I Just Ran a Marathon…What Now?


Hey everyone! I am back home, and it’s COLD here! When we left Orlando yesterday morning it was already 79 degrees, and we watched the temperature drop lower and lower as we made our way west, and it was in the mid 40’s when we got home, and we had a chance of SNOW last night!

The drive home was boring, but we survived. Thanks in part to the awesome internet sharing/mobile hotspot on my Verizon Windows phone. I was able to watch movies easily while Bobby drove. (It was also nice to have in the hotel room because the wi fi in Disney is sslllooowww. I love that feature on my phone!)

Now that I am home, clawing my way out of mounds of laundry, and catching up on blog stuff, it’s time to think about my workouts. I ran 40 miles in 29 hours just a few days ago, and my mind is already thinking “what next?” Well friends, here is what I personally plan to do.

1.) Rest. I remember after my last marathon in 2011, when I went back to running the next week it was SO HARD and I felt like I was barely moving. It was too soon to be trying to run at a fast pace and my body wasn’t ready, so I will be resting more this time and slowly working my way back into running.


The pups are always up for a rest day or two

2.) Stretch and Yoga. While I am not really “sore” anymore from the race, I do know that my hips and legs are very very tight and would benefit from some TLC.

3.) Hydrate and eat well. In case you haven’t heard, the race weekend was very warm. I was dehydrated after the race, and well…I was in Disney so I ate lots of fried, greasy, and sodium filled food. It’s time to get back on track.


Disney desserts are ok in moderation

4.) Indulge, but not too much. Sometimes people run a marathon and then think they can just stuff their faces for days on end “because I ran 39.3 miles”. Well, of COURSE you should celebrate and deserve some yummy treats, but be sure to keep it in check and have some non food related rewards as well.

5.) Plan for the next thing. It’s always fun to think about the next race on your calendar, and it gives you something to look forward to doing, and also helps to keep you on track with your workouts. After I take a break, I will be back up and running again getting ready for the Disney Princess half marathon!


* A HUGE thank you to my guest posters who helped keep RWS going while I was away! I will have all my Disney posts up very soon. Working on all my recaps this weekend!

QOTD: What do you do after a big race?

*Disclosure: I was provided with a device and phone service from Verizon Wireless

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  1. oh man my eating has been TERRIBLE since Goofy. For about 2 days after Goofy I just couldn’t get enough of anything, and used the vacation excuse…oh well, it was worth it! I’m getting back into training and eating well now that I’m home.

  2. well
    Im not a racer BUT I would so so head to and need YOGA after!

  3. That’s freezing for you guys. We had ice and snow on Tuesday here too. It was 70 on Saturday of course. Rest rest and recover!!!

  4. Very jealous that you’ll be running Princess, hopefully next year!

    I’m taking a break from running this week also and just trying to get to the yoga studio a few times, yesterday’s class felt SO good!

  5. If I’m at Disney after a race, I want a celebratory drink from the French Pavilion, but mostly I’ll indulge in buying a new piece of running gear, whether it’s clothes, a gadget or Sweaty Band. It was rough after my last race to be good because it was December and I had office parties going on around me.

  6. I give running a rest. I always feel burnt out from months of training and need to develop that hunger for the pavement again. I swim more instead. Great workout and no impact. I should do more yoga. As I start into this next training cycle, yoga is definitely going to be a part of what I do.

    Congrats on the goofy!

  7. My post marathon plan is full of marathons! Louisiana half this weekend in Baton Rouge then rebuilding mileage for the Georgia Marathon in March

  8. Spectating the full – my post for tomorrow – was such an amazing experience. I look up to all of you who ran that AND the half to be Goofy!

  9. I rest 🙂

    Congrats on completing the goofy!

  10. Congratulations! I will be at the Princess, hope to do the meet up too, maybe I will see you!

  11. CONGRATS on Goofy! I did the full and that was enough for me haha!! Maybe Goofy in 2015 =p I’m with you – I am taking a little load off of running and really need to get some yoga under me and work on the tight hips!!

  12. Congrats on the Goofy Heather!!! It looks like you had a great time! I look forward to hearing about the race recaps! I think the Menon sisters are planning to go Goofy 2014!

  13. Celebrate! You forgot to celebrate. Wear all 78 of your medals at the same time, walk into Starbucks and act like “do you know who I am and what I just did?”

    That’s what you do!

  14. I too just ran the marathon on Sunday! This race took a toll on me with the higher temps and the fact that I was sick and fighting a fever 3 days leading up to the race. I’m taking it easy from running until the beginning of next month when I start training for a half in April.

  15. Great Job you are on our Top 10 List for best dressed Runner’s @ The Walt Disney World Marathon! http://www.iheartrunning.com/2013/01/ten-best-dressed-walt-disney-world.html

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