Give Yourself a Break

I don’t know about you, but I am always so hard on myself. If I PR, I could have run faster. If a meal is yummy, it could have been the most amazing one ever. If my house is clean, I will find dust somewhere. If I make X amount of money, I could have made more.


Why do we do this to ourselves? Don’t get me wrong, competition, setting goals, and pushing are awesome qualities to have…but we seem to jump to the “could have been” so quickly, we often don’t take the time to celebrate the small victories, or the things that we love about ourselves.

I grew up in the south, where you are taught to be super humble and modest when it comes to compliments. No matter what. Even if you know you look awesome in that new dress, it can be said we are “trained” to say “oh, no, this old thing? Eh. it’s ok. It would look better if I lost a few pounds.” It’s almost awkward and embarrassing for some people to accept a compliment or say something good about themselves that could be misconstrued as being cocky, egotistical or snobby. Friends, we need to wake up and realize how AMAZING we are! Sure we all have room to grow, but even just the way you are, there are SO many great qualities you possess. You are unique, there is no one on this earth exactly like you.


It’s ok to accept a compliment and just say “thank you’ or even “I know right? I love the way it looks on my too!” Be PROUD! Give yourself a break and stop looking in the mirror and picking your body apart. Stop thinking you should be smarter, better, faster, or funnier. Just be YOU! Let’s all do something together. I want you to list something in the comment section that is a “brag” about yourself. No, let’s make it two. 1.) something you love about yourself physically (I have awesome hair, or my butt looks great in jeans) and then 2.) something you are proud of that you have accomplished in the past month. Claim it! Be proud of yourself and start acting like it. Love yourself today!

QOTD: 1.) Physical attribute you love about yourself 2.) Brag on an accomplishment from the past month

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  1. I love this post! It’s nice to wake up and read something positive and inspiring first thing in the morning. I’ll celebrate my small victories today: the physical attribute I love about myself is my hair.
    An accomplishment in the past month: I only started running 10 months ago and in April I ran two half marathons (April 21/ 28th) and PR’d in *both* : )

  2. This is such an inspiring post, thanks for sharing!

    I love my calves, even when I was overweight they have always been toned and I’m very lucky for that.

    An accomplishment from the last month is increasing my running mileage.

  3. Kristin says:

    1. Something I love about myself: my legs. No kankles, even through 2 pregnancies!

    2. I have a lot going on right now…full time teacher, working on my administrator’s degree, 2 1/2 year old, pregnant. It’s a lot, and I’m proud of myself for keeping on!

    What about you, Heather?

  4. seriously did we just sit down for a chat because it’s like you knew what I was thinking. I definitely needed this reminder today.

    Hmm I love my long legs!
    I managed to move without going crazy or getting stressed out, that’s huge for me!

  5. What a great, positive way to start my Thursday!

    I would have to say I love my hair! I cut it last September for my mom because she was going through chemo. She wouldn’t let me shave it so I got a pixie and haven’t looked back since!

    For my accomplishment I’m going to say signing up for my first half marathon. I’m super nervous but really excited too!

  6. Lovely post Heather. A really nice way to start the day! We were also raised to be very humble, so accepting compliments is hard for me as well. My favorite body part is my legs because they take me on my running adventures! Last month, actually in March, I reached a new PR, 2:02 in my half marathon!

  7. You’re so right about so many points here. In many parts of the country, I think people, women especially, are expected to play themselves down so they don’t seem self centered, which is a huge bummer, because I don’t know about you, but I know a bunch of really amazing ladies. My good physical attribute would probably be my abs; I’ve been blessed with good genetics and I do a lot of core work at yoga. My biggest accomplishment in the past month is probably finishing my second full marathon, although I’ve been bragging about that plenty. 😉

  8. Great post! Self-love is so important. xo

  9. Great idea! I love my core because I put so much work into it. My accomplishment is I PR’d by 11 minutes last month.

  10. I love my legs – they’re strong!!

  11. This is actually hard to do for me… I’m so hard on myself

    1. my eyes… I love how big & brown they are 🙂
    2. My accomplishment – not running related – but I had to create a message for the youth kids I work with in church about dating & relationships… hard to keep it ‘real’ & not embarrassing, but laying down truths… I think I did well – no one fell asleep during it & I had lots of laughs at my own teen dating experiences – success 🙂

  12. Fun post! I like my red hair, and I’m thrilled that I won a local race last week! You’re right- it’s good to learn to stop beating ourselves up over what could be better, and find contentment in what is.

  13. OMG I do this all the time – negate a compliment. I never thought of it as a southern thing so much as me not believing in the compliment I suppose. Such a terrible habit. Physical attribute – I love my arms and my smile.

  14. Great post! I hear ya about the southern compliment thing, I’ve been taught the same thing. I always respond with “really? Oh… well…” and eventually get to a “thank you”

    As for your question, I think I have pretty eyes and hair, and I’ve done a good job lately of turning around my laziness when I get home from teaching.

  15. Amen. I read a study the other day about how women who put themselves down or always say they need to lose a few lbs have fewer friends than those who are positive. I believe it!

  16. I love this post! I have to stop myself all the time becasue im a new runner and I feel like I am too hard on myself! 1.) I love that i have that dark cajun skin it really does take alot for me to get sunburn. 2.) My small victory is that this month i went from running a 15min mile to a 12min. I know that is still slow but its good for me.

  17. Great post Heather! I love my haircut. It makes me happy. Proud that I PR’D on a half marathon last month.

  18. Thank you Heather for this encouraging and great post! 1. I love my eyes. 2. I completed my first 10K!

  19. Thanks for the uplifting post! Hmmm…I love my eyes (and the fact that both my daughters have them too!) and I’m proud that I ran my fastest mile yet!

  20. Danielle says:

    Love the post! Things have been all over the place in my life lately and I’m tired just trying to hold together all the pieces, glad to stop and just think about me… and be happy that is who I am.
    1. Love my calves, and so do the boys… my mom has muscular ones and I am glad that is one of the things I got!
    2. Actually started to write a blog post, been thinking about it for about a year… started seriously thinking at the new year, but I think I will actually post something this week and that is exciting for me!

  21. This is similar to what I posted about today too! I feel like sometimes we get so caught up in “working on our weakness” that we forget to embrace our strength! Great post!

  22. Love this one, Heather. Thank you for it!

    1. I like my legs 🙂
    2. I PRd at the OC Half Marathon this month! Still so proud of myself 🙂

  23. Such an inspiring post, Heather! Thanks!
    1. My favorite part of me is my legs. They’re what allow me to me on my current running journey.
    2. I started running two months ago yesterday, and yesterday also marked 100 miles in my training journey (running, walking, and elliptical).

  24. Love this and so true. Here goes: 1) I like my eyes. I think they say a lot about me. 2) I’m going to be on ABC in New York! The web show I host for New York Road Runners, “On The Run” is making the leap for one special episode this weekend at the Brooklyn Half and I’m really proud to be a part of it.

  25. Hi Heather,

    I love this post, this is very inspiring. First, I am proud of my long black hair. This is my greatest asset. Secondly, I was able to complete my training schedule for my heavy workouts last month. I lost 20 lbs. 😀

  26. What a nice, feel good post!
    1. My smile. I was nicknamed “smiley” in physical therapy years ago.
    2. I’ve started running my training runs a lot faster, like mile repeats at 7:40 last night woohoo! 🙂

    Thanks for this nice pick-me-up. I enjoyed reading the other comments.

  27. Rebecca says:

    For a number of reasons over the last year, I have been seriously struggling with this. But life is TOO DANG SHORT to spend another day at war with myself for any reason. I will continue to strive for progress, but love myself just the way I am.

    1) I love my big ole booty that seems to attract its fair share of attention
    2) I am in my 4th week of 5AM workouts and 3rd week of P90X – something I never would have though I would be able to do a few months ago

    Thanks for this reminder, Heather!

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