5 Things Friday XXI

1.) runDisney Star Wars: Next Tuesday at noon EST is the official opening of general registration for the Star Wars dark side race weekend in Orlando next April! Bobby is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and we have yet to do this race, so I am excited to say we will be signing up! Anyone else?


2.) Book Buddies: A LOT of people helped me spread the word about my book, and I just wanted to give some of them a huge shout out today! Be sure to stop by their blog or social media pages! Amy, Melissa, Lindsey, Lisa, Jenny, Amanda, Rachel. (If I forgot you let me know! There were so many helpful people!)

3.) Kids kitchen: I want to get Emma Kate a kids kitchen for her birthday. Thoughts on the best ones? I really don’t want to spend $400 either. Just something simple but fun for her, and I would love your recommendations?

4.) IG giveaway: I am hosting a giveaway on Instagram through tomorrow for some running gear! You can check it out here.


5.) Olympic Mess?: Have you guys been seeing the news? All the talks of the crazy things going on in Rio? The crime, the Olympic village not being finished, the body parts and human waste in the water, etc? It sounds like a huge nightmare. I’m fascinated by all things Olympics, even the buildings, etc. that are built specifically for the games, the housing, and all the inner workings. Have you heard about any of this? What are your thoughts?

QOTD: Answer one of my questions above!

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  1. Heather Kooken says:

    RunDisney races are the best! As for kitchens for your little one- Ikea actually has a pretty cute (sturdy and durable too) play kitchen. My 6 & 7 year olds still play with their play food from Ikea- it’s realistic & fabric (washable). And Rio– wow! I got sucked into watching Real Sports on HBO last night and everything about the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has put a bad taste in my mouth! I pray for safety from violence and disease for the Rio Olympics.

  2. Tiffany Cleland says:

    I agree with ikea. So much cheaper and very durable. My daughter still has her that we got her 4 years ago. She loves it. You can also paint it and dress it up to look expensive with only spending a fraction of the cost.

  3. Bodies in the water?! Yikes! I’ve had no time for news this week so I missed all of that!

  4. I missed the bodies in the water, but I’ve seen reports on everything else. And yesterday Pro Publica released an article detailing how much the head of WADA new about the Russian doping and didn’t do anything.

  5. Human body parts in the water? What???? I have been on vacation all week so apparently I’ve missed this news!

    I’ve never been a fan of Star wars so have never had the desire to sign up for either race. However, I was a huge fan of my “play kitchen”! I even had 2 of them! I think EK will just love it. Good luck picking one out for her!

  6. Oh I so want to run the Star Wars race!!!! The Rio mess is awful! I LOVE the Olympics but this is just horrible!

  7. I was lucky enough to do Star Wars Dark Side as my first half last year, doing the challenge this year. Looks like they are changing the course up too. Hopefully it will elevate the horrible bottlenecking between the Boardwalk and Hollywood Studios.

  8. Yay for choosing your next Disney race! I’m very much looking forward to Wine and Dine after having to defer from last year.

  9. Megan Evans says:

    Step 2 makes great kitchens for kids! My kids have had several different versions, but I got this one for Sadie this year and she loves it! It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up a ton of room

  10. Melanie Monnette says:

    I am running Star Wars with my family. It will be my youngest son’s first 10K and my other two boys’ first half. We are running for a charity, RODS Racing, and I am so excited to see my boys running and making a difference!

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