GI Issues Update


Thank you so much to those of you who offered prayers and thoughts via Twitter or my Facebook page yesterday concerning my upper endoscopy! Everything went well, and there was absolutely nothing to worry about, it was seriously no sweat! So this is how it all went down.

Originally I didn’t have to be there until 11:30 which frustrated me because I couldn’t eat after midnight the night before and I had no idea how I was going to do that. Luckily, I got a call the day before asking if I could be there at 7 am. Absolutely! Problem solved. We got up at 5:30 and drove to the clinic. I had to make big signs that said “NO!” and put them on the refrigerator and b my medication to remind me not to eat!

I checked in, signed my life away and swiped my credit card (ug) and then it was time for pre op. I had the sweetest nurse named Pam who explained everything to me. After changing into a very unflattering gown and hopping into the bed I was covered with a warm blanket while they started my IV with my “happy juice” to relax me, then they let Bobby come back and sit with me.

photo (1)

We sat for about thirty minutes, and the anesthesiologist asked if I was ok and why i wasn’t asleep. Uh…I don’t know? Apparently most people fall asleep, so they gave me more happy juice!

Apparently I posted two photos of myself on Instagram and Facebook with captions that I have NO recollection of doing, which really, really freaks me out! (What else did I do??!?) I really thought Bobby did it and was messing with me when I asked him if I did it or he did, but apparently, it was all me.

photo 11

Soon enough, they came to tell me it was time and wheeled me to the back and I said goodbye to Bobby. I was brought into a dark room with a lot of machines and the nurse immediately put something into my IV, and I very quickly started feeling rrreeaallyy good. it was a very pleasant feeling. After that all I remember is them putting the little oxygen tubes in my nose, asking me to roll on my left side, and then them telling me to open my mouth so they could put in a piece to keep it open……

Then I woke up in recovery and Bobby was there, that’s it! It was over, so easy. They brought me something to drink and after removing my IV and wires, I was cleared to go, and even walked to the car by myself. No sweat! So, if you have to have an upper endoscopy, don’t be nervous, it was really not a big deal and I hate that I was so nervous about it now.

Ok, so results….still inconclusive. They didn’t find anything except for some inflammation of my stomach. They took a biopsy and sent it off to test for H pylori. He also sent me over to the lab for some blood work, something with my pancreas? I have no idea I was still really out of it.

So, today I go get an ultrasound of my Gallbladder, and then we wait to get the results of the blood work and the biopsy. I am hoping they find something so I don’t have to continue to pay a bunch of money for tests! That’s it, just wanted to update everyone. Will let you know when I know more!

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QOTD: Ever had a medical procedure that wasn’t as big a deal as you made it out to be?

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  1. I hope they figure out what has been troubling you soon! It sucks not knowing.

  2. I’m glad to hear that the procedure went well and I hope that they can give you some answers soon.

  3. I’m glad that the procedure went well and was no big deal. Your anesthesia sounds like what I had with my colonoscopy. It put me out, but I woke up fresh with no after effects. I hope that they figure out what is up soon. It must be frustrating to not know.

  4. Glad you’re ok! I saw the pics on IG yesterday and was worried. Funny things happen with happy juice! 😉

  5. So glad they didn’t find anything serious and that you’re okay! Hopefully they figure it out for you…being in limbo is definitely frustrating.

    I have several friends who have said the same thing about posting, shopping, etc. except on Ambien. Haha.

  6. Girl I sure hope they figure out what’s going on. I hate to see anyone having to go through all of that. And it seems like you see that so much when it comes to GI issues. Like they just can’t figure it out. Thinking about you!

  7. Glad to hear everything went well. I have to admit I am terrified of ever having to get anesthesia for a procedure…the funny part about that is my dad is an anesthesiologist!

  8. Glad it went well. Hopefully your u/s of your gallbladder reveals something more conclusive. They are probably testing your amalyse and lipase, which get elevated during a gallbladder attack. It’s not unusual for them to check your liver enzymes as well. Good luck today!

  9. Glad it went well. Hope they figure out what’s going on!

  10. Glad the procedure went well. Hoping they figure out what is going on VERY soon!

  11. I am glad it wasn’t too stressful. Maybe next time put a big No on your phone or put Bobby in charge if it! Fingers crossed for a diagnosis!

  12. So, I went back through some of your older posts, but couldn’t find a description of your GI issues that gave many symptoms. You mentioned you’re getting your gallbladder looked at, which sparked my interest – I had mine out this past July!

    One of the biggest and most painful attacks that I had started out feeling like a super awful case of heartburn, and then it just radiated through my whole chest and into my back. I also had episodes that were similar to that, but not as bad. I also had a few attacks where the area right under my sternum hurt, or the area where my gallbladder was. I just couldn’t get comfortable!

    This also affected how my stomach felt when it was hungry, or when I tried to digest food. I just felt queasy a lot.

    If any of that sounds familiar, it could very well be your gallbladder! After I healed from the surgery, I can’t even believe how much better I feel. 🙂

    Good luck – I hope they get this figured out soon!

    • Hi there
      I having a ton of symptoms at varying times
      Feeling of fullness
      Chest pain and tightness
      Stomach cramps
      Stomach gurgling

      Getting gallbladder ultrasound today 🙂

  13. Glad to hear it went well and easier than expected! I hope they figure out what’s wrong with you soon!

  14. Girl that is hilarious that you don’t remember posting those pics!!! Glad the procedure went well. Good luck with the ultrasound today! And I hope you find answers soon! I know this is frustrating! Hugs!

  15. girl I am so sorry you are still dealing with this. I feel incredibly blessed that i finally found a doctor who could help me. I am sure you’ve done everything under the sun now, but finding the food allergies and parasite gave me a starting point to work from and things are getting better.


  16. I’m such a baby for any medical procedure. I hate them all!! LoL. They usually don’t end up being that bad, but I’m a but dramatic 😉

    Glad it wasn’t too bad and I’m praying they find out what it is!!

  17. Hi! Found your blog via a Tweet about the sports bra giveaway! 🙂 I have a friend who has a lot of digestive issues as well. She’s now gluten, egg, and dairy free. Then on top of that, she found out she had the h pylori parasite too! (and she was 2 months pregnant) – but once the parasite was taken care of, she’s been much better with her issues! Hope yours find a solution as well!

  18. That’s weird that they are testing for H Pylori and the gall bladder stuff after the endoscopy! When I was having recent GI issues they refused to even think about doing an endoscopy until they did those things!

  19. I went through very similar issues a few years ago. Had all the tests you are having plus a lot more. Finally after being put on the “white diet” and slowly adding back foods, they found that I have a fructose/lactose allergy along with some very nasty acid reflux. It took almost 2 years to finally get to the bottom of it all!! So I send my prayers and patience with you! It is no fun!!

  20. It’s good to hear that everything went okay! That’s so weird about the pictures ha ha. Creepy stuff! Hopefully you figure out the problem soon.

  21. DHs friend had problems for well over a year. Was on medication forever, the finally realized it was his gallbladder and he had it removed. He was really messed up for the longest time.

    I hope they find the cause soon

  22. I’m so glad that the procedure went well! It’s always a little nerve wracking to be knocked out, and I think some anxiety is definitely very normal. I hope they can figure out what’s going on quickly!

  23. Oh my goodness, posting and not remembering it is too funny! I’m so glad that everything went well. Rest up!

  24. I hope you find out what the problem is!! It can be so incredibly frustrating to have to go in for test after test after test. when I was in middle school I had missed basically an entire month of school if you combined all the days together, because of my GI issues. After 6 months with the doctor taking every test known to man they finally discovered I had an ulcer.

    Seriously, alllll that work just to find out it’s an ulcer? talk about frustrating.

    You’ll figure this all out and I hope its something that is an easy fix.
    you’re in my thoughts.

  25. Jaimie Crook says:

    I’m glad the procedure is behind you and you can now focus on healing and moving forward 🙂

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