Back to My Roots: Tips for Beginners


So, some of you may have seen this post on Twitter yesterday.


Sigh. I was so ready for a nice, relaxing massage, and instead I spent an hour talking to someone who obviously knew NOTHING about running, but asking me a million questions. Was I annoyed? Heck yes! I paid money to relax! Not explain what a GPS watch is to you!

When I got home, I started doing some thinking. Was it wrong and very annoying what she did? Of course, BUT, at the same time, here was someone obviously very wowed by my running knowledge, eagerly wanting more info and tips. She actually jokingly (I think!) asked me to be her running coach. She also told me she would hate to see me kick someone as she was rubbing my calves. Is it weird that I took this as a major compliment by the way?


Anyway, here I was thinking “how can she not know what a Garmin watch is?” and “is she seriously asking me how I am supposed to know how far I have run “are there like, marks in the road that tell you?” As I began to feel slightly proud and cocky, I was immediately put in my place when I remembered that there was once a time when I didn’t know the answers to those questions.

How silly of me to assume that everyone knows how to get rid of a side cramp, and how you know what kind of shoes you need. To the “normal” world, these are not common knowledge issues. I do so much reading and research every day, it has become so easy for me to forget that everyone has to start from somewhere, and learn as they go.

So, I have decided to go “back to my roots” shall we say, and go over some things I wish I knew in the beginning but didn’t know.

GPS Watch/Garmin: These handy watches are amazing and it is my favorite piece of gear. They work via satellite and track your distance, pace, time, elevation, etc. Then you can plug it up to your computer and download your info to have for a training log, comparisons, etc. There are also phone apps for this purpose as well.

2011-08-07063016 (1)

(wearing my Garmin)

GU/Chomps: When I first started running I had no need for this as I was just running 3-4 miles at a time. When I got up to six miles I realized I needed to start using something for fuel. I was scared to try GU, the consistency seemed nasty, but now they are my BFF and I love trying the different flavors. I can’t do the chomps (if I can help it) because they get stuck in my teeth. The GU is easy to “suck down” when I see a water stop up ahead.


How to start training: If you are starting from scratch, I highly recommend the couch to 5k program. I have not done it myself but know people who have been very successful with it. We all start from somewhere, even if it’s your couch. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Sweat Wicking: You don’t want to run in cotton! It gets very heavy when you sweat and doesn’t feel good. Invest in some dri fit/sweat wicking workout clothes that wick moisture away from your body. I of course recommend running skirts for workout gear!


Log your workouts: It can be, or writing workouts in a journal, but keep track of what you do, and how you felt. That way you can look back to see how far you have come, what conditions you run best in, time of day, etc.

Body Glide: go buy some. You will thank me later when you don’t have burns and rashes all over and your friends do.

Walk Breaks: are perfectly normal. I hate that there is a stigma that if you walk during a run or a race you aren’t really a runner. I have done some experiments, and I actually race FASTER when I take a 20 second walk break every 7  minutes or so after I hit mile 8 of a half marathon. True story. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed if you need to walk every now and then.

Rest: Being too ambitious in the beginning can get you burnt out or injured. Your body NEEDS rest days to recover and rebuild to make you stronger. Don’t forget to cross train as well. Build strength all over, and not just from running.


These are by NO MEANS all the tips there are, these are just a few off the top of my head I wish I had know starting out (and some my masseuse asked me!) As always, if you have ANY specific questions, please feel free to comment here or e mail me at [email protected]. I love hearing from readers!


Also wanted to add…I ran my FIST MILE since Thanksgiving Day today! It felt good! I took it slow, but ran the whole thing. I’m coming back! YAY!

QOTD: What is a running tip you wish you knew when you first started?

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Running Skirts Sales Summit Day 2


Mmooorrrrnnniiinnnggg! catching up from the weekend?

Running Skirts Sales Summit

The Disney Dream part 1

Happy Father’s Day 2011

I hope everyone had a fab weekend! I will have pictures from Father’s Day up tomorrow. We had a great time at my parents house. My dad liked his gifts. Smile

Ok, so, we were discussing the Running Skirts sales summit. We woke up on day 2, and all went for a morning run by the ocean. It was so beautiful, nice and cool outside, no humidity. LOVE THIS WEATHER!


Paige and I on our balcony before the run


my knee/IT band was giving me fits. I played sand volleyball twice on Castaway Cay on the cruise, and it had been hurting me since then. I ended up walking for part of the run. I felt bad slowing everyone down, but didn’t really have a choice.

We ran into a guy putting his surfboard into his car, and asked it we could take a picture.


I couldn’t get over the gorgeous scenery.



We covered somewhere between 4 and 5 miles, and then were dropped off back at the hotel to shower and get ready for some training.


next skirt outfit. Smile

We had a great day of training and I learned a lot, and then that afternoon we were sent off to the spa to enjoy some relaxation time. You weren’t supposed to take pictures, but I snuck a couple.

2011-06-07174319 2011-06-07174330

the spa was so awesome. It had indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, a heated outdoor pool, sauna, steam room, relaxation room, room with fireplace, it was so awesome.


see the big balcony on the second floor? That is our suite. Smile


beautiful flowers. everywhere. smelled. wonderful.

That night we went to a cute place on the water called Jake’s for drinks before we went to dinner. Sadly, June gloom had set in.


but we still had a great time!




after drinks, we went to a Mexican place in Del Mar for dinner. It was so yummy! Loved it!



Good times were had by all, and I was so sad we had to leave the next day! Here are a couple other pictures I took of the resort the morning we left.

DSC_0615 DSC_0616

the awesome bathroom in our room


Wednesday morning we were all sadly brought to the airport to begin our journey home. I know the trip seemed so condensed in these posts but there was so much going on, I had such a great first visit to California and hope I get to go back soon!

Running Skirts Sales Summit


FRIDAY! I know I have been slacking on the Friday Favorites posts, but I REALLY want to tell you about my time with my new running skirts family, and don’t want to wait till Monday, so once again, no Friday favorites. But I think you will like this post!

Ok so we left off at the train station in San Diego. After sitting for a few minutes, I see one of the twins, in skirt gear of course, walking towards me. Yay! It finally felt real! It was Cindy, and Christy was waiting in the car with Cindy’s sweet baby Ryder. (Confession: at the start of the sales summit, I could NOT tell the twins apart, but now I can vey easily!)

We started heading to the airport just a few blocks away to pick up two of the other girls. As we are driving and they are pointing out the water and the boats, etc. One of the girls goes “is that Meb?” I stated looking and thought “certainly they don’t mean THE Meb…not Meb Keflezighi…..who WON the San Diego Rock in Roll just 24 hours ago? oh, yeah, it is, just going for a shake out run, ho hum. HOW COOL! I was psyched and I had been in San Diego all of 20 minutes!!!

We picked up Larissa and Paige, and headed to our hotel. Our 4th member of our gang was flying in that afternoon, so we were instructed to get some lunch by the pool and relax until then. We had NO idea where we were going to be staying, and honestly I had not thought much about it. Well, we pull up to the La Costa resort and spa…HOLY COW! They were totally spoiling us!

We checked in and walked to our room. Aw, sisterly love.


In case you are blind and can’t tell from the above picture…this place is GORGEOUS. mountains all around, flowers everywhere, it was amazing. The surprises kept on coming. We get to our building and put the key in to two large double doors, not the single kind like a regular room. It opens into this:



with a balcony that overlooks this


and then there were two rooms, one off each side of the living area, so it was two girls to a room. This was me and Paige’s room. I was stoked to have my own bed and no cover hog-Bobby around for a couple nights.


The twins left to go get things ready to come back for our first meeting that would be held in our suite, and so the three of us headed to find food and the pool.



it’s hard to tell, but in the above picture, that wall of greenish stones is like a waterfall, so peaceful.


We sat in the sun at the little restaurant area, and I got a turkey burger


it wasn’t bad! We ate and talked and soaked up some sun, and then Juli, the 4th and final sales rep got to the hotel, and we headed back for some learning and fun!

We went through some training and learning time, and then we all got dressed in matching skirts and headed to the store. I was SO excited to see the store after seeing so many pictures of it online!



they had wine and cheese for us at the store, and all the other ladies were wearing pink, too!





We went around and did introductions, and Joe Taricani was there and he hung out with us for the evening, and even recorded part of his show there, and we were in it! We went out fron to take some group shots in front of the store. The first one is my fav!



then we had a little fun out back with some expo equipment…but I won’t get into that lol! Let’s just say I may or may not have thought about getting a tetanus shot after hanging that sign on barbed wire!


After that, we all went to this great place to eat called Rimel’s. We had such a great time, everyone was so sweet and easy to get along with.


I had some chicken tacos


cell phone pic with a flash…sorry!

I was so exhausted by time we left, I think we all were! We all went to sleep as soon as we got back to our lovely hotel. It was a great day, and I knew the next day was going to be even more fun. I was just so sad it was going by so fast!

In the next running skirts post…our group run, and the spa!

QOTD: What is the most beautiful hotel you have ever stayed?

Friday Favorites: Running Skirts


Yay for Friday! It is gloomy and cold here, but I am excited because I get to see my husband tonight! Also, secretly hoping he will take me out to eat Mexican food. Not so excited we are trying to run 18 miles tomorrow, but that’s besides the point.

I enjoyed writing my runner’s Christmas gift guide so much, I decided to make it a part of my blog every week. On Friday’s I will talk about a favorite thing, product, place, food, anything that I am currently really liking! (Now, let’s just hope I remember to actually do it!)

I thought I would kick things off with something that is near and dear to my heart, even thought I have talked about them several times before. running skirts.



In the photo above I am wearing my newest running skirt from the new winter collection.

I really, really, love running skirts from Not just because they are cute either. There are no seams against your skin so there is no itching or rubbing.  The fabric feels nice and comfy and there are so many options to choose from. If you don’t like the length of the running skirt, you can shooce the longer athletic skirt with built in spandex shorts instead of the built in briefs.  They are a little pricey, but well worth it. I have several I have had for about 2 years now and they are still holding up great with no signs of falling apart.  If you go to their website and sign up for their mailing list, sometimes they will send you coupons for free shipping, tell you about discounts and specials, etc.

I will admit at first I felt weird running in a skirt, but now, I HATE running in shorts and the only thing I will run in besides my skirts are pants when it’s really cold. Some people are not big fans of the skirts, and if that’s you, that’s ok….I will still be your friend. Smile 

This is the perfect time to ask for one for Christmas. Smile I can’t wait until the Disney marathon expo so I can hang out at the running skirts booth again!


QOTD: Do you have running skirts? Do you like them? What kind are your favorites?

runDisney Half Marathon 2010

So here is my race recap for my very first half marathon! It was QUITE the experience!

We got to Disneyworld Thursday afternoon, checked into the Polynesian and Friday me, my husband bobby and best friend Jen went to the disney expo! I was so excited to buy stuff, and meet the running skirts girls!

we picked up our race packets, shirts, and goodie bags, it was all very smooth. then we shopped!

I pretty much headed straight to the running skirts booth and the twins were SO SWEET! I enjoyed getting to chat with them and hope to see them at the Mardi Gras Rock n roll 1/2!!

we wandered around a bit and bought some more stuff and then headed out

me and Bobby in front of the expo

we ate a HUGE dinner and attempted to go to bed early..but it just didn’t happen. we woke up at 3 AM on RACE MORNING!!!! it was SO COLD. I think it was record breaking temps in Orlando, or close to it. Of course, on the day of the race, OF COURSE!

Since I live in Mississippi, I don’t own a lot, well, any “cold weather running clothes” Luckily, Jen let me borrow a pair of pants to wear under my skirt and a long sleeved wicking shirt to wear as a layer. I also bought a nylon long sleeved shirt from the running skirts girls and then wore a plain black sweatshirt on top to toss in case I got hot. I also wore a hat, gloves, and hot hands!

we got ready, I had some juice with protien powder, and half a cliff bar and we headed to the monorail!
we got to the race, checked our bags, went potty for the first time, and then huddled with about 100 strangers to stay warm. As we were standing there, we realized it was sleeting!!! You have GOT to be kidding me!

We walked about a mile to the corrals in the sleet/freezing rain and visited porta potties for 2nd time and then said goodbye to Jen and her husband, as they are bestial and were in Coral A/B

here is me and Bobby FREEZING!!

we got into our corral which was the 2nd to last one, and waited…and waited…I felt like us slow runners were being punished for being slow b/c we didn’t cross the start till over 30 minutes after teh first runners did!

here is the stage that was at the front

we were off! in the freezing cold! About mile 2 or 3, it started freezing rain. IN case you have never run in freezing rain, it pelts you in the face and feels like hundreds of tiny needles stabbing you. Not the most plesant in the dark at 6 am.
we kept running, and about mile 5 I took a GU. we ran into the Magic Kingdom at this point and I was so excited. This was my absolute FAVORITE part. For a dsiney lover, being able to run down main street with people cheering for you as you head towards the castle was just awesome.

by this time, it started raining, a lot. we just kept on going. at about mine 9, Bobby’s knee started hurting him so we had to slow down some. we only stopped the whole time to get water, and once when Bobby had to use the restroom. I was SO shocked I was able to run the whole way! I believe my hip was so frozen solid I couldn’t feel any pain.

We stopped and got more GU at mile 9 ish, and this is about where we passed my mom and sister who started up about 5 minutes ahead of us.

We kept going, and Bobby kept having to walk and wanted me to go on without him but for our first 1/2 I really wanted to cross the finish with him, so I stopped and jogged slow with him. We kept encouraging each other to keep going, the last 2 miles were tough. It was getting colder, we were soaked, and I couldn’t feel my feet.

We made it into epcot, and only had 1/2 mile to go. Bobby almost couldn’t finish, but I kept encouragining him telling him 3 tenths, 2 tenths, etc. (garmin came in handy) and then we saw the mile 13 sign and the finish line!

I felt the tears well up and I fought back tears as we got to the finish line. we held hands the last stretch and crossed together, arms in the air in triumph. I was so happy, but also so glad it was over. It was so hard! we got our medals and then we were SO COLD becuase our bodies cooled down.
everyone else got food and pics taken adn we left! The mile walk to the monorail was the most miserable mile of my life. I was so cold, shivering uncontrolably. then we had to get OFF the monorail and walk back to the room. we showered and got in bed and slept!
We woke up so sore becuase we were too cold to stretch after the race. I am finally feeling better now!

my time was 2:44 according to garmin, 2:45 according to disney. pretty close I think. I was shooting for 2:30, and if it weren’t for the conditions and having to slow down for Bobby i think I could have done it! I will find out in February for the mardi gras rock n roll half!
here is our picture.

I truly loved this race even though it was so miserable. I HIGHLY reccommend this race, especially if you LOVE Disney like I do! I am toying around the idea of doing the full next year…thoughts?!?