if so, but just don’t splurge on 1000 calories!

As far as eating out of bordem, I try not to eat in front of the TV, and I don’t eat out of the bag, instead I pour a portion into a bowl/cup etc. I also have learned my triggers as far as time of day for eating out of bordem. When I am home alone, tired, etc. I tend to wander into the kitchen. I try to be aware of this and say “why am I in the kitchen again?!?”

Hopefully, these tips and tricks help someone as I said. The best advice, is to remember if you DO have a bad day of emotional eating, don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day, and you can start over. We all do silly/mindless things and it’s ok!

Hope everyone has a good evening. I am still in a frustrated mood but I am not going into the kitchen, and am staying away from the Easter candy! 🙂

QOTD: Do you eat when you are in a certain mood?

Sunburn, puppies, and pollen

I was very glad that I was starting my week on a Tuesday and not a Monday. Wait…that doesn’t make a lot of sense…but you get what i mean! Yesterday was so glorious. I slept in, I Went for a run, had lunch with my husband, sat outside and read a book, went for a walk with the husband and puppies.

Back to this reading outside…I was only out there for about 45 minutes…and I got a sunburn!So I am aware it doesn’t look as bad as it really is, but it is red and painful! I hate burning. I know it is bad for you, but I also hate being pale! It is a vicious cycle. I love summer, and laying by the pool, but don’t want skin cancer!

So on to the pollen, OH the pollen! It is doing a number on my allergies and my runs. I can’t breathe through my nose and I have that lovely drip in the back of my throat. It is all over everything, in the garage, on the doorknobs, everything. When is this going to go away! Is anyone else having this awful problem?

Lastly, I thought I would share a cute picture. My father enjoys torturing my poor puppies when we go to visit. Here, I caught him in the act!

hehe! poor Bella!

So today for my workout I was going to cross train…so i did 20 minutes elliptical. Then I took the dogs out and saw how nice and sunny it was…so i ran a mile! lol! I also am going to do some arm weights while I watch the Biggest Loser!

QOTD: What do you believe about the sun/burning/tanning?

Easter and Secrets

Ok, so I know the past couple posts have been a little boring and i didn’t talk at all about what i was doing this weekend. Well, there was a reason! We were heading to New Orleans Friday morning, and Saturday night my sister’s husband was throwing her a surprise birthday dinner at a really nice restaurant. So, we went to great lengths for her to not know we were coming into town! It was kind of hard, and stressful! I called her Friday, her actual birthday, and told her how sorry I was that we were not going to be able to come in town, blah blah blah. She was clueless! We got to NOLA Friday afternoon and wnet to the casino buffet with my parents. It was so hard to rememebr not to blog, twitter, or FB post about where I was or what I was doing!
Saturday we hung out at my parents house, I did the eliptical and some arm weights, and we had to tell a few white lies to my sister to get her to not stop by my parents house! Then Saturday night we all went out to the nice dinner and she shwoed up with her husband thinking it was just them, but it was my parents, us, and her husband’s family. We had a good time then went to my sister’s house for cake and ice cream. Sorry I don’t have any pictures!
Sunday morning we went to church and ate a huge wonderful Easter lunch at my parent’s house. We were so full after! It was beautiful out, so we ate dessert outside, and then Bobby and I drove home about 3:00 yesterday. Happily, I am off work today! It was been so nice. I got up and ran. Unfortunately, I waited till it was in the 70’s temp. wise, and I had eaten too much…so i was nauseated…I only did 2 miles but I ran a 9:30 pace, so i was really happy about that!
oh, also,we dyed Easter eggs at our house last weekend, and I thought I would share some pictures.

I call Bella “Bella Stink” or “stinky” because she is bad, or a stinker, so the name stuck!

Easter morning before church. We don’t look awake!

QOTD: Have you ever had a surprise party?

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to pop on with a few thoughts since I may not post tomorrow. We will have to see!

So I didn’t run today but I did elliptical and my leg/hip that was hurt yesterday is very tight, but not really “hurting” so I am going to try stretches later. I also did some arm weights. Trying to tone up my arms for summer tank tops.
I am going to go to self.com, they usually have some good videos and pictures of exercises. Anywhere else I should look?

Ok, so has anyone had the new Chic fil a parfaits? am dying to try one, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thoughts? Good, bad, ugly?

I hope everyone has a good Easter tomorrow and gets to spend some time with friends and family. Remember why we celebrate Easter! Love you all! Eat lots of food…..and then go run it all off! 🙂

QOTD: What is your favorite holiday food?

Not another injury

GAH I have the worst luck. So someone PLEASE tell me what is wrong with me!!
I was running this morning and at mile 1.3 my leg did something really weird…You know when you lay on your hsoulder funny and it kinda feels like it’s popping out of socket? No? ok maybe its just all my years of volleyball that did that to me, but anyway, the top/bak of my leg/connected to my pelvis did that! It was a weird sharp fast pain and so I had to totally stop for a minute and stretch…then i walked…then I tried to run…nope…had to walk…Then I ended up slow jogging/limping home for a total of only 2 miles. ug. So what is this?!? hheeelllpppp!!!!

Sorry to sound so dramatic today but I finally got past my hip pain (I think) and then this. Maybe it was just a fluke?

To cheer me up here is a super cute picture.
This is from last fall when we brought some friends to the french quarter. Yummy Cafe du Monde!

Happy Good Friday All!

QOTD: what has been your worst running injury?