Lorna Jane Fit Challenge: March Recap (Giveaway)

Another month of the Lorna Jane fit challenge has come and gone! Now that my marathon is over, I feel like I have more time to devote to this. As we get into the home stretch, I really want to focus on some of these strengthening exercises! I have been trying to get outside every day (except the rainy ones) and do something active, and do a few sets of the recommended workouts. I don’t always get them all in, but at least I feel accomplished doing something.

IMG_3622 (2)

Oh, and I kind of ran a marathon last month. Huge accomplishment for me!

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I have been trying to walk my dog a few times a week and I have been walking Emma Kate at the park at least once a week for three to four miles. It feels nice not having to log so many running miles and to have more freedom with my workouts!

For the “nourish” eating part of the challenge, I will admit I didn’t try any new recipes this month. However, since I know my sometimes unhealthy eating is my downfall, I plan to make that change this month. Excited to try something new!

I really want to encourage and motivate my amazing readers to be active this spring, and I feel like one of the best ways to do that is to keep a journal and calendar so you can write down all of your upcoming and completed workouts to help you keep track. So, I will be giving away a Lorna Jane 2015 diary to one of you! I know we are part way through the year already, but you can still use the rest of the months to record everything in this amazing book. It also has tips, recipes, and other motivation inside.


All you have to do to enter is follow the prompts below. Open to US residents only. Good luck!

Lorna Jane Diary Giveaway

Staying Healthy While Traveling (Giveaway)


I traveled twice last month, and hopped on a plane yet again last week to head to Los Angeles to run the marathon. With so much going on, I try and do my best to stay healthy and well especially while traveling.

Here are some of my best tips that will help support your immune system so you stay well:

1.) Wash hands: You would think this one would be a given, but a lot of people only wash their hands a couple of times a day. I try to wash mine whenever I think about it, or when I am walking by the sink in the kitchen. This is a great defense for keeping germs away!


2.) Don’t touch your face: This stems off of the hand washing. If you don’t wash your hands then touch your eyes or mouth, it is an easy way for germs and viruses to get into your body. Yuck! I find myself touching my mouth or rubbing my eyes often, a habit I am trying to break!

3.) Sneeze and cough into your arm: You shouldn’t sneeze/cough into your hand, because then it is so easy to touch a door handle etc. and infect other people. I always try to sneeze into a tissue or the crook of my elbow.

4.) Get sleep: When I don’t get enough sleep and am generally run down, it seems that my immune system is lower and I am more susceptible to getting sick. I aim for 7-8 hours a night, which is pretty good with a five month old baby!


5.) Take Airborne Everyday: This is a great product that not only is a multivitamin, but helps support your immune system at the same time (no separate vitamins needed!) The gummies taste great, and are packed with all kinds of nutrients. I have started to take Airborne Everyday as part of my everyday healthy habits routine to help support my immune system. You just take two gummies a day!

IMG_3479 (2)

IMG_3480 (2)

Who would like to win a bottle of Airborne Everyday of their own? I am giving away a bottle to TWO lucky winners! Simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below:


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Disclosure: I received product  for my participation in this post, however all opinions and tips are my own

Something Sweet and $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

I have always loved the taste of sugar, candy, and delicious treats. As I am now 6 months post baby, I am really trying to focus on making more healthy choices and small changes that can add up to help me on my health an fitness journey. A big weakness of mine is flavored coffees and creamers. I can’t stand to drink coffee black, but as a new mom I am throwing back way more calories than necessary because I need something sweet in my cup… or multiple cups a day. Please tell me I’m not the only sweet coffee addict?!? IMG_3343 (2)
I recently realized this was an issue, so I was excited to learn about Born Sweet™ Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener. This stuff has been a lifesaver because it tastes good and is better for my post baby weight loss efforts by not adding a ton of extra calories to my multiple cups of coffee. (One packet is equal to the sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar). IMG_3339 (2) Zing™ is made with only real ingredients, extracting the sweetness found in Mother Nature’s stevia plant.  It has zero calories, and is easy to sprinkle in your coffee.  Or, you can sprinkle it on some fruit, even in a smoothie or in some tea. (You all know how much I love sweet tea!) I have always ALWAYS had a serious sweet tooth, and while I know it can lead to major temptations, it’s just something I have always struggled with. I can work out all day long, but when it comes to sweets I tend to overdo it. But as I’m trying to make small changes like this one, it will help me cut back on calories and still enjoy the sweet flavor I love.

Want try new Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener for yourself? Visit www.zingstevia.com to request a Free Sample of Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener, plus a $1.50 Coupon. You can find Zing™ in the sweetener aisle at mass merchandiser and grocery stores nationwide.
IMG_3340 (2)
Now for the fun part! Answer the following question below in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card:
Which one of your favorite beverages are you most excited to mix Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener into first?

Entry Instructions:

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  1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
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  4. For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older (or nineteen (19) years of age or older in Alabama and Nebraska). Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the [email protected] email address. You will have 2 business days to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 3/25/15 – 4/21/15.

Be sure to visit the Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

Heart Health Recap and Fitbit Giveaway

Two giveaways in one week? Heck yes! It is Friday after all, so why not? You may remember I posted at the beginning of February about heart health and some goals I had for the month. I had some great tools form Staples to help me try to reach my goals, and while I didn’t reach them all, it was fun trying!

1.) Take time for myself every day

2.) Delegate- Eh. Still need to work on this one but getting better.

3.) Let things go- I had a couple of things happen this month to upset me, but after the initial anger I chose to let them go and I feel so much better not dwelling on the stress or haters.

4.) plan ahead- We went on vacation and I had to do a LOT of planning ahead to make sure things were covered at work, at home, etc. and everything went smoothly!

5.) run 100 miles- I only ran about 55 miles last month. I realized picking the shortest month of the year for such a  lofty goal probably wasn’t the best idea! Also, I was dealing with a hip injury so I was actually running less. Oh well! I will have to try this one again.

Something that really helped me stay active every day this month was my Fitbit One. I aim for 10k steps a day, and like to check in during the day to see where I am and if I need to do some more moving around. It’s been a great accountability tool!

IMG_2551 (2)

Staples has agreed to graciously give away a Fitbit One to one of my lovely readers! Just follow the instructions on Rafflecoptor to enter. Must have an address in the US. Good luck!

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Freshly Picked Review and Giveaway

Hi friends! I have a GREAT giveaway today for those with wee ones. So I know Emma Kate can’t walk yet, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have adorable little moccasins! Freshly Picked is having me not only review these on my site, but I will be giving a pair away as well!


Emma Kate was way more excited about the cute packaging than the shoes themselves.

If I have to pick my favorite thing about Freshly Picked, It would be that they have SO many colors to choose from. I had a really hard time deciding! The baby wears a ton of pink so I thought these adorable neon pink ones fit her perfectly.


I also ordered them a size bigger than needed so she could wear them for longer.

If I hadn’t gone with the pink, my next choice would have been Heirloom in cream and gold or the birch ones.


The moccasins are made of genuine leather, and have elastic at the opening making them easy to get on squirmy babies, and stay on them! I also love that these items are made right here in the USA. You may have heard of them before from the ABC hit show Shark Tank, as well.


I love how cute they are and can’t wait to add to EK’s collection soon!

Who wants to win a free pair of baby moccasins? Simply follow the Rafflecoptor instructions below.

*Please note if you have won a giveaway or a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins in the past 60 days you are not eligible to win. US addresses only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Giveaway

As a new mom, I drink a fair bit of coffee (and wine) to keep my sanity. This is good for me mentally, but not so good for my teeth. When Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying out their teeth whitening kit, I was really excited, especially since I couldn’t whiten my teeth while I was pregnant.

They mailed me the kit right away, and I was to make a mold of my top and bottom teeth to send off to have my custom trays made.

IMG_1088 (2)

The directions were very easy to follow and the whole thing took about ten minutes. Getting custom fitted trays made really adds to how well the treatments work!

IMG_1125 (2)

They even sent me back my molds (which they don’t typically do) just so I could show yall how much work and precision goes into making your custom trays.


IMG_2226 (2)

IMG_2231 (2)

I used the trays about 8-9 times (you use until you stop noticing a difference) and my teeth are definitely whiter than they were before! Please note that the kit is designed to remove surface stains to restore your teeth to their natural color. It doesn’t actually bleach your teeth. You can continue to use the product once a month for maintenance. Everyone has a natural tooth color, but stains over time cause the teeth to turn more yellow. This product helps remove those pesky stains to restore your natural smile.

I put the trays in for 45 minutes – one hour each time, and hardly noticed they were there. Well worth the effort if you ask me!




IMG_2496 (2)

This picture was after drinking coffee…and they are still whiter!


***How would you like to win $139.95 in store credit which is equal to the Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 whitening gel syringes and 3 desensitizing gel syringes or the Teeth whitening Trays + 6 whitening gel syringes? All you have to do is enter here. It’s really easy and takes about ten seconds.

Additionally, my readers can get 5% off the entire product list at Smile Brilliant. Just use coupon code “lookingglass5” when you checkout through this link. This discount is good through February 28!

QOTD: Have you ever used teeth whitening products before? Did they work?

WIN Detergent Giveaway and Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review Win detergent. I have been hearing about it for a little while, and was very curious since well, we sweat pretty hard in the Montgomery household.

win detergent

I would be lying if I said we have never had to throw out dri fit clothing due to a terrible stink that just won’t go away no matter how many times time I try and wash said clothing. it’s really sad, because my favorite shirts I wear most often…which means they get the most stink…and well, you get the picture. I don’t want to throw out my favorite workout clothes!


I was sent two bottles of Win sports detergent, original WIN, and WIN green. I really like the smell of the detergent, and I have to say, my clothes DO smell better after using it! My only qualm is that the detergent is very very liquidy as opposed to the thicker formulas of other detergents. Because of this, when I try and pour it into the cap, I manage to get it everywhere! Maybe just a personal issue on my part, and definitely not a reason to not buy it, especially since it gets the job done!

Also, don’t think that just because it’s cold out that you don’t sweat and don’t need this detergent. When I wear lots of layers, I actually sweat a ton. Also, I don’t own as many cold weather running clothes so they get worn more = more stink. Another good reason to use Win in the winter is because we typically go indoors to the gym more in the winter and let’s face it, no one wants to be “the stinky lady/guy” at the gym!

WIN has given me the opportunity to do a giveaway here on the blog. One winner will receive a full sized bottle of each, the original detergent and the green. Also, if you don’t win, or just want to buy  it anyway, you can use the coupon code WINGIVE1 for $1 a bottle of WIN.

To enter the giveaway, please follow the Rafflecoptor instructions below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Be sure to follow WIN on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or visit their website for more information, or follow these hashtags: #SweatHardSmellGreat #WINDetergent

Disclosure: I was given product to review from WIN through Sweat Pink for this giveaway, however all opinions are my own.

Rock ‘n Roll NOLA Announcement and Giveaway

Hello friends! Can you believe that we are less than three months away from the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans marathon and half marathon weekend? I am just getting back into running after having my baby, but can’t wait to rock through 13.1 miles in my hometown.

I have a fun announcement for you today and a giveaway opportunity. First of all, one of the bands for the after party was announced, the KONGOS! (<—-Check out the link to learn more about them.) They will be part one of the Finish Line Festival lineup. Yall, trust me when I say New Orleans knows how to throw a party, and finish line festivities at races are no exception!


Don’t forget that live music will be performed throughout the race course. Think of them as mini concerts, and as much as you will want to stop and listen, don’t forget to keep running. Smile

***Also guys, don’t forget to use code LOOKINGGLASS at registration checkout for $10 off the half or full marathon, or LOOKINGGLASS10k for $5 off the 10k distance).


Ok, so who wants to win a Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans t-shirt? These shirts are gender specific and super soft! All you have to do is register for one of the New Orleans races using my code (LOOKINGGLASS or LOOKINGGLASS10K), and email me at [email protected] telling me that you did so, so that we can look you up to confirm. The first 5 people who do this starting today (past registrations don’t count) will get a FREE t-shirt. You know you have been on the fence about registering, and who doesn’t love free stuff? The men’s shirt is royal blue and the women’s is navy blue, they both have the same design on them. Check out Bobby modeling the men’s version:

rock n roll shirt

QOTD: If you could have any band perform at the end of a race for you, who would it be?

Fiber Choice Consumer Challenge (WIN Prizes!)

I have come to the end of my 30 days with Fiber Choice’s Get Picky Challenge, but that doesn’t mean I plan to stop taking my fruity bites, and it also doesn’t mean there isn’t some fun to be had!


I want to encourage you to encourage you to take the Fiber Choice consumer challenge, hosted on www.fiberchoice.com/consumerchallenge.

It’s time for you to make the switch to Fiber Choice. Why should you do this you ask? Well, aside from my testimonial a week in and thirty days in, there are other incentives as well:

– Each week in September, five winners will be selected at random to win high-value coupons for free product, etc.

– At the end of the month, one participant will win a $500 gift card!

Be sure to head over to the website NOW (it’s SUPER easy to enter to win the prizes!) Also be sure to check out Fiber Choice on Twitter and Facebook.

I still have a little less than a month of my pregnancy, and I am buying another bottle of fruity bites ASAP so I will be stocked up and ready even after baby M comes. Who doesn’t want to eat gummies every day that taste like candy and give you fiber?!? I really enjoyed the challenge, and the decision to stick with Fiber choice after was a really easy one for me. Please let me know if you have any questions about the products or the challenge!

QOTD: If you could create a fiber gummy, what flavor would it be?

Disclosure: I was provided with product and compensation for this post, however all opinions are my own.

PRO Compression Review + Giveaway

It’s summer in the south. It’s hot. I am in my last four weeks of pregnancy. This is a recipe for misery, but mainly for swelling! I have tried to be really careful the past few months with putting my feet up and drinking lots of water, but sometimes you just need a little extra help to make your legs and feet feel extra taken care of!

When PRO Compression contacted me about doing a review and giveaway, I was happy to oblige as my poor legs need the support right now!


As a runner, I am no stranger to compression socks. I wear them during a lot of my runs, and most importantly to recover with after all long runs. These socks can help speed up your recovery time, and improve your blood flow. Plus, they just feel really good on my legs and feet. I can feel a difference once I put them on, aahhhh!


They have graduated compression that promotes circulation. The compression pushes fluid up from your feet and ankles, through your legs out past the socks towards your knees (which is what reduces the swelling).


I had a hard time choosing between the pink argyle I got and these awesome purple ones!

Something else I love is that these socks are designed and manufactured in the USA! Not to mention, they are always coming out with cute new designs and colors!


PRO Compression has a way for you to get your marathon socks or sleeves at 40% off! Yes, what a steal I agree. Stock up for the fall racing season! Simply enter code BLG14 at checkout!

Would you like to win a pair of of the marathon socks or sleeves? Check out the widget below to see how to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided product for this review form PRO compression, however all opinions are my own.